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Home Gyms

Home Gyms

fabulous home gyms

New year, new you – right? Perhaps these ambitious New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals are easier said than done, but as design junkies, our greatest motivation for exercising is admiring the most beautiful workout rooms. Because if you work up a sweat, it can also be about demanding rooms and wonderful views.

While home gyms are mostly functional spaces, there are many ways to add creative design elements and dramatic accents to these spaces. Since the floor plan has to remain open and clear, you can best add details and textures to the surfaces, whether with a wall sticker, a ceiling treatment or a special floor covering. Home gyms are a great opportunity to explore architectural details. And while they’re not, so to speak, rooms to rest in, adding a piece of furniture like a chair or bench along with a pendant light makes these rooms feel less functional. Including accessories like a burlap basket for towels, wall art, a nice set of speakers, or some greenery will help turn workout rooms into well-designed spaces. Check out eight stunning fitness rooms that inspire our interior designers and our workouts.

Striped walls

Stripes wall paint apartment gym

A striped wall expands the small room and makes it appear more expansive. Wooden wall pins and a woven stool add warmth to this workout space that is minimal but inviting. A red rubber ball and light-colored dumbbells add a touch of color to the neutral room. Via Architectural Digest.

Architectural detail

Home gym design with arched window

This Beverly Hills gym is all about architectural details. A barrel vaulted ceiling is impressively shaped and accentuates the extensive arched door at the end of the room. Slender machines with gold surfaces, an iron chandelier and large-format classic drawings make this room an elegant, refined space. A dark wooden floor is the reason for the high design. About Harigian Fitness.

Slim and contemporary

minimalist home gym design floor to ceiling windows

This modern gym is economical but beautiful. A Harry Bertoia chair feels at home in this area by the water, which is softened by a graphic round rug and a cozy throw. Two abstract works of art create the feel of an exhibition space, while a heavily grained wooden wall provides a subtle texture. About Ciclotte.

Beach view

Glass doors to home gym overlooking the beach

Sure, working out is a lot easier with a view of the ocean like this Malibu gym. A glass wall with a steel frame and doors let in the outside area. Various wooden planks were arranged side by side to create visual interest. The robust gray floors are complemented by the vintage industrial lamp. An antique cart provides a decorative place to store water, towels and bathrobes. Via Architectural Digest.

Special door

Garage door home gym design

Although this fitness room is quite tight, a special garage door opens it to the outside terrace. A warm wood accent wall contrasts nicely with the glass and steel door, while a black and white photo provides inspiration while highlighting the design. About Zillow.

A shot of drama

striped tent cover home gym

A striped tent cover softens this spacious gym and gives it a sense of playfulness. The white, gray and red color palette is reflected by the leather seats on the training device, the tassel lining on the cover fabric and the graphic pattern on the carpet. Vintage drawings by athletes make a clever reference to the function of space. Via Architectural Digest.

Minimalistic and bright

Vaulted ceiling minimal home gym

This prefabricated bunkie house in Canada looks like a meditative studio space. The monochrome wooden interior lets in light and views and the attic ceiling opens it up. A gas fireplace was built into the wall, transforming this room into a wilderness retreat. About design milk.

View of the mountains

elegant gym with a view of the mountains

Peter Marino’s Rocky Mountain gym is all about the view. A wide strip of windows brings in the view and lets the snow-capped mountains dominate the design. Light wooden planks line the wall to introduce the cabin-like scheme of the house into the space. A dark glass window opens the room and offers a view of the indoor pool. Via Architectural Digest.

High school decor

Vintage gym decor

A new Chicago hotel added vintage fitness equipment to its guest rooms to add a boy’s club feeling. Read about it here.