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Best White Bed Sheets

Best White Bed Sheets

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Since there’s nothing like sliding back and forth between a set of soft, luscious cotton sheets and falling asleep after a long day, we hunted down the interior designers at Décor Aid for the best white sheets .

If your dreams are filled with the finest white bedsheets and you long for a smooth feel to your skin, you are relieved to know where to get your hands on the best white bedsheets in 2019. Not only that, you’ll want to know how to choose the best sheets and what makes them so perfectly desirable. With that in mind, prepare to be transported to a realm of hotel-standard white bedding as there are so many perfectly viable ideas for white bedding at a range of prices that won’t break the bank or make you think twice You sleep better.

So what makes a good white sheet?

best white bedding 2019

Before we get into the best white sheets on the market, let’s see what defines what elevates them. There are a few things to consider when choosing the ultimate white bedding in 2019: fabric type, thread count, and weave. When combined, they all make for the feel, durability and comfort they offer. Plus, they’ll help you move through the many price points available.

We encourage you to keep these important details in mind so that you can choose the right sheets to suit your budget while taking pride in knowing exactly what you are looking for and what will warrant the cost. The more you know about high-quality bed linen, the more you save and the longer they last – no matter how many washes they go through on children’s beds.

Tissue type   

best white bedding fabric

We’ve all heard that the higher the thread count, the better the white sheets. That’s true to some extent, but thread count isn’t the be-all and end-all when choosing the best bedding. Yes, the thread count is important, but what is more important is the type of fabric. It goes without saying that the better the quality of the fabric, the better the quality of the bedding. Especially now that our own interior designers have reported that the number of threads is often misleading and often exaggerated. 

Look for the highest quality cotton you can get your hands on when shopping for white sheets. Pima, Egyptian, and Supima cotton towels are the ones to look out for. You will immediately notice the difference between these types of cotton and your standard cotton towels. Pima, Egyptian and Supima cotton, which is used to weave high quality sheets, has longer fibers, resulting in an exceptionally soft and soothing bed sheet.

Silk is another option that is the most decadent of them all. Silk feels luscious and supple and feels soft on your skin. It’s also good for those who suffer from sensitive skin and allergy problems. However, it won’t keep you as warm as cotton. Hence, it may be the best material when you need summer towels. Silk sheets are also more valuable, which can make them last less and require more maintenance, since you can’t just throw silk sheets in a washing machine – they must be hand washed or expensive dry cleaned. 

The number of threads is still the key

2019 best white bedding

Although we just found that thread count has become increasingly misleading recently, thread count is still a good indicator of the best bed sheets, even if it’s not the only indicator you’re looking for. Spending time incorporating as many threads as possible into one sheet is not an easy task. Therefore, leaves that are cheaply made simply do not contain that many filaments. And in the end, the more you wash them the more you wash them, the more they will fade and feel scratchy.

You can rest assured that the more expensive sheets you come across have higher thread counts than the cheaper ones. The mindset is that the more cotton or silk threads there are in a square inch, the softer and smoother the material will feel, resulting in a more soothing and longer-lasting bedding. Before buying any type of sheet metal set, our interior designers recommend opening a corner of the packaging to get a real feel of the manufacture and its thickness. And don’t ignore the value of paying attention to the thread count. Remember to consider the fabric and weave (which we will get into next).

Web affairs

best white bed sheet guide

There are two main types of weave that you will come across when looking at quality ideas for white bed sheets or any other – namely satin and percale weaves.

In percale sheets, the same number of threads run horizontally as vertically. The threads are combed and tightly woven, creating a smoother fabric that is both cool and crisp to the touch. Sheets made from percale are sturdy – they will last longer and withstand repeated washes regardless of your temperature setting – these are the types of sheets you are likely to come across in a five star hotel where repeated washes require it to be extremely durable. White bedsheets with a thread count of 600 and above feel heavier, while sheets with a thread count of 200 and below feel much lighter and are slightly transparent.

Satin sheets are softer, silky and have a sheen that percale sheets simply don’t have. They are woven with threads that run vertically rather than horizontally. Satin sheets are less resistant to damage than a percale sheet and are more likely to become entangled and pill after about a dozen washes. They do not withstand frequent washing, as is the case with thicker percale plates. So if you can’t see yourself living without the feel of a silky sheet, opt for satin white sheets as they are lusciously soft and soothing. 400 or 600 thread counts and higher give you the best combination of strength and softness if you are looking for the best bang for your buck.

Our best white bedding picks + tips

Parachute Percale Venice Set – starts at $ 239

Parachute best white sheet sets

Parachute’s percale bed linen is made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and is a lightweight and breathable material that will keep you cool at night.

The brand is celebrated for not artificially softening its sheets, keeping its bedding free of harmful chemicals and plastics, and naturally dyeing all of its fabrics. All products come in a reusable bag or laundry bag, which further helps you care for the environment.

