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Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas

best home office ideas 2019

Since it sometimes feels like home offices are often an area we need to spend time in rather than a room we want to spend time in, we are looking for inspiring home office ideas to make your work day even better . In all fairness there is no reason you shouldn’t have a home office that you enjoy spending time in while you work. In fact, your productivity will flow better when you work in a space where you feel energized and secure.

The more confusing, dingy, and poorly planned your home office decor, the more difficult it will be for you to work in this area. Function is key, but you should also introduce stylish design – design your office space to represent your personality and creativity. With that in mind, our interior designers gave us pointers, considering the best home office design ideas for 2019 and beyond.

What you should consider before starting:

The location is the key

When it comes to practical home office ideas to create an inspiring space, the area you designate is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your work space. Make sure there is enough room to breathe, privacy, and quiet to avoid feeling cramped or being near a noisy, busy area.

Create a view

Even if your home office options are a basement or an attic, what you see while you work can make a dramatic difference in terms of performance. Set up your work area near a window. If that’s not possible, install an inspiring piece of art in front of your desk to take random breaks during the day.

Never educate about function

You may have made a few aesthetic sacrifices in your living room to impress guests, but when it comes to useful home office ideas, you don’t need to put form above function. Why? Put simply, you need your home office to be the best you can be, and an uncomfortable attitude just isn’t enough.

No space for a real office? Get creative …

Just because you have limited space to turn home office ideas into reality doesn’t mean it is impossible. On the contrary, home office ideas are just that and can span anywhere in your home without the need for a separate room.

Bring in glamorous details

glamorous home office ideas 2019

Just because it’s an office space doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous. No matter what kind of work you do in your home office, you don’t have to forego everyday elegance. Open up the space with a glass top desk and keep it glamorous with glossy gold legs. Throw down a plush rug and install a chandelier in the center for a great effect.

Elevate your home office ideas with gold accessories on a chic filing cabinet or storage unit to ensure your space stays both beautiful and practical. Paint the walls white or have a wall a lush, dark color for added depth and drama.

Everything white

white home office ideas 2019

If you’re not into distracting decor and want a visually calm and relaxing workspace, soothing, all-white, modern home office ideas may be the direction for you. When you have a pure white space, you are free from distractions while you work and your office space feels well appraised and stimulating.

White floors, white walls, white shelves, white cabinets, and a white desk blend harmoniously to create a perfectly chic workspace. A minimalist approach will also encourage you to keep it organized and uncluttered, which enhances the feeling of a fresh and relaxing workspace.

Arty and versatile

versatile home office ideas 2019

If you want your home office decor to be the inspiration for your creativity, an artistic and versatile space should feel ideal. Fill your home office design with furniture and accessories that appeal to you and offer a brilliant design that will inspire and make you think forever. You want your space to represent your creativity and inspire your creative process. So give your workspace fun, bright, and bold office decorating ideas.

Your shelf doesn’t just have to be used for reading materials and office supplies. Decorate them with memorabilia, keepsakes and collections that reflect your tastes and lifestyle, as well as art, plants and anything else you admire and enjoy looking at.

Soothing minimalism

minimal home office ideas 2019

Keep your home office design ideas to a minimum when you perfect a calming minimalist design for a productive workspace. Modern home office ideas are timeless and fail-safe. Pick a neutral palette and stick with it, with calm tones for the walls and floors and as little furniture as possible.

Choose a light wooden desk and combine it with minimal lighting and storage units. Avoid cluttering the room with a closet to store any office supplies you may need, and keep supplies and surface clutter to an absolute minimum. Having an organized desk can increase productivity in your home office.

Go traditional

traditional home office ideas 2019

There is nothing like traditional home office ideas when you are considering creating elegant office space. When you are relaxed and comfortable it is much easier to handle the work you have in front of you, and traditionally designed rooms have something that makes them naturally relaxing and calming. Choose a brightly patterned rug to brighten the room and add a sound absorbing softness to your home office decor.

Invest in floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves to get the feeling of working in a library that is more than a normal home office. A large dark wood desk will set the stage and painting the walls in luxurious adult shade will only maximize the effect. Such office decor ideas look stunning and are reminiscent of a different era.

