Wednesday , 24 April 2024
Small Nursery Ideas

Small Nursery Ideas

gray nursery rocking chair

The question many new parents ask themselves is, “How is it humanly possible for such a small person to take up so much space?” And when kindergarten is already small, it’s hard to imagine how to put a cot, changing table, glider, and toys (so many toys) in it. But much like parenting, you can do it. Find out our tricks to get the most out of your space and create a nursery that you love as much as your baby (well, almost).

Think vertically

Gallery wall nursery vertical

Pulling the eye up with window treatments, decorative moldings, wall coverings on the ceiling, or carefully placed artwork can make the room appear larger. Additionally, if the floor space is filling up with furniture, consider tall storage spaces or shelving to maximize the square footage. Image via One Kings Lane

Use mirrors to take advantage of the natural light

Mirror in the glamorous children's room

When a decorative mirror is strategically placed, not only is it a beautiful design element, but it can also be extremely helpful in drawing light back into the room – so that it feels bright and fresh. Image via Architectural Digest

Don’t be afraid to fill the room

Wooden window nursery large window

Even if it doesn’t sound intuitive, filling a small room with functional furniture can make it appear larger. Be thoughtful about the placement of your furniture and design a floor plan that works for you so that the space feels intimate. Image via Mini Style

Opt for a light, neutral wall color

natural light bright children's room

Creating an airy feeling in a narrow space can be easy when the walls are painted a light, neutral color. And if you’re going the gender-neutral route, try a silver shade of gray. Image by Claire Esparros via Style Me Pretty

Be smart about storage

Smart storage closet nursery

Creativity is key when designing a small kindergarten. So rethink the layout. Can a closet serve as a changing room and storage space? Can you stash supplies in an ottoman? Think about how objects and spaces can fulfill dual tasks. Image via Charlie & Chooka