Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

modern bathroom wallpaper ideas

A bathroom is generally a pretty moist environment and bathroom wallpaper ideas understandably might not be your first cue when you are thinking about renovating or refreshing your bathroom. But as bathrooms are traditionally tiled to protect against water stains and dampness in a bathroom to it easier to clean, there’s no reason you can’t bring in some intriguing wallpaper prints.

And since bathroom wallpaper ideas are all the rage now, and advancements in different wallpaper materials have made it easier than ever to execute your favorite bathroom wallpaper ideas, there’s all the more reason. From modern bathroom wallpaper ideas to removable bathroom wallpaper ideas, here are the best options to consider according to Décor Aid interior designers.

Wallpaper Options

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper:

Vinyl coated wallpapers are perfect for modern bathroom wallpaper ideas. They are easily cleanable and they are wash and water resistant and are heavy-duty and durable. They are available in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles, giving you plenty of options for your bathroom renovation.

Removable Wallpaper:

Removable wallpaper bathroom ideas allow you to change your mind and your style as often as you want. As soon as you get bored, or your wallpaper gets damp or damaged, you can peel it off and replace it with something new. This type of wallpaper is often waterproof and washable, allowing you to wipe everyday wear and tear away with ease.

Standard Wallpaper:

Standard wallpaper is still an option for bathroom wallpaper ideas. While it doesn’t offer you much in terms of being easy to wipe clean and its not water resistant, it would still be a savvy option for a feature wall away from those pesky splash zones. Standard wallpaper will be resistant to water to a point, but there is only so much it can withstand. And since its harder to remove, make sure that you’re happy with your option.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

An Iconic Print

Scalamandre Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Recognize this covetable and timeless print? From Hollywood blockbusters to some of the world’s most sophisticated homes, Scalamndré’s iconic zebra print is about as elegant as wallpaper can get.

While statement-making and room-defining, let its energetic spirit bring life to even the smallest of bathrooms in your home for a look that’ll have everyone talking. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of hues, meaning that your’s can still feel unique to you for years to come.

Interesting Stripes

Interesting Striped Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Sure, stripes are a standard wallpaper print, but you can make your’s standout with an interesting placement for added visual interest without taking too much of a leap.

Even better if your bathroom has architectural features that you can use to your advantage, like the sloped ceiling seen above. And instead of going the predictable vertical route, think about horizontal placement for a much more unique outcome. Just be sure that you pair yours with a muted base color for a look that’s easy on the eye.

Bungalow Botanical

Bold Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

When it comes to over the top and memorable bathroom wallpaper ideas, a large palm print cannot be beat. Channel the legendary Beverly Hill’s Hotel and its classic oversized print.

As its a small space with little décor, you can go big and bold with prints as wallpaper will work as the definitive statement of the room.


Chevron Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Another classic bathroom wallpaper idea, a graphic chevron print will always be timeless in appeal and it can even work to help you make the space feel larger than it really is.

To get the look right, again, opt for a classic base color and use the print as a dynamic element in what would be an otherwise straightforward space.


Millennial Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Get on board with a simple and on-trend wallpaper print that while minimal in appeal, still packs an intriguing and conversation-starting punch, like this ‘seeing eye’ print that’s quite humorous as well.

Let it do all the talking and pair it with simple decorative elements and a precise color scheme to keep all eyes on the print.


Art Deco Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for luxurious bathroom wallpaper ideas, why not consider a graphic yet simple Art-Deco-inspired print that boasts clean symmetry and a timeless design?

It’ll look great for years to come and it will never go out of style since it hails from such a classic, go-to era.

A Mod Black And White Print

Black And White Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Another classic yet striking route to consider is a ’60s mod-inspired graphic black and white abstracted print that is crisp yet subtle. Again, it will never go out of style, and when looking to sell your home, it will work to your advantage.

A Minimal Graphic

Graphic Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Perfect for accent wall bathroom wallpaper ideas, a punchy two-toned graphic print will perk up your bathroom without being too visually noisy – keeping the space clean and serene.

A Painterly Print

Painterly Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Lend your bathroom a grownup sense of stimulating play with an abstract polka-dot print in a classic color combo that almost has a hand-painted feel to it, for the ultimate statement.

It will keep your bathroom unique in feel without the overbearing quality that heavier prints bring with them.


Toile Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

A traditional toile print can’t be beat when it comes to timeless bathroom wallpaper ideas and since there’s such an array of designs to choose from, yours will always feel unique to your home.

From abstracted prints to illustrative takes on animals and even the more humorous types of depictions, there’s an endlessly inspiring range of toile prints to consider for your home.

A Grand Floral

Floral Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Since you can’t go wrong with classic bathroom wallpaper ideas, why not consider an overtly elegant floral print for a grand gesture? It’ll have everyone asking about where you got it since in this day and age, traditional prints are often overlooked for no good reason.

Palm Leaf Wallpaper

palm leaf bathroom wallpaper ideas

Palm leaf bathroom wallpaper ideas will add a botanical feel to your bathroom space. Choose a green print on a white background to keep your bathroom feeling light and airy, or choose a wallpaper with a dark background for something moodier (great for a feature wall).

With a palm leaf print, you’ll feel as if you are bathing in the middle of the rainforest. Team it with natural wooden features for a convincing organic feel.  

