Steps To A Five Star Hotel Bed

Steps To A Five Star Hotel Bed

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There are many things we love about vacation. We especially love the feeling of waking up in a hotel bed. Who doesn’t want fresh sheets, plump pillows and room service every morning?

But the holidays inevitably end. And if you want to take a souvenir home with you, consider upgrading your bed at home with a five-star upgrade. Our expert designers have these tips to help you get a bed worthy of a five-star hotel.

Three layers of pillows

Hotel bed pillows

If you want a bed with a 5-star look, you need lots of pillows. Even if you toss them on the floor, pillows are essential to maintain the look. Usually three layers of pillows are sufficient. Opt for a layer of bright, bold colors, another layer with a high gloss, and a third layer that is comfortable to sleep on. Check out how we did it in this luxury San Francisco condo.

Layered bedding

Hotel bed layered bedding

When most people think of a hotel bed, they think of pure white sheets. But all-white sets can look a bit boring. Keep the scheme neutral, but don’t forget to add some textures, patterns, and colors. To do justice to the masculine vibe of this weekend getaway in Sag Harbor, we’ve sourced a collection of grayscale beds. Note the contrast between the flat sheet, comforter, comforter and pillows.

Throw blanket

Throw hotel bed blanket

Pillows and blankets are a great way to spice up your bed in a flash. And since throws and blankets are easy to swap out (and usually swap out), try unexpected color combinations and bold statement pieces. In this colonial style in New Canaan we added a classy and luxurious statement throw that matches the bed frame made of reclaimed wood.

Tufted headboard

Hotel bed tufted headboard

A hotel bed is all about comfort. But comfortable linens and pillows will only get you so far. For a bed that is truly hotel worthy, add a tufted headboard. It’s perfect for sitting in bed with a book or the morning newspaper. It’s also a great substitute for wall art. And a tufted headboard doesn’t mean having to forego slim, contemporary aesthetics. Check out the flat, tufted headboard in this luxury Upper East Side apartment.

Area rug

Hotel bed carpet

When you jump out of bed in the morning, where do you want your feet to land? When you’ve answered a cold hardwood floor, move on to the next blog post. However, if you want to land on something more comfortable, add a rug next to your bed. It gives you a soft and cushioned start to the morning. Check out the cowhide rug we added to the master bedroom in this light-filled loft.