Best Interior Designers East Coast

Best Interior Designers East Coast

East Coast interior designers Interior designers decorating aid

Here’s a look at the best East Coast interior designers for your next upgrade …

Katie Ridder Inc.


As New York Home noted, Katie Ridders “is trademarked for the ease with which she connects cultures and continents, high and low art, eras and styles. To describe her work as eclectic, however, means missing the point because, while it reflects diverse influences, it is recognizably the product of a single sensibility – one with a distinctive attitude towards color, texture, proportions and scales. “

Katie Ridder’s extraordinary dexterity with palettes of primary and secondary colors, her playful approach to mixing antiques and modern pieces, and her eye for unusual decorative accents have made her a leading and unique figure in the world of interior design.

Decor aid

East Coast interior designers Interior designers decorating aid

Décor Aid modernizes the ancient art of interior design. As one of the leading interior design firms in the country, Décor Aid is transforming the industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

During your free personal consultation, your designer will help you define your needs and provide guidance on how to move forward with a detailed quote with no minimum order quantity. Our world-class team of interior designers have been selected from among the most respected companies in the country and bring an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to each project.

Customers get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive retail discounts, which are up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our design fees.

Décor Aid’s incredible renovations have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and others.

Thad Hayes Inc.

East Coast Interior Designers Interior Designers Thad Hayes

Thad Hayes, Inc. is a New York interior design company that specializes in sensitively conceived projects that are functional, livable spaces with timeless relevance. Hayes’ design concepts are associated with knowledge of the decorative arts, the visual arts and expertise in architecture. We balance modern, machined elements with warm, textured, historical elements that often interweave a story or dialogue of periods.

Thad Hayes carefully combines personal art and furniture collections with modern and antique pieces, as well as Hayes’ handcrafted, bespoke furniture, lighting fixtures, fabrics and carpets. Whether it is a modern house in the forest of Martha’s Vineyard or a New York penthouse, the projects are individually tailored to the personality and lifestyle of each customer.

Bunny Williams Inc.

Interior Designers of the East Coast Interior Designers Williams

Bunny opened her own interior design company, Bunny Williams Incorporated, in 1988 after twenty-two years with the venerable decorating firm Parish-Hadley Associates. Restraint and appropriateness are hallmarks of Bunny’s style. Objects, patterns, textures and colors, beautifully balanced, appear appealingly undisciplined – the direct result of great concentration and careful planning. Bunny Williams’ passion for design extends beyond the interior to the garden. Bunny co-owned Treillage Ltd., a New York outdoor furniture store, with antique dealer John Rosselli for 25 years.

While beautiful rooms are Bunny’s first consideration, customer service and attention to detail are of the utmost importance. To this end, Bunny has put together two highly professional design teams, each led by an experienced senior designer. The senior designers and their teams work with Bunny at clients’ homes in the US and abroad.

Cullman & Kravis Inc.

Interior designers of the east coast Interior designers Kravis

Cullman & Kravis has been known for the highest quality of design and personal service since 1984. They work closely with their clients to realize their aesthetic ideas and practical needs while adhering to their set budgets. While elegance and practicality are the primary goal of C&K, their greatest pride comes from the fact that every home they design reflects the personality of the owner and no two projects are alike.

New York City-based Cullman & Kravis, Inc. is currently working on projects in and around Manhattan, the Hamptons, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Hawaii.

Richard Mishaan Design

Interior designers of the east coast Interior designers Mischanan

The Mischaan note is an expansive style stylistically, which isn’t surprising – he’s an expansive person himself. His combined knowledge of fashion, architecture and interior design as well as his cultural roots give him a deep understanding of luxury and quality. “Pamela Fiori, Town & Country Editor-in-Chief.

Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia and began his career teaching in Philip Johnson’s offices after receiving a BA from New York University and attending Columbia University School of Architecture.

Mishaan has authored two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, both of which were published by Monacelli Press, a division of Random House. Artfully Modern was released in November 2014.

David Kleinberg Design Associates

east coast interior designers interior designers kleinberg

David Kleinberg Design Associates has been an internationally recognized leader in full-service interior design and architectural renovation for twenty years. Employing 30 full-time employees, including five equity partners, the company is revered for its highly curated and nuanced interiors with an emphasis on expertly crafted details and unparalleled customer service.

Founded in 1997 by David Kleinberg after a 16 year tenure with the venerable Parish-Hadley Design, the company is widely recognized as a valued and invaluable resource for custom interiors that appeal to a sophisticated and discerning clientele. A characteristic DKDA interior heralds a careful selection of furniture, works of art, objects and materials. These elements are elaborately combined with one another in order to support one another and not to outshine one another. The result is rooms that are both modern and timeless in terms of sensitivity and quality.

Carrier & Company Interiors

Interior designers of the east coast interior designers carrier

Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, the heads of Carrier and Company Interiors, are a design duo of man and woman who create spaces that represent a confident mix of timeless and contemporary design – both familiar and fresh at the same time. Always refined and refined, flooded with light and airy, the work of the carriers ranges stylishly from elegantly traditional to luxuriously minimalist to glamorous bohemian. Her rooms have subtle patterns and neutral palettes punctuated by exuberance and unexpected mixes of high and low, old and new.

Know Shepherd

Interior designers of the east coast interior designers shepherd

Know Shepherd Interior Design Architecture PLLC (KSI) is a New York-based interior design firm for women. KSI is known for creating bespoke interiors that refine and express the client’s unique vision, values ​​and mission in sophisticated, contemporary settings. They combine a passion for design, extensive experience in the construction process and a deep understanding of branding and marketing and guide the customer from the first concept to the completion of an efficient, unforgettable interior.

Robin Baron Design Inc.

Interior designers of the east coast Interior designers Robin Baron

Robin Baron, prominent interior designer, lifestyle expert and luxury interior designer, gives everything she does an impressive sense of style. With his enthusiastic personality and expertise in decoration and lifestyle, Robin makes a living from creating homes that are versatile, unique and fabulous while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere. She reflects her motto, “Trust Starts at Home ™” and prides itself on her ability to capture the personalities of her customers in their homes.

Robin’s career began when she turned her fashion business into an interior design career and started her full-service design company Robin Baron Design Inc. The Robin Baron design team accompanies interior design projects in NYC from the preliminary construction to the decoration and the finishing touches. Over the years, Robin’s clientele has grown to include many celebrities, including movie and television stars, as well as heads of large corporations like the chairman of Reuters and the CEO of DirecTV. Robin believes that the best interior design in NYC results from the collaboration of her creative vision with the needs and lifestyle of her clients.