First Apartment Design Tips

First Apartment Design Tips

Blue colored sofa in the living room

Around the time you sign the lease on your first apartment, things start to get real. You’ve probably just got your first job too, and you’re ready to create a home that feels grown up, with matching dishes instead of paper plates and bookshelves instead of stacked milk boxes. Check out our tips for designing and decorating your first adult home.


blue club armchairs

If you don’t think your standard edition new apartment has white (or worse, beige) walls, the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade is that colour. Resist the urge to go crazy about color. Instead, go for a neutral color like gray and save your color experiments for accessories like throw pillows.

Another fantastic option is self-adhesive wallpaperespecially if your lease prohibits painting. You can associate wallpaper with a time before cell phones existed, but temporary wallpapers come in every style from traditional to modern and at a variety of prices. Perhaps most importantly, it should be easy to remove and not damage your walls, so you can get your deposit back.

Tip: If you’re on a budget but still want to make an impact, consider painting or wallpapering an accent wall. Before you decide on a background image, you should order a sample. They usually cost $ 10 or less, and if you don’t decide on this pattern, you can always frame and hang it as wall art.


classic living room

When you move into your first apartment, chances are you’re dealing with a mix of hand-me-down and new furniture. (And the new furniture you are buying is likely not a dream investment; it is acceptable and inexpensive options.) However, that doesn’t mean your space can’t look broken down.

When purchasing new items, try to match a specific profile or finish for your hand-me-down pieces to bring different furniture together. Don’t be afraid to be thrifty; In addition to online classifieds, visit thrift stores, antique stores, and flea markets. And remember: a complete set of matching furniture looks boring anyway.

Tip: Before you buy a futon, take a moment to reconsider. If you know that you will be visited by guests out of town at least every six months, consider investing in a pull-out sofa for a quality air mattress. Either one is a better option in the long run, and one that you won’t give up on the street or try to sell on Craigslist in a few years.


patterned leather carpet

To instantly add shine to your space and give the feeling that “an adult lives here”, you need carpets. They help define spaces. This is especially useful if you live in a studio or need to divide a room into separate living and dining areas. But they can be quite expensive. So if you can’t afford a thick, soft rug, go for a cheaper flat weave.

Tip: Make sure the carpet is that right size. If you can’t afford one big enough for all of your furniture to sit on, the furniture legs can sit halfway on the carpet. Make sure, that Put a thick carpet pad underneath to prevent the edges from curling up.

Window decorations

Living room sheer white curtains

At best, your apartment likely came with blinds on the windows (or worse, vertical blinds). Take it one step higher hanging curtains or curtain panels. They beautify the room, filter the light and keep your neighbors from getting to know you a little too well.


Gallery wall sectional sofa

In college, hanging art usually consists of pinning a few posters or a tapestry on the wall. But once you’re in your first apartment, it’s time for adult art. That means framing things and preferably not mass posters or reproductions of famous art prints. Instead, opt for original pieces by emerging artists that you discover or through street vendors and art fairs. Sites like ArtStar, Embossed, and 20 × 200 offer original pieces by emerging artists. This is an opportunity to discover your style. So take the time to find pieces you love and don’t feel compelled to fill every wall right away.


styled coffee table

The cheapest way to put your apartment together is with accessories. Think of vases, plants, art books, and sculptural objects. Trays lift these items up instantly Style a collection of these pieces on your coffee table to make even the most mundane items look more elegant. You can add space to your personality with accessories. So be aware and thoughtful in your decisions.