Tuesday , 27 February 2024
Allure Office Makeover

Allure Office Makeover

Allure desk accessories

When Paul Mitchell asked Décor Aid to team up with them and give two Curls Editors Green Office Makeovers, we were excited about the challenge. Curls is based in New York’s One World Trade Center and because the offices are so new they are also a blank canvas. When you spend your day in a high-rise building in the middle of busy Lower Manhattan, it is easy to feel removed from nature. That is why we wanted to bring in many natural elements to fill your rooms with warmth, color and life. Take a tour of the newly designed rooms and be inspired to give your home office a little green.

Rachael Wang, Allure’s fashion director

Office with hanging succulent planters

If your job revolves around the hectic, crazy world of the fashion industry, you need a quiet getaway (even when it’s at work). That’s exactly the mood our designer wanted to achieve with Allure Fashion Director Rachael Wang’s Zen Office Makeover. She wanted a plant wall, so our designer created a hanging garden with succulents out of matt white ceramic planters from West Elm.

Organic elements

Office with built-in bookshelves and plants

To give Rachel’s office in One World Trade Center a more organic, outdoor feel, we added wood veneer panels to the wall behind her built-in shelf in various places. We styled their shelves with plants in natural bark bins and improved their organization game with a set of recycled cardboard ties.

Fresh cuts

orange tulips in a striped vase

An elegant striped vase full of the finest spring tulips gives the room a lively splash of color and serves as a much-needed mood booster.

Nicole Chapoteau, Director of Allure Accessories

Office with open shelves

As an Accessories Director, Nicole knows better than anyone how beautiful details can change a look. That’s why we gave your office a glamorous transformation. From metallic desk accessories to an elegant selection of succulents, we’ve added color and shine to your space.

Iridescent dots

black and white dotted wallpaper

We covered one wall of Nicole’s office with Chasing Paper’s speckle wallpaper. It’s removable, which makes it ideal for offices (and fashion lovers with ever-changing tastes).

Metallic accents

Desk with colorful accessories

Metallic planters and accessories complement Nicole’s collection of Jeff Koons’ balloon animals.