Wednesday , 21 February 2024
Black Faucets

Black Faucets

black faucet design for the kitchen

Instead of choosing between chrome or brass fittings, our interior designers suggest a bolder option: black. Matte black taps in the kitchen or bathroom are one of the hottest trends in kitchen and bathroom fittings – and for good reason. Black can have a huge impact on a room while also feeling grounded and modern. Like the best little black dress, matte black faucets can look amazing in any style of room – from modern to rustic. This is a trend that has some persistence. Below are some of our favorite examples.

Midcentury Modern Mix

Wooden cabinets mid-century kitchen

This kitchen combines modern and mid-century exquisite. The honey cupboards and the backsplash in combination with the waterfall with marble top and the matt black faucet are the perfect exercise for style compromises. over from the inside to the outside

Simple black sink

black faucet white sink

This beauty is actually an Ikea faucet! It’s a simple, graceful shape that can work in many bathrooms. over Remodelista

Sophisticated Ikea kitchen

Danish kitchen design reclaimed cabinets

This kitchen is one of the latest from Reform of Denmark, a company that specializes in cabinet fronts that work with an Ikea skeleton combined here with a concrete slab and a matte black faucet. The look is very chic. over Remodelista

Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian black and white cuisine

The kitchen by architect Ewa Czerny from 3XA, in which white, pine and black accents make the most of a small space. over Remodelista

Black shower faucet

black shower tap subway tile

The homeowner made the black shower curtain rod from old metal fittings; The ceiling is lined with wood from the surrounding forest, which is protected with a layer of white linseed oil paint. The black hardware – Pukkila. black shower faucet – is the perfect foil for ceramic tiles from Finland. over Remodelista

Minimal kitchen

black faucet minimal kitchen

It’s all about the shape in this minimal kitchen where the matte black gooseneck faucet steals the show. over from the inside to the outside

All black kitchen

all black outdoor kitchen rope pulls

The Albatross Inn, a boutique hotel in the Australian surfing paradise Byron Bay, is proof that black and white don’t always have to be combined – everything black is just right! over SFGirl from Bay