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Abc Carpet Home Favorite Finds

Abc Carpet Home Favorite Finds

ABC Carpet Home Design

ABC Carpet & Home is located in New York City and is pretty much the designer version of a Disneyland. From cutting edge design to unique antique vintage finds to gorgeous lighting options, it’s a dreamy shopping destination. It is certainly not a bargain shopping experience, but even here you can sometimes find a lot – especially with floor models or sales items. And sometimes the uniqueness factor is worth a waste.

ABC store shoppers scour the land and the world for unique, handcrafted items that you won’t find anywhere else. The store occupies an area of ​​350,000 square feet, which is a huge leap from its inception in 1897 when it was simply a cart selling carpets on the streets of New York. When the founder’s great-granddaughter, Paulette Cole (now CEO), took the helm in the 1990s, she brought in finds from around the world to create a flea market-like shopping experience. After a short break from the company, she is back with a new focus on sustainability.

When you make the trip, guard your wallet! With six floors of household items, there really is something for everyone. Below are our favorite ABC Carpet & Home finds.

ABC Carpet and Home NYC Store

red and pink metal nesting tables

These red steel Abcdna Spectrum nesting tables are handcrafted in North Carolina. The concept is a playful look at color theory and the power of color to transform emotions.

Crushed Glass Pastel Bowls

Pastel bowls made from crushed glass

These bowls are handcrafted from New Zealand glass using the French Pate de Verre method in Osaka, Japan. The artist shapes the crushed glass into a rustic, jewel-like bowl. Perfect for storing jewelry or adding a little shine to a tabletop.

Colorful velvet pillows

colorful velvet pillows

Luxurious silk velvet pillows, handmade in Vietnam.

Colorful linen napkins

colorful linen napkins

The neon details give these cotton napkins the perfect touch of bright color, which will seriously enrich your table setting game.

Silver work lamp

silver work lamp

This work lamp takes even the most mundane jobs to new heights.

Modern silver candle holder

modern silver candle holder

Each candle holder is carefully handcrafted by master silversmiths in Vietnam and features detailed lattice work. Surely to add sparkle to any meal.

Glass house sculpture

Glass house sculpture

Are you looking for an object to make a statement on a tabletop or bookcase? This glass house sculpture is handcrafted using hand blown glass manufacturing techniques in the Spanish studio Luis Parades.

Blue ebonized bowl

blue ebonized bowl

Handcrafted in Canada, this ebonized oak bowl refers to the traditional butter bowl used on farms to mix salt with the freshly churned butter.

Metal calligraphy wall art

Metal calligraphy wall art

Part sculpture, part wall art, we are 100% obsessed with the work of the sculptor and calligrapher Valentine Herrenschmidt, who makes every one of a kind from hand-forged metal in her native France.

Modern upholstered bench

modern upholstered bench

This bench was made from fabric by Brooklyn-based textile designer Eskayel. It’s the perfect piece for the foot of the bed or in an entryway.