Elle Silk Classic silk sheet set – starting at $ 458

Elle silk best white linen

Made from the finest mulberry silk, these silk bedding offers you the height of luxury, albeit at a higher price. They are naturally hypoallergenic (which makes them resistant to house dust mites) and since they are made from pure silk, they adjust to body temperature and ensure a more comfortable sleep.

Due to the high protein content of the silk used, these sheets are good for your hair and skin and will help keep your hair and skin soft. Just take into account that while they are sturdy, they are much more delicate and expensive to maintain. 

Pratesi Orbite Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set – starting at $ 400

pratesi best white sheet set

With over 100 years of experience making the highest quality bedding, the  Pratesi  family continues to be a trusted bedding company for the world’s most luxurious homes. Striking a balance between traditional weaving techniques and modern minimalism, the bed linen is proudly handcrafted in Florence and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

And while there’s a great simplicity to be appreciated when dipping into the luscious bedding, a quick sense of manufacture justifies the company’s claim to using only the best-selected cotton ever considered for weaving.

Anne De Soléne Retro White Sheet Set – from $ 400

Anne de Solene's best white linen

Anne De Soléne from Paris is known for luxurious bed linen that is meant to last a lifetime. She has been making high quality heirloom beds in France since 1967. The company has a cotton percale manufacturing facility with a very fine weave for extra softness. They only work with the best of fabrics and can also make bedding and sheet sets in one-off, custom sizes.

Drouault Paris Snow White Percale Sheet Set – from $ 225

Drouault's best white linen

If the bedding is good enough for the famous Hotel de Crillon in Paris, you know that Drouault bedding offers the ultimate in luxury comfort in your own home. Long-staple combed cotton makes your bedding a standalone product thanks to the plush, silky, and tough feel it adds to the touch – everything on the label is worth the investment.

Frette Hotel Classic Leaf Set – from $ 370

frette best white bed linen

The name Frette is another trustworthy sheet and linen manufacturer that immediately evokes a sophisticated, extremely luxurious feel for good reason. Since 1860, Frette has used the finest fibers and craftsmanship rooted and defined in its Italian heritage.

The Classic Hotel’s white bed sheet has a crisp cotton percale with a simple and timeless feel and can be found in many of the best hotels in the world – as do all of their products.

Ralph Lauren Allison Sheet Set – starts at $ 225

Ralph Lauren Allison's best bedding

Affordable, reliable, and carefully designed linens ensure our interior designers keep coming back to Ralph Lauren for linens. The classic Allison collection of classic bed linen from Ralph Lauren is made from luxuriously soft percale made from Egyptian cotton and looks simple and straightforward.

And best of all, you can easily bring the quality of Ralph Lauren bedding into your home without spending a fortune as it is a brand that is for sale anywhere anytime.

Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle – starting at $ 187.50

Brooklinen's finest white linens

Starting at a median price range of $ 187.50, these sheets are mid-range options for white sheets, but they certainly don’t lack quality. They use 100% long-staple cotton, are chemical-free, and 270 thread count which is very popular for white sheets on the internet. If not the ultimate resource for the best white sheets online.

They also offer a lifetime guarantee on their blades and offer free exchanges and replacements if you are not satisfied – meaning they are 100% sure that you will be infinitely satisfied with their product.

The White Company Savoy Linen Collection – from $ 169

the white company best white bedding

The White Company is a UK retailer that recently made a name for itself in the US market thanks to its affordable quality bedding. They were awarded the New York Magazine award for the best bed sheet in 2018, so our often discerning customers continue to request their 400 thread count Savoy Bed Linen Collection.

The brand proudly uses refined Egyptian cotton, and it comes as no surprise that all of their sheets are done solely in bright, crisp white. Robust, silky and soft to the touch, they are a great example of classic hotel bed sheets that are meant to last for years.

Target Threshold Data Sheet Set – starting at $ 29.99

Aim for the best white linen

Considering the incredibly low price, these sheets are ridiculously fair quality and are cheap if you are on a budget or need to buy multiple sets of sheets at once.

There is just no other option as they are great even if you are on a budget. They are made from 100% cotton and the fitted sheets are deep and cleverly designed so that they don’t slip. They are also chemical free. They feel crunchy but not quite as soft as other options on this list, but who’s going to complain at such a low price? They are also perfect for less-used bedrooms in your home, e.g. B. a guest room or a children’s room in which you do not want to invest too much money.

Boll & Branch Signature Soft Solid Hemmed Sheet Sets – starting at $ 200

the best white sheet sets

These 300 thread count white sheets are wonderfully luxurious. However, what really makes them stand out from the crowd is the fact that their cotton is entirely organically grown.

Organic cotton is hard to come by at lower prices, so kudos to Bool & Branch for sourcing and making linens at a fair price. In addition, their entire manufacturing process is organic and even better, they are Fair Trade certified.

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