Firewood Decor

Firewood Decor

Modern firewood storage

Winter has come. Cashmere hats are in stock in almost every SoHo store, anything frozen is in demand and the thermostats turn on meaning it’s time for you and your fireplace to have a little heart to the stove. We are sorry. We couldn’t not. Below we’ve rounded up tons of firewood placement inspirations to seamlessly incorporate the fire starters you need into your interior design.

Wood storage mid-century fireplace

Fireplace storage mid-century fireplace

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design’s southern Washington home has been featured in Atomic Ranch, Design * Sponge, Natural Home & Garden, and Sunset Magazine. We suspect that the firewood store has something to do with it.

Firewood storage under the stairwell

Firewood storage under the stairwell

This Iziba couple put their fireplace in the last place you’d expect on style files.

Wood stove log storage

Wood stove wood storage

Sara Russel took a Swedish church and made it a home with the help of firewood framing a wood stove.

Wood stove stone wall

Wood stove stone wall

If you might be interested in a wood burning stove, check out this blog post by Norse White for tips and pictures of great stoves and the firewood that powers them.

Eames Chair Fireplace Log Storage

eames chair fireplace log storage

Interior designer Judith Mackin’s home was originally featured in the Telegraph’s “Design Driven” section.

Firewood storage in the wall restaurant design

Firewood storage in wall restaurant design

Isa in Williamsburg via Leslie Williamson

Contemporary steel fireplace Log Storage

contemporary steel fireplace wood storage

Evergreen Restaurant by AKSL Architects about MocoLoco: “The central element of the restaurant on the ground floor is the fireplace, which a visitor notices immediately upon arrival. The double-height room with a fireplace is highlighted by unique chandeliers suspended at different heights and made especially for this restaurant by designer Almira Sadar. “

Contemporary bathroom with fireplace

modern bathroom with fireplace

An Antonio Lupi bathtub next to a serious excess of firewood via JustTheDesign.

Firewood storage in the living room

Firewood storage in the living room

The following two images are from fashion designer Lynda Newton and husband Paul’s warehouse in Melbourne, which was featured with style files in EST Magazine.

Exposed firewood storage

exposed firewood storage


Stacked firewood with display cubby

stacked firewood with display shelf

Another option is to use the firewood decor.

Firewood storage celebrity living room

Firewood storage celebrity living room

Patrick Dempsey’s family home in Malibu has ample firewood storage as described in Architectural Digest.

Firewood storage in the living room wall

Firewood storage in the living room wall

Similar to Demsey, The Ranch in Malibu uses an entire living room wall to hold enough wood for an entire season and was featured in American Spa Magazine.

Firewood display Modigliani fireplace design

Firewood display Modigliani fireplace design

A Modigliani fireplace in Marie Claire Italy.

Wood storage in all white living rooms

Wood storage in all white living rooms

Living room picture via Pinterest.

Log Storage Traditional carved coat

Log storage traditional carved mantelpiece

Catherine Kwong’s house on her website and A Perfect Gray.

Firewood in the bookcase living room design

Firewood in the bookcase living room design

The lower bookcase of this living room in Greenwich Village is reserved for firewood. The couch is reserved for a Yorkshire Terrier. Image via Lonny Magazine.

Round firewood sculpture living room

round firewood sculpture living room

Firewood storage sculpture by Olle Lundberg in his California cabin at DWR via ModFrugal.

Firewood chair and ottoman

Firewood chair and ottoman

You can also sit on the firewood at any time. Purchase options here.

Cast concrete and steel double sided chimney

two-sided chimney cast in concrete and steel

A double sided fireplace from The Essence of Home. The stove is made of cast concrete and the surround is made of weathered steel. Image via Andrew Raimist’s Flickr. You can find his review of the book here. Photo by Raymond Koch.

Black Wall Unit firewood storage

black closet firewood storage

A Greenwich property with ample firewood storage designed by Decor Aid.