Fluff A Flat Pillow

Fluff A Flat Pillow

Flat cushion karate chop

There’s nothing like the feel of a brand new pillow, right? So tight and fluffy that you’re just begging to rest your head on it. There is also nothing like the feeling of a flat pillow that has seen better days. It’s flat, lumpy, and often looks a bit sad.

But whether it’s bed pillows or throw pillows, it’s pretty inevitable: after a while, each pillow needs to lose some of its swing. Here are some tips on how to bring it back to life.

flat pillowcase

“How flat a pillow is and how often it is flat depends on the type and quality of the filling used,” says Sean Juneja, CEO of interior design company Decor Aid. “Even high-quality down comforters, which are beautiful and give a pillow a nice weight, have to ‘fluff’ after almost every use.”

The repair? “A few good karate chops,” says Juneja. (Think of this as a good excuse to let go of pent-up aggression.)

flat pillow stack

“It never hurts to turn the pillows either,” says Juneja. “Try flipping them over if you can, or style them on a different chair or sofa than you normally would. Changing the use prevents the pillow from adapting to your furniture. “

Running pillows through the wash removes dirt and allergens. (Just make sure everything is sewn in place and run the washer on a delicate cycle to avoid snafus.) Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro, also suggests throwing some dryer balls or even tennis balls in if you can there is a pinch. “These little guys may be loud, but they shake everything up!” says Homer. Set the heat on low instead of high to avoid clumping.

Flat cushion karate chop

Believe it or not, your pillow can absorb a lot of moisture from sweat and drooling if you rest your face on it regularly. Leaving it outside in the sun a little can help evaporate excess moisture and restore it to its once fluffy state, Homer says. Just make sure you don’t skip it in damp weather – that could make matters worse.

“When in doubt, make sure the pillow is fully washed and dried in a suitable dryer,” says Homer. “Then put it outside for sunbathing and take one final freshening up if desired.”

flat pillow inserts

“If the insert is not the right size for the pillowcase, your pillow will feel very limp and look very limp,” says Juneja. “I usually try to use inserts 1 to 2 inches larger than the insert itself. For example, fill a 20″ pillowcase with a 22 “insert.

flat pillow shape

Believe it or not, dirt becomes matted almost as much as the constant pressure of being placed on it. According to Homer, a pillow protector “noticeably slows down the flattening process of the pillow, since dirt and oils do not matt the fibers in the pillow”.

flat pillowcases

Opting for an inexpensive pillow at this time seems like a good idea, but if you are looking for durability you may want to buy something more expensive if the quality is better.