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Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom storage ideas repurposed dresser

Are you thinking of updating the look of your bathroom but have no idea how or where to start? To help you find inspiration, we surveyed our home renovation experts and designers to share their wisdom on the best bathroom design ideas for 2019 and beyond, and to give them a try now. Best of all, many of these savvy bathroom ideas don’t require a complete makeover, just some great styling elements. If you simply install the latest bathroom technology like built-in LED lighting, you already have a bathroom that is on trend. Without further ado, check out the best bathroom trends for 2019.

Mirrored walls

Mirror wall bathroom ideas 2019

Since a mirror is an inexpensive and easy way to instantly add glamor, make a bathroom look brighter and bigger, and more expensive, you should cover your walls, or at least an accent wall, with mirrors.

And while the only caveat here is that they take some care to stay clean, a mirrored wall makes it easier to put on and double-check your appearance.


Terrazo bathroom ideas 2019

With the return of graphically speckled terrazzo surfaces that had a huge impact on all aspects of the interior design world, it was only a matter of time before they caught on through final bathroom ideas.

Terrazzo is unusual with an organic feel thanks to its sporadic blemishes and while reminiscent of the grandeur of the modern mid-century, it also offers a timeless feel that works well with almost any design style from minimal to traditional. Just skip the original color palette of the terrazzo movements of salmon, pastel, and yellow to keep the look modern and fresh.


Wallpaper bathroom ideas 2019

A quick look through this range of refreshing bathroom ideas is sure to reveal a missing element in almost every room – the lack of wallpaper.

Sure, it’s old fashioned, but have you seen the interesting and memorable wallpaper areas and options that have become available lately? If you’re looking for unique bathroom ideas that will ensure almost no one has one like you, consider using an expressive, meaningful wallpaper to really make it stand out.

The return of the tub

freestanding bathtub bathroom ideas 2019

With small bathrooms drawing all the attention as people keep returning to the city dotted with challenging small spaces, the return of freestanding bathtubs has been a welcome surprise at many of the recent industry fairs.

From classic claw-foot tubs to technologically advanced water-saving options with jet-pool-like features, we’ve seen many bathtubs that are perfect for small spaces. One of our favorites was the Mid-Century Modern style pictured above, which is characterized by its small size, rounded shape, minimal appeal, and the crisscrossing polished matte brass feet.

Cafe culture

Cafe style bathroom ideas 2019

If you stroll into a little New York cafe, you’re bound to find plenty of chic little bathroom ideas that will amaze you. Our designers saw the influence of trendy coffee culture in the form of statement tiles and fittings in unique shapes and patterns.

Be aware, however, that the style of a cafe is for the purposes of a cafe and that a bathroom, while sharing similar trends, has its own challenges and requirements based on practicality and ease. And remember that a decorative bathroom should match the distinctive style of the rest of your home. Avoid getting too trendy or cute as you will notice how quickly your newly upgraded bathroom ages in style.

High gloss, high gloss

High gloss black enamel bathroom ideas 2019

When it comes to extremely elegant bathroom ideas, experience the unexpected with high-octane glamor achieved through polished tiles, high-gloss finishes and walls, and metallic copper and brass fittings for a truly grown-up look.

Glossy walls are also great for significantly reducing daily wear and tear. Hot showers and steam can damage the bathroom walls.

Thinner than ever

sleek sleek bathroom ideas 2019

With an almost winking effect that you will miss, we’ve seen some of the slimmest bathroom consoles, faucets, and bathtubs that are all the better for small or challenging spaces, or when you look to be devoted to a minimum.

And since they only have a small footprint and are timeless to boot, your bathroom upgrade will withstand long-term thanks to their timeless design.

Sustainable bathroom ideas

sustainable bathroom ideas 2019

Since sustainability has a huge impact on the world of interior design, researching the materials that get into your bathroom can go a long way towards making your bathroom sustainable. Steel bathtubs and sinks are durable and can last up to 30 years. And unlike acrylic or fiberglass options, which rot in landfills, anything made of steel is easy to recycle.

In addition to bathroom fittings, bathroom decor elements made of recyclable or recycled materials ensure that your room remains environmentally friendly – for example made of reused wood.

Another aspect of reducing your environmental footprint is to get a toilet that is designed to do more flushing with less water, because flushing will use the most water in any household. While environmentally friendly LED lighting lasts around 40 times longer than conventional light bulbs and also uses less electricity.

