Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities 2019

Bathroom vanities 2019; Always a hot topic for discussion between the renovation specialists at Décor Aid. A bathroom title makes a huge difference in any bathroom, from providing functional storage space to changing the look of your bathroom.

Take the opportunity to design your bathroom in a place that you enjoy spending time, rather than a place where you spend time out of necessity. Clean up clutter and transform your bathroom space into an oasis of relaxation with our most popular bathroom vanities on sale in 2019.

White vanity

Bathroom vanities 2019

White washbasins are all the rage, whether 2019 or 2039. White is so flexible and fits almost every bathroom style and color you can imagine. Renovation is not a problem if you choose white and you don’t have to worry about it going out of style.

Whether you are looking for modern bathroom vanities or more rustic bathroom vanities, if you want something that will stand the test of time then white is the right choice for you.

Gray vanity

best bathroom vanities 2019

We all know how hip gray is right now, and that’s no exception when it comes to bathroom vanity in 2019. Traditional and rustic bathroom vanities look great in gray. give it something old-school with a modern twist.

Gray has a long lifespan as a color, which means it looks great for a long time and goes with many bathroom colors – whether you prefer a light bathroom or something with a darker hue. In our books, is gray the ultimate classic color for any room and bathroom? Well, there’s nothing more timeless or modern that makes it a fail-safe option when buying vanity tops in 2019.

Dark vanity

dark bathroom vanities 2019

If you want to add some drama to your bathroom design, a dark vanity is the way to go. Compare the dark color with white tiles or choose something more atmospheric and combine it with a shade of gray.

A dark vanity is super stylish and will always be on trend. However, be aware that this trend can quickly get exhausting. As such, this may not be the best option if you’re looking to invest in custom vanity units as you won’t want to replace it in the near future. Even so, a dark vanity always looks clean and modern, while adding a serious dose of adult glamor to a bathroom thanks to a moody tone and polished feel. The trick with this is to keep other elements in your bathroom light, as a dark vanity can look heavy – which ultimately makes a bathroom appear colder and feel smaller.

Pink vanity

pink bathroom vanities 2019

Pink is the trend for bathroom vanities in 2019. Team with copper and gold tones for a trendy bathroom that every millennial would dream of. There is something calming and relaxing about the softness of pink. Plus, it looks great with charcoal and lighter shades of gray too.

And just because the pink doesn’t mean the color only applies to feminine notes. On the contrary, when you discover more moody pinks full of poise – from sobering to powerful.

Open shelves

elegant bathroom vanities 2019

Modern bathroom vanities with open shelves open up the space in your bathroom and have a spa-like quality. Imagine space for basket storage and towel sets like you might see in a posh spa.

Vanities like this invite you into the room and add a clean touch to your bathroom design. Keep your open shelves organized and tidy (and don’t clutter them too much). Vanities like this give the feeling of more space in your bathroom, which is great if your bathroom is smaller. However, if you’re using open shelving in any room, be sure to put similar items together in coordinated baskets and containers so that everything appears calm and collected and anything but random.

Floating vanity

floating bathroom vanities 2019

A floating vanity is forever chic and one of our most popular modern vanities for good reason. It’s perfect for small bathrooms where you need to open up the space and feel bigger than it is. Since they do not reach the floor, they seem much less space-saving and create the illusion of additional floor space.

They also allow you to stand closer to them so you take up less space in the bathroom – meaning you really have more space. Another great thing about a floating vanity unit is that the height can be adjusted so you can have it as high or as low as you need it to be. And when it comes to affordable ones Floating styles for custom bathroom vanities can be a much smarter alternative because they require less construction and installation work.

Minimalist vanity

minimal bathroom vanities 2019

If you love clean lines or are motivated by cheap vanity units for 2019, then a minimalist vanity unit is the way to go. Not only are they much cheaper than your rustic bathroom vanities, but they also cost a lot less.

They are perfect if you are on a budget or have a small bathroom as they look much less cluttered and take up much less space than those with intricate designs on the doors and handles. For a minimalist Bathroom vanity with a sink, deep sinks, and the simplest of sleek faucets to keep the look evenly back. With rustic vanities characterized by simple lines and clean details, you can use a sink that is a color similar to the surface of your countertop to keep the look light and appealing.

Double sink vanity

Double sink bathroom vanities 2019

If you want your bathroom to scream opulence and cost (and you have the room for it), a double vanity unit is the only way to go. There’s nothing more impressive than going into a bathroom and getting double sinks.

Whether there are two of you who need to be in the bathroom at the same time or whether you just want to impress, doubling up on sinks is a surefire way to achieve a fantastic bathroom. If you are unsure about room for two, check out the custom bathroom vanities. That is, a Bathroom vanity with a sink is an essential part, and while two of you are usually better off, opt for a large sink instead if the extra plumbing work is too expensive for your budget or if you are limited in space.

Vintage vanities

Vintage bathroom vanities 2019

Vintage Styles pieces are hot right now. If you go for a dark, vintage-style piece of wood, it will go great with a white sink and will go perfectly with bronze and gold tones with lights and bathroom accessories.

Combine a vintage vanity with lots of white and a large mirror to reflect lots of light. They also look great with pretty ceramic tiles if you want to add some color to your bathroom. Vintage vanities are also a great alternative to expensive ones custom bathroom vanities as they are just as unique but much cheaper than starting from scratch.

Remodeled dressers

chic bathroom vanities 2019

If you’re on a budget and cheap bathroom vanities are your thing, how about repurposing a dresser? This is a cheap alternative to expensive bathroom vanities in 2019. You can turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity with a sink in no time – a dresser adds a nice retro touch to your bathroom design and it is always fun to try something for your home to reschedule. You will take pride in your hard work every time you walk into your bathroom.

Frankly, nothing beats the joy of a repurposed vintage find that makes sure your bathroom is one of a kind to you. And since you are using a recovered find sustainably, its quality remains outstanding and could come at a much lower price than new bathroom vanities.

Vanity with marble top

Marble vanity tops

A marble top vanity looks just stunning – leave the laminate behind if you can afford it and invest in a beautiful piece of marble.

Not only do they look absolutely amazing, but they hold up well and are easy to clean and maintain. Yes, they may cost a little more than a laminate board, but they are worth it when you see them installed. You can’t beat quality. In addition, surfaces with marble tops ensure the perfect, elegant juxtaposition of rustic bathroom vanities as they make a wonderfully layered mix of high to low. In addition, marble never depreciates, making it a smart and smart investment for your home.

Vanity unit with floor-to-ceiling mirror

mirrored bathroom vanities 2019

If you’re looking for something a little different with bathroom mirrors 2019, how about a vanity in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror?

This adds a little something extra to your bathroom design that not everyone has and over the course of 2019 it will be on trend and one of our main sources of inspiration. Because what is more easily glamorous than modern washbasins, surrounded by light-reflecting mirrors? Bringing in as many mirrored surfaces in a creative and stylish way as you want will instantly make your bathroom appear bigger, brighter, and more expensive, and in the meantime you’ll find it easier to dress up.

Frame vanity

Frame bathroom vanities 2019

How about a vanity frame for a super chic and stylish bathroom? If you don’t need the storage space that your traditional vanity unit has, this is an amazing looking option. It’s minimalist and stunning.

This is a great option for modern bathroom vanities that have a subtle style yet still have a great visual impact while saving space and keeping the look timeless. Go for a style similar to the one above for small bathrooms or bathrooms with challenging areas and corners as it fits almost anywhere and leaves a small footprint that is easy on the eyes. The other great thing about frame washbasins? Thanks to their slim, sturdy and simple construction, they will never break the bank.

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