Bold Black And White Floral Wallpaper

black and white bathroom wallpaper ideas

A bold black and white floral wallpaper is a modern alternative to the otherwise traditional black and white checked tiles often featured in bathrooms. A graphic design like this will add a little extra sense of play to your modern bathroom wallpaper ideas, setting your bathroom apart from the rest.

Choose a design with plenty of white space to ensure that your bathroom doesn’t start to feel small and dark.

Jungle Print Wallpaper

jungle print bathroom wallpaper ideas

No other room lends itself to a jungle printed wallpaper like a bathroom can. A hot, humid bathroom will soon enough make you feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle, with a vibrant flora and fauna print wallpaper all around you. Introduce plenty of green and yellow, with vibrant floral details thrown in here and there.

Keep your bathroom furnishings simple, so as not to distract from your unique jungle bathroom wallpaper ideas. You could even choose some more decadently styled bathroom fittings to make it all the more heady.

Traditional Floral Wallpaper

floral bathroom wallpaper ideas

Traditional floral wallpapers make for great bathroom wallpaper ideas. Whether your bathroom is large or small, a traditional floral print will ensure that your bathroom feels cozy and comfortable. Choose a color scheme which makes you feel soothed, contrasting against your bathroom suite and flooring for an elegant touch.

This idea works really well with traditionally-styled bathroom fittings, but we also love it paired with modern fittings as well.

Classic Neutral Striped Wallpaper

striped bathroom wallpaper ideas

A neutral stripe is the most classic of all wallpaper designs and because of that, it gives any space a luxurious and timeless feel. And your bathroom is no exception. A neutral stripe against a white bathroom suite and traditional bathroom fittings will make your bathroom feel comfortable and well-judged.

Team this look with high-shine metallic accessories like towel rails and taps to complete this classic look. Modern bathroom wallpaper ideas might be bold and fun, but sometimes the classics are the best – especially if you plan on selling your home in the near future.

Bold Geometric Print Wallpaper

vibrant bathroom wallpaper ideas

A large-scale geometric pattern is perfect for bathroom wallpaper ideas since the look will always remain timeless in appeal. Make up for the lack of tiles by providing plenty of texture and eye-catching design, as a bold geometric print will liven up your bathroom to no end.

It doesn’t take much to make an impact with wallpaper like this as you can choose a light and airy color, allowing the pattern to do all the talking. This will also be great for small bathroom wallpaper ideas, as it makes a big impression in the space, without making it feel smaller and closed off.

Large Floral Print Wallpaper

large floral bathroom wallpaper ideas

A small, symmetrically repetitive design can end up making a small bathroom feel even smaller. If you need small bathroom wallpaper ideas and you love pattern and color, then you will love the idea of an oversized floral print wallpaper.

Go for a big, bold design with a random pattern to really make a definitive statement. This stops your eye being drawn from one side of the wall to the other, meaning you are less likely to notice how small the space is. Complete the look by accessorizing with punchy metallic accessories, like gold mirrors and light fittings.

Blush Tone Wallpaper

neutral floral bathroom wallpaper ideasBathroom wallpaper ideas in 2019 wouldn’t be complete without an on-trend blush tone. Blush tones are wonderfully relaxing, lending themselves perfectly to being situated in the space where you do your best to relax – the bathroom.

Bathroom wallpaper ideas like this look great against simple white bathroom features or even something with a more glamorous edge. We love how blush tones look paired with gold fixtures and fittings.

Quirky And Eccentric Patterned Wallpaper

quirky bathroom wallpaper ideas

A fun pattern is what you want to be seeing in a small entryway or a guest bathroom as they allow for a more rebellious sense of play since they aren’t seen by many. If you aren’t using a bathroom every day, then why not have some fun with it? In turn, your bathroom will be a firm favorite between your guests.

Be eclectic with your bathroom wallpaper ideas and bring your walls to life with a vivacious flamingo print, a lima print, a map of the world, or even wallpaper that looks like a trompe l’oeil bookshelf. In a space you don’t often use, you can go bold with your design ideas and a guest bathroom is the perfect place for this.

Retro Wallpaper  

retro bathroom wallpaper ideas

Our interior designers love an on-trend retro pattern at the moment and there is no reason that shouldn’t extend to your bathroom. A playful retro print will be sure to lend your bathroom wallpaper ideas a refreshing sense of charm.

Oranges, browns, and muted candy colors will come together beautifully to create a psychedelic pattern that will make bathing and morning routines all the more fun. You could go all the way with your retro look and team your wallpaper with a colorful retro bathroom suite outfitted with vintage finds.

Wallpaper The Ceiling

ceiling bathroom wallpaper ideas

Wallpapering the ceiling is such a fun idea for a bathroom, especially if you have a bath and you love spending time relaxing in your tub. Wallpapering the ceiling will give you something to look at as you sit back, whether it is a simple, relaxing design or something much more intricate.

Often referred to as the fifth wall, the ceiling often gets forgotten about (especially in a bathroom) but there is no reason you can’t embrace your bathroom wallpaper ideas and extend the look to the ceiling. It will, in turn, make your bathroom appear to have ceilings that are higher than they really are, while also making an unforgettable statement. 

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