Small storage space

Home office storage ideas

When looking for inspiration for small home office ideas, sometimes you might be the only person in the world who has tiny office space. Many of the rooms you will come across have huge spaces with space for expansive desks and a multitude of shelves, but not everyone has room for that. If you don’t have a lot of space, take advantage of what little space you have with vertical storage solutions.

Source cabinets that reach to the ceiling to give you as much storage space as possible while making the room appear bigger and bigger. Be smart about under-desk storage and find fun and space-saving ways to store your stationery and papers. Why not hang your most frequently mentioned documents on an elegant cork board so that you don’t need additional space for files?

Back to black

black home office ideas 2019

Home office design is often about creating a bright and light space with lots of white and neutral tones to make it feel airy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use black and dark grays to create gorgeous office space to make a really dramatic statement that is also just as effective as a white work environment.

Go dark with a black desk and storage units and keep it moody with charcoal walls. Make sure you have enough light for office ideas like this as the surface is less reflective than in an office with white walls.  

Open shelves

Home office shelving ideas

Who doesn’t love open shelves? Open shelves are practical and stylish and are perfect for home office design. Have shelves installed on a wall or create a grid of shelves throughout the room. Regardless of your home office ideas, open shelves are a great way to make the most of your space (perfect for small home office ideas).

Paint them white to open up your space or paint them a contrasting color for a more unexpected home office decor. You have no problem keeping all of your office files and books on open shelves. When you have something that you can’t find a place for, invest in brightly colored boxes or baskets to keep them in.

Industrial office

industrial home office ideas 2019

Industrial spaces are trendy for any room in a home, including home office design. If you enjoy being around, you are more likely to be productive in your space, and industrial design promotes productivity and joy.

If you are good at home improvement, you will find that creating an industrial home office space is an exciting challenge if you want to create a unique and bespoke workspace for the perfect home office.  

Invest in a smart chair

best chair home office ideas

It goes without saying that your work chair is probably the most important piece of furniture in any office. But when it comes to home office ideas, there is so much to think about that it can be confusing what to focus on.

Invest in a high quality, well-designed ergonomic office chair that will support you in comfort and style throughout the day.

Bring what you appreciate

Decorate home office ideas

You are sure to find inspiration daily by bringing in objects and finds that you treasure and that you find infinitely fascinating and inspiring. This way, you ensure that your home office space remains personalized and unique to your home.

Add cozy elements

cozy home office ideas

From additional pillows to cozy blankets, the best home office ideas often put comfort over form – and for good reason.

Who would like to feel uncomfortable in their home office? Make sure to make your home office as warm and inviting as possible so that you can spend as much time in it as possible.

Hide tech

savvy home office ideas

Since we’ve never seen an attractive grouping of chords or a gorgeous printer, when looking at stylish home office ideas, it’s best to hide as many technical elements as possible with clever storage solutions and proper planning.

Trust us, hiding bulky electronics and chords goes a long way towards making the area feel more sophisticated, even in the short term.

Create a good lighting scheme

Illuminate home office ideas

The lighting also makes all the difference and is important if you want to freshen up while working in your home office. Bright natural light is great, and on the other hand, too bright than clinical will drop off and make you more tired all day than proper ambient lighting.

The best home office lighting ensures a warm glow with a touch of everyday glamor.

Add plants

green home office ideas

Are you looking for sustainable, useful home office ideas? Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You can almost never go wrong when introducing plants into a room for several important reasons.

Plants are an inexpensive way to bring nature into your home. They are beautiful and inspiring, and best of all, many species can actually work to purify the air without much maintenance.

If you decide on a transition direction, your home office will remain unique for you too, and decorating will be all the more fun, as experimenting with juxtapositions can lead to high returns if done well.

Windows or mirrors are essential

Window Home Office Ideas

Unless you have other options for home office ideas that will increase productivity, put your workstation in front of or near a window with a wide view.

And if a window is sadly out of the question, bring some visually stunning artwork or mirrors so your mind can pause and wonder a little about a quick update to the workday.

Optimize the space

modern home office ideas

Just like in a challenging small room, try to use as much square footage as possible in your home office to make the most of your allotted area.

However, make use of each element and think of them as tools to sharpen your day and inspire you endlessly.


Scandinavian home office ideas
When it comes to minimal home office ideas, take a classic Scandinavian style page and bring in light wood and pared-back decor for a clean, spartan look that is sure to inspire you.

As with so many home office styling options, the key here is keeping things consistent for a calming effect that never looks out of date or out of style.

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