Interior Design Styleshabby Chic Decor

Interior Design Styleshabby Chic Decor

best shabby chic decor ideas

You’d be surprised to know that the shabby-chic decor no longer evokes the rustic, laid-back spirit of the early 90s that was so popular with older generations at the time.

Today’s take on the design style involves modern approaches to the shabby chic style that incorporate traditional elements brought into the now with updated add-ons for today’s lifestyle. If a casual, comfortable, chic and lively look is on your agenda, we recommend using this modern shabby chic style guide as a bookmark for future reference.

First, we’re going to define the basics of shabby chic decor room by room to help you develop a personalized shabby chic style for you and your home.

The basics of the shabby chic style:

Muted background colors

Shabby chic decor color ideas

Start with a neutral background when planning the foundation for your shabby chic interior design process. Paint walls a neutral color (whites and creams work great) and glue on wood and natural-colored floors and details. Why? Because a muted background allows you to fill the room with charming, lively finds without making the look obtrusive.

And while this shabby chic decor is often alive, keep in mind that it is a relaxed decor style that should be easy on the eyes with subtle harmony.

Natural materials

Shabby chic decor furniture

The more natural materials you introduce, the better a beautifully realized shabby chic decor aesthetic will be completed. Choose pieces of wood with a natural or rough stain. Vintage and antique pieces are a must-have for added depth.

Opt for cotton or wool rugs and linen pillows and throws for a natural, comfortable feel.


minimal shabby chic decor

The shabby chic decor look shows the line between relaxed and overloaded. You want to have lots of personal items such as works of art, trinkets, and keepsakes around, but you don’t want every surface to be full of things.

You still want to be able to keep an element of cool minimalism and keep that modern feel in your space.

Embrace randomness

Shabby chic decor guide

Shabby chic decor is all about a spontaneous approach and should be effortless, relaxed and look like everything has just been thrown away where it is, with an almost random harmony by accident.

This is not an easy look to create, especially if you are more used to linear and modern design. To make it yours, place parts at angles – such as. B. Your coffee table off-center – and place a rug underneath it at an angle.

Shabby Chic Decor Ideas by Room:

Shabby chic bathroom

Shabby chic decor bedroom inspiration

Tiles and floors

Opt for a shabby chic bathroom with warmth and soothing pastel tiles or choose a more modern white subway tile to contrast with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Patterned and mosaic tiles are great for floors, as are wooden floorboards or painted floorboards (gray and white are best for this look).

Bathroom suite

If you’ve opted for white tile, bring muted colors to a pastel bathroom. Alternatively, if you choose pastel tile, create a clean, white bathroom suite. Claw-foot tubs are required, as is shabby-chic decor, as are old-fashioned shower heads and faucets.


Hang a vignette or mirror in the bathroom with character or hang works of art on the walls to add a little bit of personality to an unforgettable bathroom.

Choose an ethnically inspired woven bath mat in light hues or bold graphic patterns and bring in plants of various scales. Underline the bohemian nods of the design style with mismatched towels, linens, and storage baskets.

Shabby chic bedroom

Shabby chic decor bedroom ideas


Metal canopies and bed frames are also a common thread in shabby chic bedroom decor as they are elegant and solid without looking too imposing.

Use a desperate closet for a more traditional feel or opt for a brightly painted dresser or dressing table for a more versatile and meaningful feel.

Bed linen

With bedding, there are two shabby chic bedroom ideas to consider. Choose less harsh white or off-white linens and outfit them with brightly colored pillows and a patterned bedspread or quilt, or choose a wild combo of mismatched light colored linens for added character.

Whichever route you choose, reinforce it with different patterns and prints, and introduce as much color as you can – even if it’s muted, as the freedom this design style gives you goes well beyond clean lines and simplicity.


Woven rugs made from natural materials, paired with modern furniture, create a multilayered and enviable shabby-chic decor here and there that looks like no other.

Place rugs at an angle away from the bed that leads to the door to make the path to your bed appear larger. Add a rustic chair in the corner for entertaining and casual reading of trinkets, keepsakes, and artwork across the space.

Shabby chic kitchen

Shabby chic decor kitchen ideas


Mismatched dining room chair styles around a well-used wooden table with some personality, or cover a table you already have with a bright, patterned tablecloth. White units and wood units look great in a shabby chic kitchen and are a pleasant departure from pastel colors.

Cookware and dinnerware

An eclectic mix of different pots and pans and contrasting dishes from here, there and everywhere really brings this look together in the kitchen. Embrace the mismatch and use it to add color and texture to your kitchen.

Shabby chic living room

Shabby chic decor living room inspiration


Wooden coffee tables and vintage sofas create an inspiring combination for a thoroughly modern living room in a shabby chic style. A neutral sofa (even better if it is covered with a blanket) can be raised with throws and pillows in practically any color or pattern for nondescript comfort in your living space.

And for extra texture and dimension, add a bold velvet armchair to relax, read, and place your coffee table at an angle for a relaxed effect.

Accessories and home textiles

When it comes to shabby chic decorating ideas, you can let your imagination run wild in the interior design of the living room. Hang a varied selection of artwork and bring in sculptural pieces along with a mismatched array of mirrors to add dimension and light.

Layer rugs and casually lay pillows and throws around to create a cozy, comfortable and inviting feeling. And bring lots of greenery with plants like palm trees and cacti for a fun pop of color against the otherwise earthy tones of the room.


If you love natural light and are lucky enough to be blessed with it, choose see-through curtains to let in as much light as possible.

Use vintage lamps in different scales and materials for lighting and add a touch of glamor to a subtle chandelier or contrast your decor with a minimalist pendant lamp.

Shabby chic office

Shabby chic decor office ideas

Go for the unexpected and bring the outside in and choose an outdoor table for your work area – maybe a marble top garden table or something more ornate and worn?

Contrast your vintage tabletop with more modern and traditional features for versatile shabby chic office decor (like linear shelves for books and storage files) and complete your work area with a modern light fixture.

Shabby chic decorating on a budget

Shabby Chic Decor Styling Guide

Shabby chic decor is notoriously easy to achieve on a budget. Because of its unstudied and relaxed feel, anything is possible when it comes to shabby chic interior design. This is especially good if you are on a budget as you can get furniture high and low from anywhere, at any cost. Even better if they are hand-me-downs that you’ve reused and updated.

To create your own stamp in your home, look for effective ways to create DIY furniture that reflects the shabby chic style. You can also update current pieces to upgrade your shabby chic decor with nothing but paint and sandpaper.

Another great way to showcase your shabby chic interior design skills on a budget is to get resourceful. Check out the local antique markets and property sales for popular pieces of furniture in traditional silhouettes, and browse online marketplaces for scores for used items of historical origin.

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