Industrial Kitchen Decor Ideas

Industrial Kitchen Decor Ideas

Industrial kitchen

Industrial decor has a moment in the restaurant world when it seems like every hip new restaurant and bar has elements of that style on it. Beyond fleeting restaurant trends, industrial design in the kitchen not only looks good, it also makes a lot of sense. From easy-to-clean surfaces to open shelves that keep the essentials within easy reach, industrial kitchen décor is timeless – even if it’s a little trendy right now. Even if you don’t want to rely entirely on industry, there are a few ways here to integrate industrial decorative elements into your room.

Open shelves made of wood and metal

Industrial kitchen with open wooden shelves

Open shelving can be controversial, but convenience can outweigh any concerns about the perfect placement of your glasses and dishes. Wood warms the room, which in industrial kitchens can quickly become too impersonal. Another industrial option is open pipe racks. About Decoist

Subway tile

white subway tile in the small kitchen

White subway tiles give kitchens a clean, no-frills look. When your kitchen flows into the living room, as in some apartments, lofts and open concept spaces, it blends seamlessly with the rest of the home’s furnishings. About Studio M.

Edison lightbulbs

Edison lightbulbs in an exposed brick kitchen

Edison lightbulbs are characterized by their minimalism and create a dramatic effect, especially when hung from a high ceiling. If you can’t feel the bare bulb look, you can still achieve an industrial effect with other vintage options like metal pendant lights. Via Petite Passport

stainless steel

white tile kitchen with stainless steel table

Stainless steel is key to creating an industrial look. Make sure you mix in wooden elements and textiles if you don’t want the room to look too cold. About my unfinished home

old wood

Industrial kitchen with old wood island

Reclaimed wood immediately warms a room and gives it a sense of history – even in a new building. Mix in reclaimed wood everywhere, from kitchen islands to ceiling beams to shelves. About Haus Schön