Flow restrictors and aerators allow you to control water usage so that shower water continues to flow without affecting water pressure. Best of all, aerators don’t require any major installation work.

Curved mirror

curved mirror bathroom ideas 2019

Another extension from coffee culture, rounded mirrors, lighting and accessories were the latest home design shows that made them a desirable competitor when looking for unique bathroom ideas that are ultimately timeless and still on trend.

The key here is to pay attention to the scaling so that, as with all furniture, the pieces work well with the rest of the space rather than competing with the other elements you introduced.


modern minimal bathroom ideas 2019

With stunning, ultra-cool concrete houses generating an expected buzz in the world of architecture, ideas for concrete bathrooms should come as no surprise.

The bathroom ideas are easy to install, clean, and manage, adding an exceptional minimal factor to your home and the best of everything at a fraction of the cost, like a marble bathroom, for example. Plus, they use very little natural resources, which eliminates your environmental footprint when updating a bathroom.

Spa-like feeling

Spa inspired bathroom ideas 2019

Who wouldn’t like the idea of ​​coming home after a long day at work to retreat to your own spa? To make that dream come true, turn to a trusted general contractor for realistic ways to create a dream in your home that is in line with your budget.

From teak floors to an invigorating sauna, there may not be too many technological advances in creating a home spa, but there are definitely many design styles and directions that need to be considered. From ultra-modern and elegant ideas to bathroom ideas that are reminiscent of nature, there are countless options that are limited to your taste and lifestyle.

Art deco inspired

Art Deco inspired bathroom ideas 2019

When it comes to stylish bathroom ideas that are worth your investment and make your home stand out, sometimes the most inspiring thing can be to look at beautiful design styles from the past.

From the tried and true bathroom ideas to brilliant bathroom ideas that have long been neglected, there is something to be said about the joys of choosing the retro art deco era design for your bathroom. For starters, the graphic lines and symmetry of the era ensure that every room feels all the more polished and regal. And best of all, an Art Deco-inspired bathroom is sure to delight thanks to its adult, timeless look and practical, everyday elegance.

Uniquely shaped details

best ideas for bathroom tiles 2019

If you’re bored of the monotonous feel of your bathroom, our interior designers were quick to suggest playing with unexpected patterns on the tiled walls and floors of your bathroom to break the linearity of bathroom furniture.

Indeed, the use of asymmetrical shapes has recently become a trend among homeowners. Our designers believe that these bathroom decorating ideas will still be popular after 2019. To bring this idea to life, think of unusual and asymmetrical arrangements for shelves, drawers, and cabinets. However, make sure that you don’t arbitrarily commit yourself to this trend, otherwise you might get bored at some point. Another effective way to break the monotony in your bathroom is to play with unique, inexpensive accessories that are easy to get hold of, such as: B. mirrors, carpets, wall decorations and other interesting finds.

Back to basics

minimal bathroom ideas 2019

It’s probably no surprise that a clean and nifty bathroom style remains one of the most popular bathroom design ideas regardless of what design styles are currently in vogue. However, you can always expect a few tweaks and updates as these styles have become more modern and contemporary. Warmer tones, clean, minimal spaces, and practicality will always be top priorities.

Grays, earthy colors, and white are the most recommended color ideas for bathrooms to achieve a warm minimalism. For a more daring look, our interior designers recommend adding pops of color to even the smallest doses. You can also install brightly patterned tiles to make your simple bathroom feel more visually interesting.

Expansive spaces

great bathroom ideas 2019

For optimal relaxation, convenience and the ultimate in luxury, bathroom trends for 2019 are geared towards larger and more spacious bathroom areas. And it makes sense that we’ve seen this trend continue to fascinate, as homeowners don’t look at their bathrooms just for hygienic reasons. Instead, imagine a beautiful, private oasis where you can relax and get dressed in comfort.

Although small bathroom ideas are still popular, more and more homeowners are opting for larger bathrooms where they can feel comfortable and relaxed upon entering. If you think your bathroom is running out of space, 2019 is the perfect time to consider adding an extension. Our renovation experts recommend getting extra space from a rarely used nearby room or hallway. 

Multicolored ceramics

colorful bathroom ideas 2019

Ceramic tile is a staple for almost any bathroom as it can beautifully line bathroom floors, showers, and even walls. Using ceramics for bathroom flooring may be an ongoing trend, but 2019 is more about sourcing ceramics that will instantly make your home feel unique. Fortunately, there are thousands of styles, shapes, colors, and patterns to choose from when shopping for ceramic tile.

