Best Interior Paint For Office

Best Interior Paint For Office

best colors for the office

When it comes to office paint colors, while the sky’s the limit, you will be surprised how important they can be and how important the color you introduce is in promoting productivity and everyday enjoyment. That said, color is key when it comes to interior color ideas for offices in 2019.

Gone are the days of cold, stark white minimalism in offices – because expressive colors are making a comeback. There is more and more thought about making offices more welcoming with increasing productivity and creativity as the main focus and source of inspiration. And as you can imagine, it means that paint as a quick paint job is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to add energy to an office space. To further illustrate the many directions you can take when it comes to office paint colors, here are over 10 best interior paint options for the office, whether at home or on the go, straight from the wisdom of interior designers at D├ęcor Aid.

Forest green

Forest green best interior color for office

Deep forest green is dramatic; In a large office space it might not be the color you want to use everywhere, but it definitely works for a brilliant wall or for a cozy filing cabinet or meeting room. Green is great for inspiring the mind (making it the perfect choice for a creative office space), and deep green is surprisingly warm and wonderfully natural and earthy.

Combined with dark woods and copper-colored metallics, pale neutrals and warm natural tones, forest greens bring a feeling of enviable strength that effortlessly holds any room together. Forest green also goes well with all types of office furniture, from minimalist to charming mid-century modern finds.

Deep blue

deep blue best interior color for office

Another great color for a wall or an intimate space in an office. A striking blue like this one offers additional depth and is relaxing and powerful at the same time. A calming color that is inspiring and can be paired with so many other colors. A deep blue is a good choice for a vibrant modern office space.

As we know, blue looks great against the cooler whites and grays, and is equally stunning against bold colors like yellow and green alike. The key here is to create deep blue in light and airy office spaces so that the look doesn’t look so bleak and stressful. And make sure you pair it with a lighter floor for extra drama and dimension.

Blue-Note Grays

blue-gray best interior color for office

If you’re looking for a calming interior color for offices, a shade of gray is a timelessly chic choice. It’s calming and relaxing whether you choose one of the deeper and darker colors or a lighter and more airy one. They can be warmed up and cooled down with accessories, plants, and upholstered furniture to create a cool industrial space or a more homely, comfortable area.

If you are looking for the best trendy interior paint for large office spaces then this is probably one of the best as it won’t be arrogant when done well. Plus, it looks great when paired with similar colors and metallic finishes to the charming office above.

cloudy blue

sky blue best interior color for office

If you want to create an office space that is light and airy, a pale, misty blue has to be one of the smartest corporate office colors to consider. Misty Blue looks great on large areas of office walls and reflects light well, which opens up the space. Perfect for helping darker rooms move into the light and for encouraging light rooms to feel less clinical.

It’s also a good background color for highlighting mirrors, wall art, sculptures, and other decorative features that you might want to display in your office. And it looks great paired with the kind of darker office furniture that has been popular for the past decade or so.

Inky blue

Inky Blue best interior paint for office

Not a color that would traditionally be thought of when it comes to the best interior paint for office space, but it sure is a competitor. It looks great along with pretty much all of the office colors on this list. Create interest by painting a recessed wall or alcove a deep blue, or using it as a contrast to the traditional light whites of offices.

A color like this is great for metallic accompaniments to add extra warmth and a bit of everyday elegance. We like the fact that the office owner of the room pictured above used it on a large wall unit, but was smart enough to expose the white paneling for a necessary visual pause so it wouldn’t get so clumsy.

Light gray-white

light gray best interior color for office

If you can’t completely stray from stark white, a pale off-white can satisfy your desire for cool white and color at the same time. A light gray white is perfect for sprawling walls and office spaces with many people – loud colors can be too abrasive in such a large room. It looks equally good alongside white and wooden office furniture, and is about as flexible as commercial office color ideas.

