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Best Vancouver Interior Designers

Best Vancouver Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers in Vancouver

Have you been looking for top interior designers in Vancouver but not sure where or how to start? In order to continue providing the best local custom interior design services to our clients, we are always on the lookout for top design talent across Canada to meet your needs and budget. And when it comes to the best interior designers in Vancouver, it’s more than just knowing the city to find the right ones for your project and needs.

From a simple but well-reviewed room refresh to a drastic colon renovation to an upgrade in a commercial, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top 15 Vancouver interior designers so you have the ultimate resource list for your next decor project highlighting the best interior designers in Vancouver Vancouver and independent decorators.

Jillian Harris

Best Vancouver Interior Designer Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris, mom, TV host, and multi-hyphenated interior designer, is the founder and creative director of Jillian Harris Design, one of Vancouver’s premier interior designers who expertly delivers beautiful decorations for everyday life.

Harris’ signature style is both classically and subtly feminine, and her eye for design and decor is unparalleled when it comes to interior design in Vancouver. She is also the co-host of HGTV’s “Love It Or List It Vancouver” and a tireless philanthropist.

Decor aid

best vancouver interior designers

Since its inception, Décor Aid has transformed Vancouver interior design thanks to a straightforward approach to commercial and residential projects. As one of the leading interior design firms in North America, Décor Aid strives to make luxury design seamless and accessible.

Every project starts with a free one-on-one consultation where an interior designer will walk you through your needs and suggest their strategies for the best progress. Then you will receive a detailed offer with no hourly minimum purchase. Décor Aid only works with the best interior designers in Vancouver, selected from the most prestigious schools and companies in the country, and brings an unprecedented level of expertise to each project.

Greater Vancouver customers also have full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive interior design discounts that can save you up to 50% off the retail price.

Décor Aid’s inspiring transformations have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New Yorker Magazin and others, among others.

Gaile Guevara

Best Vancouver Interior Designer Guevara

The Vancouver-based creative studio, led by Gaile Guevara, focuses on impact-oriented practices with lasting sensibility that are strikingly modern, minimalist, and refreshing. As with modern interior design in Vancouver, sustainability hasn’t really become a focus for some of the leading interior design firms in Vancouver, which makes the company all the more unique.

Kelly Deck

Best Vancouver interior designers k deck

Kelly Deck Design is known as one of Vancouver’s leading interior designers specializing in luxurious interiors. The company focuses on home interior design enrichment, home decor and turnkey services with white gloves. They bring 15 years of experience working with architects and designing houses for their discerning clients.

Long considered the best interior designer in Vancouver, KDD Interior Design has led the company’s lead designer, Kelly Deck, to be a regular contributor to Globe and Mail and a series on home and garden television and ongoing features on  Western LivingCanada, to host home and home  and  style at home .

Alex Dampsey

Best Vancouver Interior Designer a Vapor

Alex Dampsey is a residential interior decorator in Vancouver and prides itself on providing useful design for renovations and new builds across the city.

Dampsey has over 10 years of experience in the interior design industry with a focus on residential and boutique interior design in Vancouver with award-winning firms and has been a senior designer on Love it or List it Vancouver.

Jamie Banfield

Best Vancouver Interior Designers j Banfield

Jamie Banfield, one of Vancouver’s top award-winning interior designers, and his company are well known for their signature take on the cool and urban modern décor in California. Prior to founding his company, Banfield was trained in interior design, with a secondary focus on manufacturing, engineering, and custom mill work – which gives Banfield a thorough understanding of the entire design process.

Working on home renovations and home ownership, Banfield and his team can confidently remodel and create confident spaces that highlight Vancouver’s best interior design. He was also of the National Kitchen and Bath Association as one of the 30 best under 30  year olds in the industry  in North America,  as one of Western Living Magazine as One to Watch Award and a finalist for the Robert Ledingham Memorial Emerging Designer of the Year Award.

Samantha Pynn

Best interior designer in Vancouver

Samantha Pynn is an accomplished interior designer, editor and television personality who is a regular guest on CTV’s “The Marilyn Denis Show” and is a key interior designer on HGTV Canada’s “Home to Win”. Pynn has also hosted, creative producer, and lead designer on three of her own television shows that have been shown worldwide: “Pure Design”, “Summer Home” and “Open House Overhaul”. And Pynn was a regular guest expert on City’s ‘Cityline’ for 15 years.

As you can see, Pynn has spent years perfecting and sharing her craft in both print and online, as she spent more than 10 years as a design editor at Style at Home, an editor at Chatelaine and a design columnist for The National Post was operating. Pynn’s projects are celebrated for their straightforward, colorful style elements and are full of wonderful twists and turns on the classics.

And with an impressive resume like Pynn’s, it’s no wonder she has long been recognized as one of Vancouver’s finest interior designers. Think of rooms brought to life with layers of cheerful patterns and luxurious textures. She also has her own line for the home: Samantha Pynn Home – a range of furniture, accessories, and textiles that are perfect for home interiors in Vancouver and around the world.

Reisa Pollard

Best Vancouver Interior Designer r Pollard

From a young age, Reissa Pollard understood the joy of great design and helped her family update and improve their home even before entering the University of British Columbia. Pollard holds a BA in Fine Arts & Economics and after graduating, traveled for years before founding Beyond Beige, an interior design company in Vancouver focused on providing unique design to its discerning clients.

