Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Fall Colors Home Decor

Fall Colors Home Decor

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Usually the colors of home decor don’t change as quickly as they do in fashion. After all, changing the color of an entire room is a lot more complicated than changing the color of your jacket. While we don’t entirely agree with Elle Decor’s premise that the color of the home changes seasonally, we agree with the overall concept that there are lighter colors in the home. So if you’re looking to make a new color pick, we’ve picked the five color trends that we believe will be winners well beyond this fall season. (If you’re curious, check out the full lineup over at Elle Decor). Below are our color choices and the best ways to use them at home.

Greige bedroom

neutral interior design bedroom

Greige. Can’t decide whether you want to choose between beige or gray tones for a neutral shade? Then this color is for you. The color de jour On Pinterest, Instagram and Tumbler, Greige is the neutral guy who is taking the design world by storm. A brownish shade with a touch of gray and gray shows that it is not entirely gray and not entirely beige. It’s the perfect calming neutrality for any room in the house. about Casafina

Pink wall bedroom

pink master bedroom designs

Light pink bedroom color

feminine interior design bedroom

Black and white striped hallway

black and white bold corridor design

Black and white bed canopies

Canopy bedroom decor ideas

Purple wall bedroom

Lavender bedroom design

White subway tile bathroom

Subway tile bathroom design ideas