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Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom Paint Colors

best bathroom wall paint colors 2019

When it comes to finding the best bathroom paint colors for your home, this is probably one of the toughest color decisions you have to make. The bathroom is a space that is not often viewed as a space where interior design is paramount. It is a space that you are in and that you spend as little time as possible in. Well, we think that should change and bathroom color design ideas should be taken seriously as a design moment.

To inspire you, here are the best bathroom paints of 2019, according to interior designers at Décor Aid.

Pink ombre effect

pink ombre bathroom paint colors

Create visual interest without getting too smart by creating an adorable ombre effect that will make your ceilings appear taller than they really are. Even better if you go for an intriguing color and polish it up for extra texture.

A muted pink

pink bathroom colors

Opting for a muted, watery-pink wall color for the bathroom will save you from digging too far into overly sweet saccharin areas while adding a classic hue to the room. And in contrast, our interior designers recommend combining it with masculine elements to achieve the required strength.


Cinnamon bathroom paint colors

Bring your bathroom wall paint ideas to life with a refreshing shade of cinnamon that will make it stand out in your home and stay timelessly appealing in the long run. Even better is the fact that it works almost neutrally because it blends so well with all kinds of design elements.

Sage green

Sage green bathroom paint colors

Similar to a pewter gray, a calming sage green goes well with almost any design style and all bathroom materials and will never go out of style. It’s also great for hiding everyday wear and tear and stains without being too bold.

Tomato red

red bathroom colors

Use a bright red to activate a bathroom on an accent wall for added depth and a lively feel to the game. And while you can choose from a wide variety of red bathroom color ideas, we recommend going for one with a bit of orange as the appeal will remain refreshing for years to come.

Royal blue

royal blue bathroom colors

Royal blue bathroom wall paint makes for a rich and sophisticated option and is best for larger bathrooms because it is so powerful. Plus, it easily pairs with just about any color or surface, from prints and patterns to brass, glass, and chrome.

Create a strong contrast

contrasting colors of the bathroom

Who says bathroom color ideas need to extend to your bathroom? Make your ceilings look higher and keep the eye moving by painting only the top half of your bathroom walls.

This, in turn, will also help you commit to a challenging color much easier since it won’t take up your entire bathroom. And with this type of application, a dark color of the bathroom works best.


purple bathroom paint colors

A pretty, calm and soothing color, a calming lilac that never goes out of style while remaining gender neutral and an unexpected color that you don’t see too often in modern homes. To keep the look right and timeless, our interior designers recommend a watery, subtle lilac shade, paired with white fittings and decorative elements.

Look at the ceiling

Ceiling bathroom colors

Often overlooked or completely neglected, your ceiling can be used to your advantage to make your bathroom look bigger and more sumptuous than it really is with a fresh coat of paint. Especially if you go for a rich and pampering color or even a high-gloss metallic to really make it pop.

You can even try your hand at a DIY graphic project by recording different segments for an Op Art inspired feel that will ensure your bathroom is unique to you as you inspire guests and start conversations.

A dark accent wall

Accent wall bathroom paint colors

A dark accent wall is a great way to upgrade the mood in your bathroom without having to commit to color everywhere. And since it’s a simple accent wall, it’s also easy to brush up on your bathroom color ideas as trends and your mood change.

They can also be more daring and playful with graphic contrast panels or a bold pattern for added visual impact.

Matt black

black bathroom colors

Channel a sleek Art Deco inspired feel with a beautiful matte black contrasting bathroom finish with a modern matte finish. However, since it is such a bold color, you should be sure that you will enjoy it for years to come as it is difficult to paint over and involves a serious take on it.

Stony blue

blue bathroom colors

This aqua blue shade is nothing if not perfect when it comes to bathroom colors. It’s a relaxing shade with enough brightness to reflect light and keep your bathroom fresh and airy.

You can use a color like this against wood paneling for an elegant statement, against dark wood bathroom cabinets and accessories, or as a custom color for a closet. This is one of our favorites among modern luxury bathroom paints as it looks great against marble as well as wood and tile.

Dusty blue

dusty blue bathroom colors

This shade is warmer than a rocky blue and in this shade less gray than in other blue bathroom shades. It looks great with white tiles and creates a relaxed and fresh look. Warm metallics and light wooden accessories also look fantastic in this shade.

And it goes well with just about any design style, from the retro-inspired to the contemporary.

Pure white

all white bathroom colors

If you have a small bathroom, white is always a good color choice as any room feels bigger than it really is. White is also great at helping your bathroom look as fresh as possible. In combination with pure white tiles, your bathroom looks like a luxury spa. White color has great light reflective properties and will instantly make your bathroom feel much more expansive and luxurious.