From monochrome to multi-colored ceramic tiles, the possibilities are endless and suitable for every budget. Still, one of our favorites blends simple colors with fantastic shapes, making it one of the top bathroom interior decorating trends for 2019. However, if a single hue isn’t your inspiration, consider a bold patchwork or graphic installation of a personal oasis unique look.


smart bathroom ideas 2019

Similar to the kitchen, customizing your bathroom for functionality will always be one of the modern bathroom designs to look out for every year. To get the most out of your bathroom, large or small, create a larger bathing area by combining your shower and bathtub areas so that they are in the same open area of ​​your bathroom.

This layout is great for making small bathroom ideas even more versatile as it doubles up to make your bathroom appear even bigger than it is, with glass being the only barrier. Frame your glass wall with dark or golden hues to separate the shower and bathtub from the rest of your bathroom.

Simple storage solutions

easy storage bathroom ideas 2019

The cabinets and shelves in a bathroom have a tendency to build up tons of unused products that can make the space appear disorganized. But instead of adding more storage space in your bathroom, install a single storage unit to accommodate the things you only really need.

One of the trends in bathroom design 2019 is to get rid of any unnecessary clutter in your bathroom and install an effective storage unit that can only hold and hide what is necessary. Also, you shouldn’t hoard creams, lotions, and perfumes in your bathroom anyway as these products are easily damaged due to the high humidity in a bathroom. Installing just one closed bathroom cabinet is one of the most effective bathroom decorating ideas in 2019 for avoiding unsightly clutter.

Small but nice

elegant bathroom ideas 2019

Our interior designers have come up with a ton of clever new ideas for small bathrooms for 2019 that are worth considering for good reason. In fact, most of the top bathroom trends for 2019 are aimed at making a small bathroom seem bigger than it really is. Just because you have a small bathroom to work with doesn’t mean you have a boring look.

There are many simple yet effective ways to make a small bathroom more luxurious and elegant. Our designers recommend investing more in luxurious materials such as colorful ceramic tiles, wallpaper, and other accessories. One of her favorites is installing a concrete vanity next to a marble sink, which is great for a warm minimalism. This makes it one of the cheapest updates among the small bathroom trends 2019 that you can take inspiration from when making your small bathroom feel more sophisticated and modern.

Tech-infused bathroom

modern bathroom ideas 2019

With the advancement of technology, our renovation companies are also more and more savvy technical options for bathroom ideas 2019. For example, motion detection faucets, automatic temperature controls and mirrors with built-in LED lighting are becoming increasingly popular and ultimately increasingly popular. By incorporating these new 2019 bathroom trends, you can give your bathroom a whole new look without the need for an expensive renovation.

Another innovative bathroom faucet that is definitely worth investing in is a touchscreen integrated into the mirror that can be used to control the lighting and the water temperature in your bathroom. Heated towel rails are also becoming a trend lately and are set to become one of the most popular bathroom decorating ideas in 2019. If you want your bathroom to be more comfortable and relaxing, then these little luxuries make all the difference.

Vintage finds

Vintage bathroom ideas 2019

Having a bathroom inspired by vintage bathrooms has evolved over the past few years as more and more homeowners incorporate vintage design concepts into their 2019 bathroom ideas. To tackle this trend for your bathroom, look for antique lighting fixtures and vintage mirrors from real estate sales and antique dealers.

These vintage finds will undoubtedly create a fascinating, unique ambience in your bathroom. Combining an old, reused dresser as a vanity is an interesting bathroom design idea that is sure to inspire you. To complete the vintage look, add exposed gold or silver installations for an industrial chic.

Wooden baths

Wood bathroom ideas 2019

Since warm and neutral tones are some of the best bathroom color ideas that are gradually gaining momentum, it seems all the more practical to work with wood surfaces in a natural way. And while wood may not be the best material for damp areas like a bathroom, more and more homeowners are turning to custom wood vanities and other wood furniture to make their bathroom space feel more unique.

The best way to incorporate the 2019 wood bathroom ideas is to bring properly finished waterproof hardwood surfaces into your bathroom to create an interesting contrast to the rest of the materials that are usually found in any bathroom, such as bathroom furniture. B. white ceramic tiles on the walls. Contrary to popular belief, hardwood actually breathes well and can naturally absorb moisture – making it a great option for your bathroom space.

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