Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Best living room wall decor ideas

When it comes to living room wall decorating ideas the sky is the limit and with that said they can make or break a room right away too. How can you achieve the right look with confidence? To help you find key inspiration, we interviewed Décor Aid interior designers about how they have interesting and unexpected views on living room wall decor ideas.

Here you will find everything you need to know to power your living room with ease – from brilliantly deceptive trompe l’oeil installations to top-notch decorating ideas for your living room walls to modern and traditional ones.

Color coordinate

Living room wall decor ideas matching decor

If color pairings are too precise, it can be considered sterile and boring. However, there is something to be said about the harmony achieved by color matching your living room wall decor with the furniture around it.

To avoid feeling stubborn, bring artwork that includes no more than three of your living room decor colors to make the space feel complete and keep the eye moving.

Rethink your television

Living room wall decoration ideas projection

If you’re entertaining, go for the unexpected and use your TV (if you have one in your living room) to act as an immersive art installation by displaying loops of short art films or clips that draw your attention to instant conversation starters who all leave excited.

Trompe L’oeil

Living room wall decoration ideas trompe l'oiel

When it comes to bold wall decorating ideas for your living room, take a cue from the avant-garde and consider rendering it in a range of trompe l’oeil finishes that mimic elegant moldings and crowns.

And while this makes for an eye-catching effect, it is also much more cost-effective to have a skilled craftsman apply the look than if a special molding were actually installed.

Stylized shelves

Living room wall decor ideas minimal

Sure, shelving is inexpensive and great for storing and styling decorative items, but it’s even better when it feels bespoke and built-in. Go a step further and remember to finish it off in a unique way, like the matte steel door pictured above.

The more unique and better realized the ideas for wall decoration in the living room, the better the appearance of the rooms.

Embrace the unexpected

Living room wall decoration ideas unique

Even if your home is traditional like the living room shown above, bring an adorable jolt by adding impressive art that is truly extraordinary.

Finally, think about how normal that living room wall decor feels like as classic as it ends up reading like any living room rather than something bold and visionary. And sure, this grain-inspired floor piece is a riot, but who says interior design always has to be simple and serious?

Create a curated gallery feel

Living room wall decor ideas art gallery

When thinking about wall decorating ideas for your living room, take inspiration from the world of art galleries as you display highlights from your collection.

Stick to symmetry for a clean feel and place everything at eye level like you would see in an art institution. This helps the eye focus without compromising the power of your art choices.

A plant panel

Living room wall decoration ideas plants

With all eyes in the world of interior design on sustainability and organic, a living plant wall is a refreshing alternative that can also help purify and purify the air in your living room.

Plus, having a living plant wall helps add texture and interest to the space and is inexpensive to boot.

Graphic accent wall

Living room wall decor ideas accent wall

Accent walls have been on trend for years and there are good reasons why the idea of ​​wall decor hasn’t lost its popularity. An accent wall can be inexpensively painted or treated with a graphic wallpaper, and you can easily change it over with the seasons and trends.

Macrame wall art

Living room wall decor ideas macrame

While we’re not suitable for smaller, scaled-down trending versions, any wall decorating ideas for your living room should add a touch of craftsmanship via an oversized and dramatic macrame wall hanging.

Tie a room together

Living room wall decor ideas room divider

If you have a large open floor plan, a large piece of art can effectively tie the areas together without taking up space.

Hanging panels

Living room wall decoration ideas hanging plate

If you are looking for adorable wall decorating ideas for your living room, a collection of hanging plates will add a cozy and calming feeling to the room while making it feel all the more luxurious and grand.

Large format art

Living room wall decor ideas large format art

A king-size photo or painting requires attention. Set the tone for the room it is in and create the mother of all focal points. Ideas for wall decoration in the living room like these enliven a minimalist space and add liveliness to your living room.

A great work of art doesn’t have to be arrogant. Choose a monotonous piece or a black and white photo to blend in seamlessly with the space, creating a defined and memorable point of interest.

Gallery wall

Living room wall decor ideas gallery wall

We’ve all heard of the walls of the art gallery by now, and if not, where have you been? The great thing about a gallery wall is that you have the option to combine your artwork to create a custom feel by creating your own style and combination.

You can design your gallery wall however you want, opting for a modern and monotonous selection of pieces or for something more traditional, energetic and colorful. Mix and match different style frames and paint them in a range of complementary colors for the best ideas for decorating living room wall art.

Fabric wall hangings

Living room wall decor ideas textile art

Fabric tapestries and wall hangings are a wonderful way to add warmth to your living room and showcase beautiful embroidery or something as fine as a painted sheet of silk fabric. A fascinating tapestry can help you add a stunning and vibrant decor element to your home that is a little different from the norm. An embroidered tapestry can look great installed behind the sofa in your living room and can be a focal point alongside muted tones.

