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Room Refresh Ideas

Room Refresh Ideas

best room freshener ideas 2019

Of course, when it comes to the New Year we are all looking for effective ways to recharge our minds and creativity and make the most of our daily lives. So we asked Décor Aid designers how they come up with the best room freshening ideas for 2019 to make your home feel new with ease.

Discover these 10 inspiring ideas, from improving first impressions to giving you a sense of wanderlust of eclecticism as we approach the new year.

Reconsider your entrance

Entrance area ideas 2019

Since it only takes a few seconds to make a lasting impression, the way you approach the entrance decor can make all the difference while setting the tone of what the rest of your home might look like.

Start with what guests see on the outside first, and think of ways to make it look as polished as possible. A new welcome mat and wreath can work wonders, as can a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Inside, discover ideas for freshening up the space that enhance the area, e.g. B. a vibrantly patterned rug to make the area feel alive, or well-rated table accessories.

Bring in fresh scents


Create a scent story around your home as you light it up with attractive vessels like the ones from Gucci above. They are unique enough to instill a quick sense of stylish gaming anywhere in your home.


modern decoration ideas 2019

It goes without saying that one of the most important room freshening ideas for any room is to thoroughly decipher the unnecessary.

Go through your home and carefully edit what you no longer need and no longer want to see as you reevaluate what you really need and admire. This should also require clever storage solutions, and our interior designers quickly noticed the rise of stylish baskets that are also great sources of additional storage space.

Restyle lighting schemes

inspiring interior design ideas 2019

Bring new lighting and rethink existing lamps to reduce your environmental footprint and create warm and welcoming spaces with multi-layered shades of light. Even better if the lighting in a room comes from multiple sources and immediately feels cozier.

Add new focuses

stylish rooms refresh ideas 2019

From adding a new dynamic and easy-to-manage accent wall, to swapping out the headboard of your bedroom for something more graphic, to achieving unexpected strength of color, creating a striking focal point from room to room will make your interior design more memorable and unique to you.

When it comes to small doses of personality, they don’t have to break the bank or be too complex to get right.

Inject hits of color and pattern

colorful room freshening ideas 2019

Since nothing makes a home more vibrant than surprising pops of color here and there, explore the color of the year (living coral) and ways to introduce other colors you’ve noticed over the year.

Just think how different and less substantial the case would feel on top if left in its original color – a standard flat brown.

Bring new plant compounds

Plant room refresh ideas 2019

New plants purify the air and add a natural feeling of beauty to your home. They’re a lot easier to pick out than you think – as long as you do a quick research before you go to the store. And they’re one of the cheapest home updates to boot.

Add wanderlust accents

eclectic room freshener ideas 2019

Add a traveler feel to any room with thoughtful extras and accessories that exude a distant vibe, like ethnically inspired prints and patterns, and vintage scores with a worldly feel.

Move art

Art placement space refresh ideas 2019

Take a quick survey of your whole house and think about what could work better in another room and how you can use this to your advantage for one of the best room freshening ideas that won’t cost you a dime.

Just because a piece looks great in a room doesn’t mean it has to spend its entire life in one place with you.

Restore centerpieces

House staging room refresh ideas 2019

Add a refreshing sense of drama and rethink the tabletop centerpieces and choose unexpected placements that easily tell a story and highlight your design direction.

Think groupings of collectibles, scale games, and the best ways to really make a stylish statement.

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