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Mexican Luxury Home Lessons From Coqui Coqui

Mexican Luxury Home Lessons From Coqui Coqui

Transparent four-poster bed

One of our favorite design bloggers, Victoria Smith of SFGirl by the Bay, recently left the hills of San Francisco for a trip to the Los Angeles Palm Trees. New town meant new house and new house meant new design. And when it was time to decorate, Victoria looked for inspiration further south – to Coqui Coqui, Mexico.

There was plenty of inspiration to be found – a spa and residence in Tulum, inspired by a Mayan ruin and another boutique hotel, and adjoining Mérida Belle Epoque perfumeries, all of which set the gold standard for a luxurious lifestyle. Below are tips on how to bring Mexican decadence home. (And for more travel-inspired decor, don’t miss our virtual design trips to Iceland and Peru.)

Minimal luxury

Bed Canopy Beach Cottage Decor

The rooms at the Coqui Coqui Tulum Residence & Spa are stunning. The star of the show is the bed and everything else is secondary. Now that you might not have such lovely blankets to highlight, you can create that same peaceful feeling at home by clearing your bedroom of things that have nothing to do with sleeping. And of course we are fans of all white beds.

Luxury seating: hammock style

Indoor hammock beach decor

A hammock at the Coqui Coqui Tulum Residence & Spa is perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap. We’ve already admitted we’re big fans of the hanging chair, so we’re definitely on board with the indoor hammock. About T Magazine

Don’t forget the smell

Beauty shop interior design

Don’t forget your scent! There is an on-site perfumery at Coqui Coqui in Mérida, because fragrance is one of the greatest luxury items at home. It’s also something you don’t have to travel to Mexico to get. You can find beautiful candles everywhere, from chic boutiques to anthropology shops. Spend some time choosing a fragrance that speaks to you. About Nomadic Songlines

High glamor in the bedroom

Canopy bed decorate beach house

Next to the perfumery In Mérida the boutique hotel is more belle époque compared to the minimalist Mayan ruin style of the Tulum estate. But here too the focus is on the bed (and again all white beds!). This room is also a great reminder of the power of the unexpected chandelier. over Paul Costello for T Magazine

Luxury bathroom

Claw-footed bathtub

Lock the door and throw away the key! This is a bathroom suitable for a king (Louis XIV had two bathtubs in his Versailles bathroom). Even if you don’t have 800 square feet for a bathroom, there are still some luxury hours to go. Instead of just settling for a builder’s special mirror in your bathroom, swap it out for something with character, like a vintage find. And don’t forget the fluffy white robe, there is nothing more luxurious! About Nomadic Songlines