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Quality Furniture

Quality Furniture

how to recognize quality furniture

Knowing all too well that knowing what to look for when it comes to identifying quality furniture can be a big challenge, we reached out to our decorators to share their wisdom and tell you about quality ones To inform constructions and designs. If you don’t know exactly what makes well-made furniture, it is easier said than done knowing what to look for when buying.

To help you judge the cheap by the durable and well-made products, we’ve put together a handy resource guide to help you identify quality furniture with ease, just like our interior designers do for our clients from California to Chicago and everywhere in between.

Before you buy

how to recognize quality furniture

Think about what you are going to use each piece of furniture for before you go looking for quality furniture. How much benefit will it get, what kind of benefit will it get, and how long should it last. Once you have these essentials under control, it will be much easier to assess the quality of the furniture you are looking for when your out on the hunt.

Make sure you get a guarantee or warranty. With well-made furniture, you should look for years of warranty, not weeks or months. Figuring out where to buy quality furniture can be difficult. So look for good guarantees and strong customer reviews.

Be sure to finish

Quality furniture guide

Pay special attention to the finish if you are looking for high quality furniture. The finish of a piece of furniture has a big impact on the general appearance of the piece of furniture. You want furniture to look well made and look like the quality product it is. If you look at a reading chair or a beautiful wooden sideboard, you should be able to tell immediately that it is a high quality piece of furniture.

Whether it’s the stain on the wood, the fabric used to upholster a seat cushion, or the detailed work involved in making a stunning drawer handle, the finish on your piece of furniture should evoke quality.

Know your materials

Quality furniture kitchen table

Knowing what materials to look for can help you get good results when shopping for quality furniture. Knowing which materials are cheap and which are expensive is a great way to find high quality parts. Chances are that poor quality items are not made from high quality and expensive materials, what not will help you on your way.

Things like MDF, laminated cardboard, and soft wood are often used to make cheap and inexpensive furniture. If any of these materials show up when looking for quality furniture, most likely you are looking for the wrong sources. Solid wood, integrated joints, screws, and handcrafted features are all characteristics that you should look for in quality furniture.

Try before you buy

high quality furniture chairs

Before making a purchase, be sure to try out the furniture that interests you, whether you’re buying a bed, dresser, or a set of table and chairs. Lie down and roll yourself on the beautiful wooden bed frame that you keep an eye on – you can tell if it has too much yield or if you try it out if it makes menacing creaking noises. Open all of the drawers of any dresser you’ve looked at. Make sure that each of them open easily and watch out for the level of craftsmanship that has gone into them.

Sit on chairs to get a sense of how sturdy they are and take the time to lift and move each of them to get an idea of ​​how well they are made. Don’t be shy if you are looking for high quality furniture. When you want to spend a lot of money on something, you want to make sure it is built to last.

Weigh it up

high quality furniture ideas

It is interesting to feel the weight of a piece of furniture. You might think that all quality furniture should be heavy, but that’s not necessarily the case. Quality furniture doesn’t have to be too heavy, just as cheap furniture doesn’t have to be light and thin. The best quality furniture is the weight you would expect. When looking at something, you can usually judge how much you expect it to weigh when you move it or pick it up.

If you look at a massive wooden lamp and then pick it up with such force that you almost hurl it across the room, then it’s likely not of the best furniture quality. Solid wood isn’t light and so easy to pick up, and if so, you’ve likely come across something that is inferior in quality and made from a cheaper material than you first thought. On the flip side, quality furniture shouldn’t be heavier than you thought either – if so, then it’s likely an inexpensive material to manufacture that wouldn’t be available with a taller end piece.

Is it handmade?

high quality furniture tables

When someone has the ability to make something by hand, the furniture quality is high. A great deal of time and effort goes into making something by hand. So expect a higher price so you can feel safe knowing you are buying quality furniture.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the workshop and let someone speak to you about what they’re doing, or talk to the owner and manufacturer about the parts and their vision. It’s good to know where your quality furniture is coming from when you are spending a lot of money on it.

Look at antiques

Quality furniture sofa

One surefire way to get hold of well-made furniture is to find antiques and vintage gems. Visit antique stores and vendors to find vintage pieces that will ensure you choose quality furniture. They know that when you buy antiques, you are getting quality furniture because it has already been tried and tested.

A well-made piece of furniture would not last 65 years if it was not made correctly. If you know what you’re looking for, you can even find cheap quality furniture while searching for antiques. Not everyone has an eye for antiques, so they may not know what quality furniture they are. Look out for real steals.

Watch the construction

Quality furniture dining room

Construction is important when it comes to the quality of furniture. If you see that high quality materials are used, you should also be able to see solid and well thought out constructions without cutting corners. Staples and nails are a must for quality furniture – the best quality furniture is glued with screws and dowels (glue can be used, but only as a supplement) – corners should be reinforced and the joints should be well made and tight.

If you see all the joints and gaps and see glue leaking in between then you know you are looking for cheap, quality furniture.

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