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Vintage Home Decor

Vintage Home Decor

How to decorate with vintage furniture

When planning our interior design vignette for the third year in a row for the non-profit thrift store Housing Work, we thought about how we could best mix old and new design objects and furniture for a home full of personality and unique statement- Pieces. We hired the designers at D├Ęcor Aid to create a quick cheat sheet on how to add vintage home decor to your entire space. One of the biggest mistakes they often come across when touring a new client’s room is finding spaces that are confined to a fixed design aesthetic – this is one of the easiest ways to get bored of styling your home .

Adding vintage cool cans throughout your home not only allows you to enjoy the thrill of affordable hunting, but also includes finds that have a unique spirit and story. Keep your thoughts open as you never know what you will encounter and it may only surprise you, especially when you consider the value you will get for the asking price. From dinner sets to bold, expressive artwork, tie it all together by keeping the scales in balance, making sure you only add the rings that suit your style and be picky. And don’t forget to check the books section of your local vintage hangout for rare, out of print books and art books to decorate with.

Make sure to edit so that you can refine your own true style and keep everything well considered and in harmony.

Frame a cherished scarf

Vintage decoration tricks

One of the hardest things about collecting scarves for novelty is thinking about how to best show off their gorgeous prints as a whole, as it is almost impossible to do. Framing them gives you a chance to show off their beautiful, energetic patterns while adding bold colors and personality. Thanks to their size, they are an essential addition to any room in your home.

Image via Franki Durbin

Look for Regal Vintage Home Decor Pieces

Vintage decoration inspiration

The pretty bookcases at the top are reminiscent of an elegant, decadent demeanor, while their size and intricate shape details give the room a contracted demeanor. And while heirloom pieces aren’t that easy to find, finding them is satisfying when you add vintage pieces that offer additional storage space as well. Note the symmetry the shelves add to the space by spacing them apart while highlighting the framed print beautifully. On the hunt for clean lines and interesting shapes and surfaces, look for pieces with outstanding personality. To make it yours, you can also update new scores with a paint can and new hardware.

Image via broker

Source vintage dresser mirror

Tips for decorating with vintage home accessories

Vintage mirrors make a room look brighter and more glamorous, and when placed in unexpected ways like the cool headboard shown above, they can also be used as functional decorative add-ons. Plus, they’re relatively easy to find in any thrift or junk shop at very low prices.

Image via SF Girl

Create a vignette with artwork

Vintage art decorating tips

Creating a group of framed photos and portraits is one of the easiest ways to add life to any room when you’re thinking about adding vintage decor to your home, and it’s a fun place to start conversation.

Image via anthropology

Keep the color palette atmospheric

How to decorate with vintage furniture

Stick to a basic color palette that is dark and moody to develop a sense of sophistication and avoid an overly vintage, cheesy attitude. The deep blue wall above not only gives the decorative pieces pop, but also gives them a sobering, adult look.

Image via Design Nashville

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