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How To Mix Interior Design Styles

How To Mix Interior Design Styles

how to mix interior design styles

Since sticking to a particular style is boring, uninspiring, and difficult to start, we look for easy ways to combine the interior design styles chosen by our decorators to create a unique and inviting layered look in any room.

From modern minimalism paired with the traditional to a multi-layered juxtaposition of styles that connects almost every design style, here you will find clever ways to master the art of mixing and create a home that is unique to you without that there is a risk.


Mix Interior Design Styles Guide

Similar to white walls, a neutral foundation certainly helps to tie everything together for a harmonious feeling. Start with a solid, cream colored rug to help you build a bridge if you want to combine interior design styles with confidence.

Plain neutral floors help tie everything together while keeping the eye on the various elements in a room.

Details make the difference

mix interior design styles details

Even in small doses, mix up interior design styles by putting together a masterful mix of found pieces that work together on different scales. It could be as easy to miss as a classic key motif on the tabletop, similar finishes that are different from the traditional, and patterns that are both stunning and familiar.

This way you avoid a random and cluttered look while getting a feel of play from room to room.

Shift away

mix interior design styles ideas

Mixing up shades of color, a concise color palette, and no more than three design styles per room allows you to mix interior design styles with ease.

Notice how the space shown above does just that thanks to a range of small furniture that keep the feel light yet full of visual interest.

Make grand gestures

smart ways to mix interior design styles

While smaller furniture is a smart way to mix and match decorating styles, you should break up a room with at least one conversation that’s beautiful and fascinating.

It could be a large sculpture, an oversized exotic plant, or architectural elements like the slender pillars shown above.

A concise palette

mix interior design styles color palette

Again, follow a rule of three and create a layered room linked with a color palette of three hues to combine the ultimate in interior design.

And while having three completely different hues next to each other sounds intriguing, our interior designers suggest going tonal and working with hues side by side on a color card to make the process easier but just as rewarding.

Add classic elements

classic mix interior design styles

Since everything in a room doesn’t have to look brand new or from the same period, mix up interior design styles by bringing in beautiful found pieces that are both antique and new.

It could be an Art Deco console paired with a modern cut, or table landscapes brought to life with a varied mix of antique market finds.

Embrace the traditional

Interior design instructions

As we said before, if you want to combine interior design styles by combining old and new, plan for layering as there should be at least two more traditional pieces of furniture in each room to keep the look and feel while remaining convincing.

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