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Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas

chic wall decoration ideas 2019

With the beauty of art and wall decoration in the eye of the beholder, it cannot be denied that this is one of the most personal details in any room. Opinions vary greatly from person to person, from one piece to the next. So how can you source trendy and eco-friendly wall decorations that are worth your time and investment? Fortunately, our interior designers are fresh from a whirlwind of interior design shows and have brought back inspiring wall decor ideas to help you update your home with the latest ideas that are sure to endure.

Organic mirror

organic mirror wall decor ideas 2019

Add visual interest to your wall decoration with an organically shaped abstract mirror. By “organic” we mean asymmetrical, with a unique shape and an almost unique feel. A quick online sketch easily shows that a multitude of options with interesting designs are available for all price ranges. From minimal shapes to complex mirrors with a sci-fi inclination to more meaningful and filigree designs.

Metal-framed abstract mirrors look more contemporary than wood, but there are also beautiful options that are framed in wood. We especially admire darker wooden frames over natural surfaces. Some options, decorated with glass and metal details, are reminiscent of the silhouettes of pebbles and puddles with their flowing patterns and are even more fascinating than a traditional rectangular mirror.

Line drawings

Line drawings wall decoration ideas 2019

If you want to bring in one of the best wall decor ideas of 2019, invest in naive yet expressive line drawings. Line drawings like the one shown above are deliciously simple and at the same time carefully executed. They can be as minimalistic as you’d like or much more detailed and vibrant.

Our designers have found that you can also easily create custom portrait line drawings for your home online. This makes them all the more unique to your space. Line drawings always look refreshing, and better yet, they never go out of style. Usually designed in black and white, they make for a stunning impact with just about any design style, from modern minimalism to a more maximal spirit, as they can be found with more detail and seductive colors.


Vintage framed silhouettes wall decor ideas 2019

Even a thoroughly modern home can use a touch of old world elements for a layered effect. Victorian-era collectibles are a warm and affordable addition to your wall decor thanks to their simple color scheme and straightforward silhouettes.

Often composed on a small scale, you will have a lot of fun collecting while bringing much needed life and personality to your space. Or if you are looking for more individual wall decor ideas, you can always and cheaply create your own. And while we don’t usually take a DIY approach, your loved ones will appreciate having their side profiles mixed in with your wall decor.

Create a triptych

modern triptych wall decoration ideas 2019

When it comes to symmetrical wall decor ideas that are an alternative to sourcing a large work of art that could cost a fortune to frame, consider adding a colorful triptych to your home to ensure consistency and keep the eye moving.

And since symmetry works for any design style, from rustic to Hollywood Regency, you will have no problem getting the work done in your home.

Hang an heirloom rug

mounted carpet wall decor ideas 2019

If you are looking for wall decor ideas rich in colors, textures and patterns, you can mount a treasured carpet or textile with historical provocation in your home.

This works especially when the carpet is in a delicate condition as you avoid additional pedestrian traffic and keep it out of sight. The trick with this is to make sure that the piece you are assembling is as unique as possible, otherwise it might just come out randomly and not have a story to tell.

Play with shapes

Wallpaper wall decoration ideas 2019

When you have beautiful sculpted wall details, that doesn’t mean you have to give up some amazing wall decor ideas. On the contrary, you can inexpensively install vibrant wallpaper panels between your moldings for an extra warm touch.

And since you don’t cover an entire wall, installation shouldn’t take too long or break the bank. And the best thing is that you make sure again that your home remains truly unique to you.

Frame a cherished scarf

Hermes framed scarf modern decor wall ideas 2019

Another brilliant way to master the art of unexpected wall decor could be to just sit in your closet. As Hermes scarves say, which are difficult to show when worn, framing is an ingenious alternative to detailed images.

Since scarves are often square, add an unusual frame shape to your decor that is characterized by a large scale. However, a frame of such sizes can cost a small fortune. Our interior designers therefore recommend looking for the best framing specialists at the best prices before framing your favorite scarf or textile.

Maximum prints

bold art murakami wall decor ideas 2019

Maximum art makes for great, vibrant wall decor, whether you have a room design that focuses on an eclectic mind or something more spartan and straightforward. They can instantly add a pop of color to an otherwise plain and neutral room or add to the maximum atmosphere of an intoxicating, lush space. Maximum prints work well for comfortable and cozy areas. So, if you are looking for bedroom wall decorating ideas or living room wall decorating ideas, this is a good direction.

Look for prints with lots of color and pattern, and lots of different thoughts and feelings thrown on the canvas. Think abstractly and outside the box when considering maximum ways for wall decorating. And do art historical research to use a reference when shopping.

