Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Mix Patterns Design

Mix Patterns Design

patterned armchair

When we’re looking for a little design inspiration, we like to keep an eye on the runway. Regardless of the designer or the time of year, you can bet that a pattern mix will take place. Not surprisingly, what works on the runway also works at home. Mixing patterns is one way to add visual interest and depth to a design. However, if you are nervous about pairing plaids with flowers, our designers have some tips for perfection when mixing patterns.

Think of multiple scales

When mixing patterns in a room, you want a mix of large, above-the-scale patterns and smaller patterns. Too many small patterns and you have eye fatigue. Too many large format patterns and you will feel like a character in Alice in Wonderland.

Don’t forget the negative space

When you mix patterns, the negative space gives you a visual breather.

Think of complementary colors

A mix of black and white patterns could feel chic, as could patterns where any green or blue is the dominant color. Do you need some pictures? See below.

The bedroom pattern mix

large floral wall art

The 500 square meter apartment of the wallpaper company Hygge & West founder Christiana Coop in San Francisco is filled with patterns. An oversized flower painting, gold diamante wallpaper and dark blue patterned bedding. The different scale makes everything possible. About Lonny

Wallpaper + carpet = patterns mix perfection

blue and white floral accent wall

Mix carpet and wallpaper pattern

blue and white pattern carpet

Animal print

Leopard print sofa

The carpet is the model star

modern carpet pattern living room