This is an especially solid color if you’re not renovating the entire office and just want a soft pop of color. It’s also a worthwhile investment as it never goes out of style and can hide stains and scratches better than classic white ever does.

Icy white

white interior best color for office

Okay, so we weren’t completely honest. White is still a timeless option for office color ideas, but do yourself a favor and bring some color in other ways to really bring your office to life. Icy white is great if you have a small office space and need a way to keep the space light and airy. White is naturally reflective and is always a great option for making office spaces feel bigger than they really are.

When it comes to designing interiors for office spaces, white is always a safe choice. So if you are not too adventurous and just want to freshen up the space, this is a great option. Note, however, that the white office upstairs really feels so much more thanks to dramatic dark color hits that enclose the space for a wonderfully graphic look.

Soft purple grays

purple best interior color for office

A soft purple gray is a pretty color that is soft and soothing. It has a surprisingly warm tone, which makes it a good interior color for an office seating area or reception area. It’s a calming color so it looks great in an intimate meeting area or a welcome change in smaller workspaces.

One of the greatest advantages of having such a color is that it goes well with all types of furniture. from dark wood to light wood to white. The key here is to pair it with gender-neutral styles to keep the look from looking too sugar-cute or feminine.

Golden yellow

golden yellow best interior color for office

If you’re looking for something completely different for your office interior painting ideas, a rich golden yellow is the way to go. If you have a small office space to work with, a yellow like this is a great way to introduce fun and depth. It’s also a great choice for a feature wall in a larger room, but also works well as an all-over lacquer paint, even in a larger room.

Golden yellow is a surprisingly flexible color (which might surprise you) and looks great in a traditional office setting or in a more modern and contemporary setting.

Rusty tone

Rust best interior paint for office

If you’re expecting warmth from commercial office paint color ideas, say no more – a rusty shade is a great color to consider. A color like this is calming and will cocoon you in its depth of color, which is a nice change from the cooler colors we traditionally see in office spaces.

This is a great color for a communal area or a relaxed meeting area in your office as it is much less formal than regular white or gray and will not go out of style anytime soon. However, when it comes to stronger office color ideas like these, our interior designers recommend using the space as a singular tone rather than introducing additional colors that just confuse the eye and overwhelm the senses.

An intelligent contrast for office colors

Contrast best interior color for office

The color blocking of the office above makes the space look much more dramatic, elegant, and well-considered. Imagine how different it would look in a simple color.

By only painting the lower half of the wall unit, the office looks much bigger, more expensive and more sophisticated. Since there is only a small amount of space to repaint, you can easily and inexpensively update the color over time. And it will look modern and inspirationally cool forever.

Dusty peach

dusty peach best interior color for office

A dusty peach is a calming color that is timeless and full of life, and it pairs perfectly with mid-century modern office furniture and vintage finds.

It will help you get an unexpected feel for the game as you stay grown up and chic for a lifetime and beyond. And while it’s a color full of subtle personality, it looks brilliant paired with other soft tones, like the reception area pictured above. Have fun with a faded dusty peach, and bring free paint and meaningful furniture.

Classic cream office color

Cream best interior paint for office

As a clever alternative to white office colors, you can’t go wrong with a classic cream wall paint. The key here is to pair it with other sensational colors like the one in the office pictured above to really create a sense of heady personality and elegance.

Our interior designers were quick to point out that using a free color scheme limited to no more than three shades of color made the office look ultra-chic, knowledgeable, and memorable. If you follow a similar path, you are sure to raise the morale of the office and inspire everyone with the beautiful space you have created for work.

A brooding brown

chic best interior paint for office

Are you looking for clever ideas for office colors that are unusual but sure never go out of style or look outdated and dark? An atmospheric matte brown can work wonders that your office space will become a warm and elegant highlight for years to come.

To achieve the right look, stick to the classic color pairing and bring in lighter-colored upholstery and patterns to complement the beautiful energy of the colors while preventing the entire space from looking too dark or clumsy.

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