And while their interior design firm’s portfolio has some fascinating Vancouver commercial and office interior designs, what really catches the eye and inspires is their calm and clean take on Vancouver residential interior design thanks to their timeless and universal appeal.

Maria Killam

Best Vancouver Interior Designer m Killam

Maria Killam is an independent color authority. She is a renowned design blogger, author, educator, decorator, color stylist, and CEO and founder of Understanding Undertones. The system for specifying the color. Killam’s Conversation Letters ranked their Color Me Happy platform as  one of the top 10 color blogs in North America  , reaching over 250,000 readers in 171 countries around the world.

By helping her audience make the right color choices the first time, she essentially saves time and money by avoiding costly and confusing mistakes.

The first thing you need to know about the system of setting colors is a helpful way to organize colors so that you can make the best decisions for your vision and needs.

Killam is more than a color expert. She is a lifestyle guru featured  in Style at Home, Canadian Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Dabble.  Her interior design projects in Vancouver have been featured in Apartment Therapy, HGTV and House Beautiful.  She’s also authored two best-selling e- books, How To Choose Color Colors, And It’s All In The Undertones And White Is Complicated, a decorator’s guide to choosing the right white . So if you are looking for inspiring colors when it comes to interior design in Vancouver, Killam is an infinitely inspiring resource.

Victoria McKenney

Best Vancouver Interior Designers v McKenney

Victoria McKenney leads a team called Enviable Designs and is a trained local interior designer in Vancouver who brings her love of art into the spaces she designs. She finds endless inspiration from her epic journeys across Western Europe, which offer her the perfect mix of cues that focus on classic lines and materials.

McKenney, one of the best interior designers in Vancouver, combines form and function to create a comfortable and unforgettable living environment in which your customers can immediately feel at home. Enviable Designs creates a seductive sense of comfortable sophistication by combining an forever chic mix of classics, European elements with twists in traditional and modern Vancouver interior design.

Jamie Deck

Best Vancouver Interior Designers j Deck

With a focus on uncomplicated, minimalist, functional and timeless interior design, Vancouver Jamie Deck has been perfecting spaces as a leading provider of Shift Interiors since 2009. Since then, Deck, considered Vancouver’s modern interior design focal point, has been helping clients create enviable spaces that take their lifestyle into account while enhancing their daily lives with brilliant interior design.

Interior design studio is a full service company that practices luxury interior design in Vancouver. It specializes in residential projects of all sizes as well as commercial interior design in Vancouver.

Patricia Gray

Best interior designer in Vancouver

Since founding her company of the same name over 30 years ago, interior designer Patricia Gray has gained an international following as one of the most sought-after interior designers in Vancouver. With a focus on everyday luxury, meticulous attention to detail and a contemporary spirit, her team creates characteristic rooms that are known for both their quality of life and their unmistakable beauty.

Hired by celebrities, established business leaders and discerning homeowners for the very best in interior design in Vancouver, Gray cut his teeth at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, followed by an architecture degree at the University of Ferrara, Italy. She is also a certified Feng Shui expert whose interior design has also inspired her to create original artwork and custom furniture for the spaces she remodels for her clients.

Sarah Gallop

The gallop of the best interior designers in Vancouver

Founded in 2009, Sarah Gallop Design is an end-to-end interior design company serving the Delta community outside of Vancouver. Interior design firm Vancouver has an extensive portfolio that spans both large and small luxury projects, from inspiring interior design projects for residential buildings in Vancouver to thoughtful commercial interior design Vancouver. Together, the group masterfully completed everything from small renovations to newly built homes.

Outside of Vancouver, the company’s signature designs can be seen across Canada, the United States and Asia. Even better is the fact that the company knows the ins and outs of the local construction and design industries so you can ensure you have a rewarding experience with them on your next residential or commercial interior design project in Vancouver.

Sarah Marie

Best Vancouver Interior Designer - Marie

Sarah-Marie Interior Designs has long been recognized as one of the premier interior design firms in Vancouver and is a small interior design firm with the ability to handle projects of all sizes. SMID is known for its detail-oriented approach to timeless design through thoughtful room planning with sustainable and creative practices and combines the lifestyle of its customers with a focus on functionality and practicality.

Sarah-Marie was founded almost a decade ago and set out to disrupt the world of interior design in Vancouver by helping her clients expand their vision with new ideas and approaches that they may not have considered otherwise before she and her team were brought in.

Sophie Burke

Best Vancouver Interior Designer s Burke

The award-winning design practice Sophie Burke Design, based in Vancouver, continues to be one of the best interior designers in Vancouver thanks to their friendly approach to creative solutions and their sophisticated design for the everyday lives of their clients.

The interior design takes inspiration from the raw yet majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. And as a full-service company that prides itself on luxurious interior design in Vancouver, the team sets out to create inspiring and low-key spaces that are timeless while also meaningful to the people who live in them.

They oversee every interior design project from start to finish and work with the city’s leading architects, landscapers, builders, developers, furniture makers, and construction and renovation experts to ensure they deliver award-winning results. For the best in Vancouver interior design, the everyday warmth shown by the portfolio is unbeatable.

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