When it comes to ideas for wall decorations in the living room, we can hardly wait for more and more fabric wall hangings to become a central decorative element in living rooms.

Multiple mirrors

Living room wall decoration ideas mirror

We all know mirrors are great for increasing the level of light in your room and helping your space feel bigger. But how about mirrors for wall decoration ideas in the living room? Think of a multitude of mirrors that are intricately designed and provide wonderful ideas for wall decor in the living room.

Go for simple, clean silhouettes for a modern wall decor for the living room, opening up your space, and creating a refreshing change from the expected traditional wall art.

Bring green

Living room wall decoration ideas green

Plants don’t have to be limited to window sills, but use plants as a wall element in your living room. Install stylish wall planters and fill them with a mix of different plants to add an organic element to standard living room wall decor ideas.

Create your own DIY wall decor ideas for the living room by designing your own moss wall or succulent wall – these don’t require too much attention, so are easy to maintain and visually effective. And they won’t cost a small fortune in the process.

Linear wall hangings

Living room wall decor ideas linear art

Recent fashions have dictated wall hangings into a random arrangement, scattered across the wall, competing different sized pieces and different frame designs. Contrary to this trend, you can arrange linear wall hangings on your wall to create a grid. This idea works well for small prints or paintings or sketches of natural shapes such as forest animals, birds or flowers.

Living room wall art decorating ideas like these go for dark wood frames so they can have a bold impact on your living room wall.

Metalwork wall decoration + sculptures

Living room wall decoration ideas metal sculpture

So colorful paintings are not for you? If you’re looking for something other than traditional wall art, metal sculptures and works of art are a welcome departure from expectations. Let a professional metal worker tailor something for your space. This way you get something that fits your space perfectly and is 100% unique to you.

A stunning metal wall sculpture will help you move away from the conventional, soft luxury of living rooms while adding an industrial, even urban, modern touch. As with modern wall decor for your living room, the unexpected always leads to unique results that will amaze everyone.

Hang up your treasures

Living room wall decor ideas display collections

When you have a collection that you have amassed and cherished for years, show off highlights from it that anyone can pick up by creatively hanging your collection on the wall to appreciate. If you’re into guitars (or any other musical instrument), display them in all their glory on the wall and turn your favorite treasures into art.

From record collections, vinyl record collections, toy collections, and even hat collections, make the most of the things you love the most by turning them into DIY wall decor ideas for your living room. That said, don’t go too deep into the topic as you don’t want your living room to feel like a family chain restaurant. 

Image bars

Living room wall decoration ideas picture bar

Slim picture bars are a stylish and space-saving alternative to standard shelves and a new way to present your valuable possessions and works of art. They’re chic on their own – choose a range of picture bars with stylized brackets or ironwork details added to your display. Leaning your pictures and paintings on the wall on a ledge is an eye-catching alternative to simply hanging them on the wall.

You can also use picture rails to display art books, vinyl records, and small items that can brighten up your living room wall decor ideas.

Dried flowers

Living room wall decor ideas dried flowers

When you think of dried flowers, your mind will likely go straight to the old-fashioned, tanning displays you might have seen around your grandmother’s house. Well, they don’t have to be – vivid displays of dried flowers will brighten your wall and add a wonderful, natural texture to your space that nothing else can reproduce.

You can frame them and mount them on your wall, or you can clip them to hang freely on your wall – a modern take on one of the more traditional ideas for wall decorating in the living room. And for a regal and sublime breathtaking effect, turn to Christian Dior fashion house, whose studio walls were once covered from floor to ceiling with thousands of fresh flowers – imagine the heady aroma wafting through the halls. Remember, however, that flowers are ephemeral and delicate and can cost a small fortune in the process.

Do it personally

Living room wall decor ideas custom

Turn your living room wall into a personal treasure trove with photos of your family, friends, favorite places and art prints. For a DIY shot, print out your favorite Polaroid sized photos and attach them to lengths of string that run from one side of the wall to the other (you can replace a charming string of lights with string if you want to create a soft and welcoming one Ambience through your living room wall decoration ideas).

Make DIY wall decor ideas for your living room by hanging your photos and prints in picture frames for something unexpected.

Washi tape frames

Living room wall decoration ideas washi tape

When it comes to casually arranging preferred cutouts that you can easily swap out, washi tape is a cheaper and more playful alternative to standard picture frames. Use the tape to attach your pictures and prints to the wall of your living room. This gives you a completely personalized photo frame effect without the cost and time of purchasing expensive photo frames.

You can easily move your pictures around without damaging your walls as no nails are required as washi tape is a cool idea for modern living room wall decor. Best of all, it comes in a variety of interesting colors and prints that will instantly bring your living room to life with personality.

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