Monday , 30 November 2020
5 Best Air Mattresses for 2020 - Top Expert-Reviewed Inflatable Be

Air Mattresses

An air mattress is also known as an air bed. As the name suggests, it is inflatable and fluid. It is filled with air instead of latex or spring. In most cases, it is made of PVC. But in recent days plastic and rubber are also used to manufacture them. Another feature of an air mattress is that both sides of the mattress can be adapted to either soft or hard depending on the user's preference. An air mattress can be used in several ways. Despite its light portability, it is usually used as a permanent bed in households. Another variant is to use a smaller size of this as a guest bed and is very useful for sleepovers. Apart from this, it is used during backpacking and camping trips. They are more suitable than the usual sleeping bags. They can easily fit inside a tent. They are also used in cars as a sleeping pad during a road trip.

Air mattress buy guide:

Before you decide to buy an air mattress, it is important to check the thickness. It can either be raised or low profile. The raised platform is of normal height and is joined to its own platform which makes it easier to get in and out while the low profile is more compact because it can be vented and rolled up when not in use and occupies less space. The pump used to inflate them can be internal or external. The outer air mattress is powered by foot or battery and the interior has no adapter and we can adjust the comfort level with a simple twist.