Abstract cell phones

Calder Mobile Wall Decoration Ideas 2019

Cell phones aren’t just for kids’ rooms. Traditionally hung over cots to entertain young children, there is no reason cell phones are not included in current modern interiors for exactly the same reason. They also give each room a unique visual game. Prominent artists like Alexander Calder were ahead of their time when their wall decoration ideas came true. Strong blocks of color, accompanied by flowing shapes and lots of movement, create a kinetic overall feeling.

Adding movement to your space (in the form of a cell phone) is a great way to add a focal point to a room, and it’s definitely a step away from the norm when it comes to wall decorating ideas. Cell phones are also perfect as a wall decoration for a living room with a high ceiling and a lot of empty space, as they are also much cheaper to find than a chandelier, for example.

Pop Art Tapestries

Tapestry wall decor ideas 2019

Channel the works of pop art masters like artist Andy Warhol into your interior design and give out pop art inspired tapestries to add texture and visual play to your wall decor scheme. Keep wall decorations that are not just reserved for paintings, drawings or photo prints. in fact, even better when it is something completely unexpected and different. Make 2019 the year to try different approaches to decorating your home. So start with a bold and bright pop art tapestry.

From traditional Andy Warhol-style pop art designs to modern pop art elements that you may never have seen, there is something for every design style (provided you have a penchant for meaningful wall art). The key here is to make sure the wall decor pieces you put in don’t appear as random, one-off notes. So make sure that there are elements that tie everything together.

Printed panels from Trompe L’oeil

Panel Screen Wall Decoration Ideas 2019

Trompe l’oeil panels and textiles are a clever approach to creating art that conveys the optical illusion of the three-dimensional object. This wall decor looks hyper realistic and will let anyone who walks into your room take double pictures. Trompe l’oeil panels are an age-old technique that creates a strikingly impressive effect in any room and is sure to make a great statement that no one else will. Plus, it takes little to no installation and is safe to keep when they’re not showing.

Not only are they breathtaking, but they also make your room feel more spacious as they often depict a scene as if you are looking through a window and add another dimension to this ingenious wall decorating technique.

Vintage fashion photography

Vintage fashion photography wall decor ideas 2019

Retro-styled vintage fashion photography touches history in an elegant and playful way, and is a much cheaper alternative to signed prints. Skip the familiar postcard images of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and opt for prints that are less obvious and unique when it comes to your wall decor. Fashion images, which are often printed in black and white, make a great, vibrant centerpiece in a room and are sure to become an important focal point.

Keep it tonal on a neutral wall or get your wall decor ideas going by showing off your vintage fashion photography collection on a vibrant painted wall. And if you are a photography lover you will have fun bringing in iconic images that are rich in history.

Art Deco screens and room dividers

Art deco panel screen wall decoration ideas 2019

We couldn’t get this far through our list without mentioning the everyday art deco style decadence – 2019’s appetite for anything deco-related was insatiable. If you want something with a little more grandeur than your usual wall decor, Art Deco screens and room dividers are an elegant option. Look out for fan motifs, geometric patterns, black, silver, and lots of gold. Art Deco is all about opulence and size with a low-key spirit, and design-style screens remain timeless and well worth the investment.

Use them to partition off a room or add vibrancy to your wall decorating ideas in 2019. Or you can keep them practical and use them as they are meant to be used, creating a discreet and stylish changing room in your bedroom (the perfect wall decorating idea for a bedroom, bathroom or closet).

Mirrored picture frames

Mirror frame wall decoration ideas 2019

If we continue the Art Deco-inspired decadence our interior designers have noted at the latest home design trending shows, we expect the era to be heavily channeled when it comes to the best wall decor ideas of 2019. One of the easiest ways to get the look is with mirrored picture frames. They’re a smart idea as they add an opulent and flamboyant sense of drama to even the simplest of prints, and have the bonus of reflecting extra light to make art – or family photos, paintings, and the like – glow.

We recommend grouping four pieces of art in mirrored frames into a symmetrical square so that you feel like you have a different window in the room (keeping your art sparse and natural will add to this effect). Large or small, mirrored frames are suitable for almost any room and are much more fascinating than traditional frames when it comes to displaying wall art.

Hanging wall sculptures

Art sculpture wall decoration ideas 2019

Wall sculptures are the perfect way to introduce three-dimensional art into your wall decorating scheme. Wall sculptures allow you to add texture and interest to your space, from abstract to traditional (the more abstract the better, in our opinion). Wall decoration elements like these are perfect for wall decoration ideas for kitchens or dining rooms as they are something unexpected and stimulating.

How about a wall decor sculpture made from carved driftwood for a more natural approach? Or reclaimed wood and metal, perfect for combining in an industry-inspired space?

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