Thursday , 12 January 2023
Cd Storage

Cd Storage

Everyone likes to listen to music. Music is a haven for our anxiety and excitement. Lots of people like to keep records of their favorite tapes in the form of CDs. In this world of technology, CDs have been replaced by the mp3 and iTunes version of songs. Still, there are some people who like to treasure the collection of their preferred music. And it's great to archive your favorites so you can showcase your choice to your younger generation. So it's better to have CD memory at home where you can keep CDs safe.

DIY CD memory:

Rather than making a mess in your collection, it is better to store your CDs efficiently. Now you can create your own CD layers at home. You can take a shopping cart sheet and make the origami envelope in the hexagonal shape. These shapes can get stuck on the wall, and you can keep your CDs in it. You can also take your old school box, either paint it in different colors or keep a small sheet on it to give it an attractive look. Then you can simply place your CDs in it and keep it on the shelf or your bedside table.

Form with function:

It is important to have furniture at home that would not be functional but also have some of the beauty of it. CDs are colorful items, and it would not be a good idea to choose a boring shelf for it. There are varieties of shelves and other storage available. Also think about the one that would complement your room interior.