Wednesday , 24 April 2024
Simple Holiday Decor Ideas

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas

Christmas wreath

With the start of the holidays comes the inevitable rush – to buy every gift, attend every final party and, of course, decorate. But for those who are pressed for time, the Christmas decoration doesn’t have to be a laborious endeavor. The simplest changes can have the greatest impact and result in a less stressful and time consuming proposition. Isn’t the most important part of the season being with family and friends? Our designers suggest creating a small vignette in one area of ​​the house to serve as a focal point and act as a festive centerpiece for your space. Don’t feel compelled to buy pieces that will fit into a cookie cutter vacation schedule. When you buy things that you love and that suit your aesthetic, decorating for the holidays becomes a more seamless and enjoyable process. Read our tips and see our timeless, simple Christmas decorations.

Fortuny Simboli stocking

forty gold Christmas stocking

It’s hard to resist a stocking made by one of our favorite fabric houses. Fortuny’s Simboli fabric, inspired by a 19th century geometric design, elevates the simple stocking, while platinum and silver accents add a touch of glamor. From fig and dove

Frosted mercury vases

etched mercury vases

Sheepskin rug

Sheepskin throw rattan chair

Sparkling star lights

golden hurricane with twinkling fairy lights

Fragrant sleeve wreath

rustic holiday wreath

Brass window pane lanterns

Brass window lanterns