Tuesday , 20 February 2024
Small Space Design

Small Space Design

Black floral wall sticker

Whether you’re just arriving or you’ve been here all along, life in the Big Apple is smaller than you think. As we have already written, process and design have to work together for a harmonious space. To really live big in any of the boroughs, your space should be a collection of vignettes and features. The following are five categories to consider when designing for an area with significant constraints. All of the suggestions are exactly that, but if you take these 5 points (layout, color, storage, layers, and personality) into account, you can make a big life in a small space.

Master bedroom seating area layout

Master bedroom seating area layout

LAYOUT. Define meeting rooms with carpets according to your traffic patterns. Objects and furniture can be grouped to further define the space.

Retro wood desk with gallery wall

Retro wooden desk with gallery wall

LAYOUT. Choose parts that fit your space – size and proportions are critical to a balanced appearance of your home, whether on the floor or on the wall.

Round white breakfast table industrial chairs

round white breakfast table industrial chairs

LAYOUT. Use everyday objects as partitions. Curtains, a bookshelf, a sofa or even a potted plant divide a room without disrupting the spatial arrangement.

Loft bed shelf storage

Loft bed shelf storage

CAMP. Work up. Arrange things vertically rather than horizontally. Raise your bed, install shelves, and take advantage of the space above the kitchen cabinets.

Organized kitchen wall storage

organized kitchen wall storage

CAMP. Use the walls (knives, jewelry, hats, books), any recesses are an opportunity for shelves

Small Space Solution shoe rack

Shoe rack solution for small spaces

CAMP. Hide clutter! Use uncomfortable rooms to keep everyday objects out of sight. Some suggestions include placing a basket under the sink, sliding drawers under the bed, or using hangers over the door for closet doors

Blue accent wall white linen sofa

blue accent wall white linen sofa

COLOUR. Get creative – let deep, light colors denote rooms. Colors don’t have to frame furniture perfectly.

Black Oversized Florals Wallpaper

black oversized floral wallpaper

COLOUR. Try a trendy large foliage repeat print for a trendy look. This is a great tactic for adding depth and dimension to a flat space.

Transparent curtains Bed Canopy

sheer curtains bed canopy

COLOUR. If you love neutrals, hug them. The ephemeral look of this room comes from the white walls that blend into the bedding and see-through curtains, making the space feel large and airy.

Pink sofa living room office space

pink sofa living room office space

LAYERS. Just like a great outfit, a fabulous room has just the right mix of elements. Combine chrome with shag, jute, walnut, marble or silk for a designer look that evokes depth, personality and balance.

Black Wall Blue Bedding Bedroom Design

black wall blue bed linen bedroom design

LAYERS. Layers can also refer to variance in textures. A smooth wall works against a patterned floor and ceiling of raw linen, creating layers with a modern, monochrome spin.

Oversized photography flower throw pillow

oversized flower photo pillow

LAYERS. Layers allow you to dig sentences (matching parts are a snore and not useful for small spaces). Flowers on striped and animal skins are a great way to accomplish this, but don’t forget to play with sizes and angles, too.

Storage solution for record shelves

Storage solution for record shelves

PERSONALITY. Live in it as you wear it. Remember, subtleties are appreciated. Use precious possessions: view collections of family heirlooms, shoes, toys, postcards or seashells. Anything you value can be framed and put into a collection.

Cabinet of curios shelves

Cabinet of curios shelves

PERSONALITY. Found items are a great source of eye candy for your home. Even in the smallest of spaces, there should be a cabinet of curiosities that visitors can see.

Brown Cow Hide Lounge Chair

brown cowhide deck chair

PERSONALITY. When you display a book collection on a wall or stack it vertically, not only does it remove the pages from the floor, it also shows interests and hobbies.