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Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

best bedroom design ideas 2019

If updating the direction of your bedroom decor for 2019 is high on your to-do list, keep the look on trend with 15 of the ultimate bedroom interior design ideas born from the wisdom of our decorators. Even so, these savvy interior design trends and other top design ideas we’ve seen can work just as well in any other room in your home as they are universally appealing so you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Four-poster beds

Canopy bed bedroom design 2019

Four-poster beds always make a statement about a bedroom interior, and the bedroom trends of 2019 call for a significant return to romantic style. Of course, four-poster beds can have dramatic effects in an instant, whether they’re traditional or modern. There is a four poster bed that will go perfectly with any bedroom design. for every room. From the four-poster beds made of dark wood of the old world with canopies, curtains and lots of valance to a slimmer and more modern four-poster bed made of ebony or white with Lucite panels and details.

If the curtains and canopies themselves are too much for you, go for a minimal design with no fuss. There are plenty of beautifully designed four poster beds that can add an enviable sense of elegance to your master bedroom designs without looking overwhelming.

Create a reading corner

best bedroom design ideas 2019

Since a bedroom is often viewed as a haven for relaxing at the end of the day, it’s the perfect place to create a calming reading nook. And it might inspire you to read more – something that most of us miss out on. Create a zone with a simple bookshelf decorated with color-coordinated books to keep the look going.

This is sure to get you back in the habit of reading and is even better for you when you can add a comfy reading chair around the corner to really take advantage of your personal library at home.

Make it unique

unique bedroom design ideas 2019

People spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and often don’t even realize it. And since the bedrooms are less seen by guests, unfortunately people also tend to decorate them last or to overlook them completely.

But since your bedroom resembles your own private oasis, why should it be boring and straightforward? And while you should never forego practicality entirely, bring unique finds that will help tell a story while adding the personality and visual interest you need to your bedroom.

Raised beds

best bedroom storage ideas

Beds raised from the floor are no longer just for children – space-creating designs full of functions are also beneficial in an adult’s room. Anyone who says children’s beds can have all of the fun and functionality that adults need needs just as much extra storage space for their bedroom design. The beds are raised from the floor on a frame with storage spaces underneath such as rows of drawers or sliding doors, in which you can easily store bulky items that you do not need all the time.

With some styles we’ve seen, bedside tables and even more storage space are built into the steps to help you get to bed. This works perfectly to get the most out of your space for a small bedroom design, and it looks super modern too.

Mismatched furniture

Transitional style bedroom design 2019

A well-judged mixed look is a great way to add fun and visual interest to your bedroom, and we love how creative and different you can be with it. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your personality and all of your favorite style traits to the interior of your bedroom and not feel compromised as there is a lot of freedom to express yourself.

It’s time to break the tired rules of bedroom decor and combine them until you are satisfied with the layering effect. Contrast and juxtaposition with chests of drawers, headboards and side tables from very different styles and a confident interaction. Velvet headboards, wooden headboards, white dressers, dark wooden dressers, minimalist end tables, and art deco end tables can all come together when balanced in your melting pot of modern bedroom designs.

Minimal closets

best closet bedroom decor ideas 2019

The imaginative and highly gold-plated French cabinets that immediately spring to mind are a little too heavy for these days, but with a more minimal appearance, a cabinet can become a practical companion. Forego the intricately carved wood, floral motifs and intricate design details and opt for something much simpler for additional storage space in the bedroom. A closet with clean, sleek lines and sleek handles goes much better with popular 2019 bedroom styles.

How about a jewel-colored cabinet with sleek, matte gold handles? Robust and slim, but practical and minimal at the same time, modern cabinets leave a much smaller visual impact. Simple dark wood sliding doors look great and are a smart investment for any bedroom interior.

Hotel inspires

Hotel inspired bedroom ideas 2019

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no denying that stepping into a proper hotel suite is an instant luxury, but when we decided on a hotel-inspired bedroom interior design we had to point out that we weren’t talking about the generic. whitewashed feel that was made so popular about a decade ago.

Instead, take a bedroom design cue from many of the ultra-chic boutique hotels that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Today’s take on stylish hotels features modern mid-century furniture in dainty scales and soothing colors that are downright enviable. Just look at how the perfectly scaled and decorated small bedroom design pictured above feels on-trend and timeless at the same time.

Layer carpets

Layered carpets bedroom design ideas

Sure, carpeted rooms have been out of favor for years, and hopefully they’ll never come back in style, but when it comes to comforting bedroom interior decorating ideas, the bigger the carpet, the cozier and more inviting the room will feel is.

And for added structural play in colder moments, consider laying a soft sheepskin rug over your main rug for added visual interest and softness so your feet don’t hit cold ground.

Bring in texture

chic bedroom design ideas 2019

No matter how challenging your small bedroom design is, the easiest way to add visual play is to bring in extra texture for an unexpected touch. Note that the bedroom shown here is particularly small, but with a few structural updates, the space feels fully and completely realized without looking clumsy.

You can trace that back to the texture introduced over bed linen, two dainty velvet stools, and a salvaged wood panel above the bed. All in all, the room is perfectly equipped, although it didn’t take much.

Go tonal

tonal bedroom design ideas 2019

To create soothing bedroom decorating ideas, play tonal and stick to just one color and the different shades if possible. This will help make your room appear more expansive, expensive, and ultimately well-appraised and put together.

