Fireplace Decor

Fireplace Decor

Palm fronds wallpaper

Similar to the glove compartment, long-term rooms have been redesigned for a function in order to meet modern requirements. And this summer your fireplace will be redesigned by the sweat on our collective design brow. Regardless of whether the island stonework actually smokes, the following tips are perfect for re-using under the mantelpiece in warm weather.


white objects on fireplace mantle

Finally a new place to cram those tangible texts. Sure, your Kindle is in stock and those physical books have been looked through (even studied), but isn’t it heartless to throw away the Heathcliff and Hamlet stuff? Enter: the Bookplace Case. Just make sure to close your fireplace to avoid damp sides.

Chimney book storage

Books in fireplace storage idea

Sculpture in the fireplace

Books stacked in the fireplace

Under-coat gallery

Sculpture in the modern black fireplace

Objects in the fireplace


Objects in the yellow fireplace

versatile objects in front of the fireplace

The disappearing law

bright yellow mantelpiece

Potted plants in the fireplace

ornate carved white fireplace

Logs into the fireplace

Plants in the minimalist white fireplace

Wine rack in the fireplace

Wood wood storage in the fireplace

Wallpaper in the fireplace

Wine rack in the fireplace

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