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Secrets To Smooth Redesign

Secrets To Smooth Redesign

smooth redesign budget

Everyone deserves to come home to a nice place. Regardless of whether you are considering a major bowel cleanup or a quick fix, it is important to plan ahead so that everything goes according to plan and your project stays under budget. Our expert designers have these 8 tips for a smooth redesign.


smooth redesign area

Before you spend a dime on your redesign, get a general idea of ​​what you want to accomplish. Which rooms are you trying to change? Are you looking for a comprehensive conversion or just a quick repair? Answering these questions before you sit down with an interior designer or contractor will help ensure a smooth redesign.

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Think about how you will use the space

smooth redesign process

When redesigning, it can be easy to focus solely on beautiful pieces of furniture and bespoke materials. But remember, your home has to be functional too. What are your daily routines? How often do you cook Where do you relax How much privacy do you need from the people you share your home with? Answering these types of questions can be of great help when you consider the functionality of your space.

Have a realistic budget

smooth redesign budget

The budget is of the utmost importance when redesigning your home. To ensure a smooth redesign, have your contractor’s budget reviewed by an impartial and knowledgeable third party so there are no surprises along the way.

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Have an end goal in mind

smooth redesign end goal

Before you start spending money on contractors and architects, you should have an end goal in mind. How should your room look at the end of your redesign? Are you looking for a more modern or contemporary space? Is rustic chic your mood? Mood boards can be helpful in answering these types of questions.


smooth redesign of the timeline

A high quality house takes time. Having a realistic schedule for your project is critical to a smooth redesign. Try to schedule the redesign of your home to fit your schedule. So if it’s a hectic time at work or if you have a small one on the go, plan accordingly.

Tip: If any part of your home is under construction, plan a vacation during the demolition phase. Skip the dust and catch some sun instead!

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smooth redesign of storage

If you live in a big city, there is a good chance your apartment is short of space. As you redesign your home, find ways to combat clutter. In this luxury apartment on the Upper East Side, we installed a built-in storage unit on a windowless wall. Clothes can be stored in the drawers, while the open shelves frame the TV, creating a media console.

Think about the next steps in life

smooth redesign of the next steps

Your home remodeling should take years. Think about where you want your life going so that your home redesign will still feel fresh and relevant in five years’ time. Our customers on this Upper East Side beach vacation plan to have a child in the years to come. And so we created a home office that can easily be turned into a nursery in due course.