And it doesn’t have to be a bedroom design overflowing with neutrals. You can take almost any direction you can think of. However, our interior designers recommend sticking to a color palette that you like as you will be spending a lot of time in your bedroom so that you can feel as good as possible about your mood.

Make it look bigger

how to make bedroom design ideas look bigger

Are you looking for little bedroom design features to make them look bigger, or are you looking for clever master bedroom designs that make the space look bigger and more spectacular?

One of the best bedroom decorating ideas to achieve both is adding floor-to-ceiling curtains along the wall behind your bed, even if there isn’t a window. This inexpensive addition not only makes the ceiling look much higher than it is, it also gives your room a regal elegance that can hardly be surpassed.

Vintage storage case

modern bedroom storage ideas 2019

Vintage style storage cases are a classic, but they have been out of style for quite a while and make a welcome return when thinking about bedroom decor ideas for 2019 and we’ve seen them everywhere. They can be used to store items like knitwear and bedding in your bedroom and are great for storing items that you don’t use all the time. Vintage suitcases also double as a stylish visual anchor when placed in front of your bed. However, our preferred way of using them is on bedside tables.

Stack them on top of each other for a chic and retro side table. Go for classic colors and silhouettes to keep the look timeless as they easily create a more atmospheric and luscious feel.  

Boudoir vanities

modern bedroom vanity

Another retro-inspired return that you probably didn’t see coming. The boudoir vanity is back on trend and is the perfect addition to any design style, especially a Hollywood Regency bedroom. Vanity units are the perfect place for a proper dressing room and, when paired with an oversized mirror, can create a stunning visual impact. White and ivory are traditional colors for boudoir vanities in a classic bedroom interior. However, we recommend going in a more unexpected direction. Add color to your bedroom design with a vanity unit in a deep jewel tone or dark wood and pair it with a high-gloss metal chair for extra glamor.

Together, these create a much bigger impact than traditional white options and also look more unique. And create a low-lying table landscape with products that you not only use every day, but that are beautifully designed to be booted too. 

Pull-out beds for children

Children's room ideas 2019

Let’s not forget about the kids on this list of bedroom interior decorating ideas. Pull-out beds are a great space-saving idea as they are perfect for extra storage space and can be essential for overnight stays. Pull-out beds have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market.

How about a bed frame that looks like a cute little playhouse? Or a daybed frame that doubles as a meeting point? The possibilities are endless with pull-out beds, from canopy beds for princesses to tents inspired by tipis. Use their activities to inspire your child’s room decorating ideas.

Unusual headboards

unique bedroom designs 2019

Make an important statement in your bedroom interior with an oversized or unusual headboard. Some oversized headboards span the width of a full wall, while others extend from floor to ceiling. Some are upholstered in dramatic, jewel-colored velvet while others are simpler and more subtle. Whichever look you prefer with your headboard, its oversized nature is sure to make an impact. And if the scales don’t suit you, go for an unusual headboard that will make your bedroom stand out.

Work your bedroom design around the headboard and use it as the focal point of your room. From elaborately carved designs to headboards made of reclaimed wood to wingback headboard designs – there is something for every bedroom and every taste.

Chaise longue

Chaise Lounge Bedroom Design Ideas 2019

There is no better piece of furniture for creating a calming yet opulent look in a bedroom than a practical chaise longue. You’ll feel like you’re in a retreat as you lounge around on a gorgeous cushioned cart.

They are the perfect addition to your bedroom design for a reading nook. They’re comfortable and cozy, and great for lounging around while you step into your latest novel. While traditional design remains for a wide range of choices, there are many updated, unusual modern chaise longue options available at various prices to suit any design style.

Level lighting

Fall bedroom ideas lighting

When it comes to master bedroom design, try to bring in as much natural light as possible during the day. However, when the evening comes, update the lighting in your bedroom for a more romantic and soothing tone with layered lighting, a cozy and warm place to sit back and relax. This way you avoid making your bedroom design either too dark or too light while cementing the perfect ambience.

Add drama

Fall bedroom ideas bedding

When it comes to trendy bedroom decorating ideas, even the most minimal, subtle bedroom design could use a boost of brooding, everyday glamor.

Spice things up and bring some dramatic, meaningful pieces to make your modern bedroom designs more memorable, fun, and unique. Remember that balance is always key, as in the room shown above, as nothing competes with each other for a harmonious sense of perfection.


small bedroom decorating ideas

Floating shelves are a great way to display valuable personal items in your bedroom design, so you don’t have to hide them so far that you will never see them again or spend most of their life with you in a storage box.

Graphic shelves like the one shown here provide a subtle yet powerful effect when appropriately decorated. Another trick on the eye is to add shelves the same color as your walls so that they blend in seamlessly with your bedroom decorating ideas.

Night storage Ottomans

Bedroom storage ideas 2019

Ottomans are a great alternative to traditional seating when it comes to decorating a smart bedroom for a reason. They are oversized, practical and offer a lot of additional storage space that is also hidden. Planted in front of your bed, they’re also perfect for taking your shoes off at the end of a long day while adding visual interest.

Our interior designers suggest channeling the trend of intoxicating velvet upholstery when sourcing an ottoman in a bold color like forest green or peacock blue. You can also choose a legged ottoman to create the illusion of extra space – especially modern with high-gloss, twisted brass legs to add extra visual space to your bedroom design. Even better if the ottoman you bring has storage space underneath.

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