Colonial House Redesign

Colonial House Redesign

New England Colonial Dining Room

Our clients came to us with a lovely colonial New England style – in House Beautiful – in a beautiful part of Greenwich, Connecticut. The community is charmingly rural – customers loved the proximity to horse farms and easy commuting to New York, where they work. But the house from the 70s had to be modernized.

The details on the ceiling are inspired by a Paris hotel where the family once vacationed. It’s a very subtle way of introducing a pretty bold visual texture into the room – it’s eye catching, but just out of line of sight so it doesn’t get overwhelmed. Design is all about balance. Since we did something so bold about ourselves, we kept the statement simple with the cloud-colored silk carpet.

New England Colonial Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

It was clear from the start that we had five customers – not just mom and dad, but also their three children. Function was the key in terms of lots of open spaces, as well as hard-wearing fabrics and furniture, but also shape: the parents preferred light colors, slim textures and a frame for their art collection.

New England colonial living room

The palette varies quite a bit; The open kitchen and dining area are more neutral, the living room is quite white, the study a balance between gray and red. There should be harmony in every room, with furniture, art and accessories always showing colors. But even in an open house, you can treat each room as a separate unit.

New England Colonial O&G Studio

New England Colonial Bookcases

Our team found the Live Edge Wallet Dining Table on Etsy. It’s made by a manufacturer in Quebec – a small local dealer that is much easier to work with these days thanks to the internet.

New England colonial gold ceiling

New England Colonial Live-Edge Wooden Table

We are proud of the entire project, but most impressed with the way the designers managed to align their vision with that of the clients. The side chairs in the living room were something the husband had owned and loved for years, and they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room. The same goes for the entire art collection – it is mainly works that the couple has been collecting for years, and each piece really seems to belong in their homeland.

New England Colonial Family Room

New England Colonial Chimney

New England Colonial powder room

We think it shows once and for all that a home can be chic and sophisticated by still being welcoming and family friendly.