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Halloween Decor Trends

Halloween Decor Trends

Decor help Halloween decor trends

If you are planning on having a Halloween party this year, these four stylish and creative Halloween decor trend ideas should inspire you to make your home look spooky and stylish. Whether you’re hosting the whole family or keeping it simple, follow our guide to get some inspiration from Decor Aids scary Halloween decorating ideas this October. These trends are so scary that you’ll want to wear these stylish pieces all year round and decide to put your old decorations up in the creepy attic.

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Decor help Halloween interior decorating pumpkin trends and ideas

At this time of year, when all the leaves have changed color, the pumpkin craving seems to be getting the best of most of us. This Halloween, you might want to put a few pumpkins aside for your upcoming party. Placing orange pumpkins as accent pieces in your home can bring the season to any room. Painted pumpkins are a trendy living idea among people who do not want color combinations. An affordable interior decorating idea is to paint your pumpkins an off-white color. In this shade, your pumpkins will blend in seamlessly with most of your existing parts and room colors. If you are looking for a more luxurious interior design, our skilled designers recommend painting pumpkins in shiny metallics or golden brass colors. These textured colors make for a subtly chic fall look. Whether you paint them, carve them, or eat them, make sure you have some pumpkins at your Halloween party this year.

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Decor help Halloween interior decor with plant trends and ideas

With Halloween around the corner, many might assume it’s the time of year to clear away those gorgeous plants, but not so soon. As innocent as the green is, adding a touch of lush flora here and there can really set the mood for your next Halloween get-together. Think of sprawling vines and menacing ivy to inspire your seasonal interior. A Venus flytrap or an overflowing fern can make a great centerpiece for any dessert table. For those who do not want to make a long-term commitment, there is always the option to use artificial plants. A huge trending decor theme this Halloween is a specimen that meets science, and who isn’t afraid of some experiment in nature going wrong? Whether you prefer a cheaper design or an over-the-top luxury theme, keep a few plants off to complete the Halloween look of your home.

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Decor Aid Halloween interior decoration trends and ideas with black accessories

Don’t be afraid of the dark and decorate with black tablecloths, matte black plates and even black candles. Then balance yourself with gray or silver napkins and cutlery. Another trend in Halloween home decor that is becoming increasingly popular is the decor with Gothic motifs. Incorporate skulls as accent pieces, center pieces, or even use smaller skulls as placeholders. An affordable decoration tip is to paint over plastic skulls with darker matte shades. This will make these decorations less clichéd and your guest will be surprised that you chose such an unconventional look. Black and red roses not only complement the Gothic theme, but also give your decor an incredibly glamorous look. Even if you prefer a more elegant look, our designers at Decor Aid recommend including a few stacks of old books and swapping out your traditional candle holders for apothecary bottles. If you really want to run to the hills with this theme, it might be enough to place a few decorative ravens. Be armed with your favorite Poe quote to fend off all naysayers.

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    Decor Aid Halloween interior decoration trends and ideas with webs

Regardless of the season, the presence of cobwebs can crawl anyone out, so it only makes sense to decorate with webs on Halloween. This Halloween decor trend is great because no matter how much you do or not use, the Halloween spirit is captured. Great places for spider webs are coat tops, banisters, and doors, but don’t limit yourself to those. This is a Halloween home decor idea that can drive you crazy. If you want a classic look for your party this year, try a black and white theme using webs and spiders throughout to highlight this coveted color scheme. This inspirational trend is great for those who want their party to be less about the ghosts than the goodies. The subtle use of webs and even spiders against the black and white backdrop can help your guest feel sophisticated and glamorous in your home.

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