Dark Walls Design

Dark Walls Design

Matt black walls

The idea of ​​painting a wall black, let alone a dark color, can make some people run for the hills. It might seem like an antithesis to good decorative advice to some – wouldn’t dark walls make a room look smaller, colder, and possibly more depressing?

Our decorators are here to tell you that contrary to popular belief, a dark room can do just the opposite. From enlarging a small room to adding nice contrast to your room, painting your walls dark might be what you’ve ever done for your home. Below we share fifteen areas that show how impressive a dark wall can look and why you might just want to consider it.

Black bedroom walls

black walls white fireplace bedroom

A white marble fireplace is accented with the dark navy walls in Jenna Lyons’ Brooklyn home. About dominoes.

Black fireplace

Neon artwork black lacquered fireplace

Neon-colored pops are highlighted next to the dark wall with this decorator. Via SFGirlByBay and Elle Decor South Africa.

Black library

black office wood desk statement chandelier

Against the dark background of this office designed by Suzy Hoodless, beautiful furniture and furnishings come to the fore.

Dark gray living area

dark gray living room white ceiling

A dark gray wall gives texture and depth to a modern, monochrome room. Designed by Maison Hand. About the desire to inspire.

Dark-walled living room

matt black walls emerald green sofa

Emerald green gets a lively look against the dark color of this room. Via Milk Magazine.

Black painted brick walls

Black brick dining room

While exposed brick can be a selling point for New York real estate, it can sometimes look even better if given a nice coat of dark paint. About the design files.

Dark blue walls

moody dark-walled room gray sofa

Dark blue walls give this room the atmosphere of a Dutch still life. Photographed by Pia Ulin. About the guardian.

Black living room

black wall New York City apartment design

This New York City residence designed by ODA Architects uses black walls to promote its industrial look. Via Architectural Digest.

Purple walls

dark purple walls tufted leather armchairs

Deep eggplants and gold rub elbows in this atmospheric space designed by Catherine Huckerby.

Dark blue bathroom tile

dark blue bathroom tile

The designer Fay Toogood defied tradition and covered her bathroom with a dark Moroccan tile. The look is both relaxing and romantic. About T Magazine.

Black bedroom

feminine black and white master bedroom design

White elements pop like stars on the black wall in designer Christine Dovey’s master bedroom.

Black wall

Bentwood chairs black wall

Dark walls can create an atmospheric backdrop that enlivens natural elements like wood and linen. Designed by Derek Swalwell.

Black dining room

black wall copper pendant lamp

Copper accents shine brightly against the dark wall in this dining room. About house & garden.

Black living room

black tufted brown leather sofa

Furniture and found objects are elevated to high art in the Greek house of the collector Alketas Pazis. About Yatzer.

Dark gray bedroom

dark gray bedroom in Scandinavian style

A textured gray wall diffuses light and adds romance to this room. Styled by Hans Blomquist.

Black accent wall

black accent wall design

We’ve seen accent walls gain momentum over the past few years, but nothing comes as close to the cool appeal of this black-painted accent wall. It instantly adds depth, a sense of drama, and inviting warmth. Follow the example of a small wall to a large one to take this thoroughly modern wall design into your own hands.

Black border

black dark wall designs

The graphic and defining black trim may be a nod to the dining room era of the 1920s, but it still looks refreshingly modern to this day. Imagine how boring and empty the room shown above would be without the elegant look of the black painted moldings.

Black ceiling

black painted ceiling dark wall design

Because sometimes the unexpected can be most inspiring, we love the subtle drama that a black-painted room brings to this otherwise all-white kitchen. From a small bathroom to a large communal area, a ceiling painted black is an excellent way to add a dark hue to any room with ease. The key is to keep the rest of the room in neutral colors.

Black Windows

black painted windows

If you paint window frames black, you will quickly see how much more adult and elegant each window looks. If they were standard white, they just wouldn’t have the same appeal.

Dark gray stairs

dark gray painted stairs

Add some serious glamor to your stairwell by adding a dark color to it for a lengthy drama that will make your home absolutely unique. Since stairs are busy, it becomes all the easier to keep them dark when they get dark.

Now that we’ve looked at the different ways you can create a dark painted wall or area, you’ll want to add one in your home or room. From a small dose to a full dose, there are a multitude of brilliant ways you can add dark color with confidence. The key, as with anything, is to plan accordingly. If you go for a dark shade, make sure that the surface you are transforming is smooth and flawless, as a dark color is only there to highlight flaws and problem areas. The same goes for high-gloss, glossy colors. However, keep in mind that while a glossy paint creates timeless luxury, it is also difficult to work with and collects a lot more dust than any other color or style.