Paints for bathroom paints like white keep your bathroom looking neat, which promotes cleanliness, and white colors can easily be repainted if things look worn and need to be picked up right away.

Soft beige-gray

light gray bathroom colors

A soft beige-gray makes a wonderfully timeless bathroom color into account. The soft and warm tone ensures that your bathroom feels cozy and relaxing, without light and intrusive colors affecting the relaxing feeling when bathing. Bathroom colors like this look striking, paired with white, dark and light wood tones and deeper hues, which makes them very flexible.

It will complement the colors in natural stone, contrast with darker tiles and combine well with lighter shades.

Light gray

light gray bathroom colors

A light gray gives every room a masculine touch and is a timeless alternative to the ideas for clinical white bathroom colors. You can improve the mood in your bathroom with dark cabinets, furniture, and accessories, or make it feel light and light paired with white. This color is suitable for both a modern and a more traditional bathroom.

It’s a clean color that has a well-deserved place on this bathroom color list as it’s also great for hiding everyday wear and tear. Light gray also offers plenty of light reflective properties and will brighten and brighten your bathroom in no time.

Mocha gray

mocha gray bathroom lacquer colors

A brownish gray may not be a color that you would normally associate with bathroom paint colors in 2019. However, since it looks classically robust, it only makes sense if the rustic decor is still in trend. A wonderfully warm shade with just a touch of coolness in the color. A mocha gray is a calming and relaxing color.

This color is perfect for designing with high gloss accessories or for designing with more modern and clear elements whose spirit is minimal.

Calm blue-green

light blue bathroom colors

A soft teal shade is as calm as possible when it comes to bathroom paint. This naturally relaxing shade has a lot of depth and adds to the feeling of calm in your bathroom.

A calm teal is one of our favorite colors for bathrooms in 2019 as it is a pastel shade that looks amazing in a traditional or modern bathroom, whether you have light furniture and accessories or dark, accented tiles or tonal whites. When it comes to bathroom paint color ideas like this, they are universally appealing, which is great if you ever plan to sell your home in the future.  

Deep Navy

Navy blue bathroom colors

Where is a moody blue better than in a small room like the bathroom? Make a real impression with the colors of your bathroom with a deep navy that sets the tone for the room. Navy looks great refreshing paired with white bathroom elements (whether modern or classic). Design your dark blue bathroom with gold accents and accessories to give your home a really glamorous and luxurious feel.

Navy bathroom paint color ideas add some serious drama to your bathroom and never go out of style.

Forest green

dark green bathroom colors

A deep forest green is great for bathroom color design ideas because it can instantly set the mood while creating an intimate atmosphere. It is a luxurious color, deep, good-looking and effective, and creates a cozy feeling in small and large bathrooms. It looks wonderful as a wall against white tiles and can be combined with darker-toned woods, natural colors and high-gloss metallics.

Bathroom colors like forest green are sure to add depth to a bathroom, and it’s something different and unexpected from your traditional pale wall colors.

Peach pink

Peach pink bathroom colors

A peach-colored pink gives a bathroom a playful feel, which these rooms often lack. Paired with white tiles, golden accessories and high-gloss surfaces and finishes, you will love the look of luxury bathroom colors that have a touch of warmth.

Whether you opt for painted walls, an accent wall, or a nicely painted vanity to complete the look of your bathroom, a peach pink looks absolutely stunning and timeless.

Bold black

black bathroom colors

A bold black color for the bathroom might not be a style you would envision for a relaxing space, but sometimes a bold impact can make an unforgettable difference. Black against white creates an impressive contrast and transforms your bathroom into a room that creates a real impact from the first moment.

With such paints for bathroom paints, you can also be more playful when decorating. Imagine a chandelier and some bold accessories or even graphic tiles as pictured above.

Pistachio green

Pistachio bathroom colors

A bright, bright, and vibrant green like this one looks refreshing and charming in a bathroom. It’s a little different from your usual more clinical whites and grays as a pistachio green is a fun shade that will add some vibrancy to your bathroom color ideas.

A fresh and clean color, a pretty green like this one, will look very nice in a bathroom with lots of natural light.

Relaxed taupe

taupe bathroom colors

A warm, taupe shade is a great color for a bathroom, especially in a minimal house that is prone to neutral colors. Its warmth allows him to relax and take a break in the bathroom at the end of a busy day. Bathroom color ideas like these calm down and you should use minimal accessories to let the color speak for itself in your bathroom.

Best of all, it never goes out of style and is great for hiding everyday wear and tear and stains.

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