Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Add Luxurious Details To Your Home

Add Luxurious Details To Your Home

Built-in bookshelves in Turtle Bay

Luxury, like everything else in life, is about details. And whether you go for an industrial chic or a classic transitional design, you can add luxurious details to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Our expert designers have these tips to add luxurious touches to your home.

Accent pillows

luxurious details accent pillows

If you want to add chic, luxurious touches to your home, consider adding accent pillows to your sofa and bed. The key to accent pillows is to find a balance between pattern and texture. We usually style sofas with at least one velvet pillow and at least one patterned pillow. Remember: comfort is the ultimate luxury.

Throw blankets

luxurious details throw ceilings

Along with accent pillows, blankets are an easy and inexpensive way to add luxurious touches to your home. Like bedding and curtains, have two sets of blankets ready: one for the winter months and one for the summer months.

Image via Elle Decor

Works of art

luxurious details work of art

A bare wall is nowhere to be seen. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate luxurious details into your home, then you should turn off your leveling tool and hang up some artwork. And if a trip to Christies is not on your budget, consider the multitude of online stores that sell prints and original posters. is a contact point for our interior designers.


disappointing luxurious details

Coco Chanel once said to remove a single accessory before leaving the house. And we think a similar rule applies to the house. There is only one accessory that is guaranteed not to make your home feel luxurious and that is clutter. Whether you are giving it away, keeping it or donating it, just let it go.

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Hide your cables

luxurious details hide cables

Aside from debugging, one of the easiest ways to make your home look more luxurious is to hide stray cables, especially around the TV. It gives your TV the appearance of floating and gives any media corner a light and airy feel. Check out how we looked in this chic TriBeCa loft.

Update your storage

luxurious detail storage

Eliminating interference in your home also includes adding additional storage space. We recommend a combination of open and closed storage. So you can display your most decorative goods while keeping the crispy pot hidden.

Image via Architectural Digest

High-gloss fabrics and metals

luxurious details with high gloss

And what would luxury be without shiny things? When purchasing furniture and fabrics, make sure that you use enough high-gloss fabrics and metals. Muted copper, bronze, and gold go great with velvety pillows, and chrome goes great with almost anything.