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Best New York City Vintage Furniture Stores

Best New York City Vintage Furniture Stores

Vintage furniture stores in New York City

As New York City is home to some of the best shopping destinations of all kinds in the world, we reached out to Décor Aid interior designers to showcase their antique and vintage stores for 2019 and help you find the perfect mix to create from eras and elements at a variety of prices. From the breathtaking showroom of 1st Dibs to a small thrift store that is a secret to connoisseurs. Discover our bookmarks for vintage New York furniture stores that offer endless inspiration and wondrous discoveries that will amaze you.

1. Dibs

New York City's best vintage stores 1. Dibs

200 Lexington Ave, New York City 10016

Located in the must-visit range of showrooms at the New York Design Center, the online auction house 1st Dibs Showroom is a breathtaking experience even for beginners in interior design.

We’re more than just one of the best vintage furniture stores in New York City. We consider a trip to the islands by 1st Dibs to be an extraordinary educational experience full of surprises and iconic furniture and movements that you only dream to see in real life.

John Derian

Best Vintage Antique Stores New York City John Derian

6 East 2nd St, New York City 10003

John Derian is a famous master of decoupage accessories and collectible bedding. However, he brings along whimsical, shoppable conversation starters and vintage curiosities to bring his tiny East Village shop to life.

However, what makes John Derian one of our favorite New York vintage furniture stores is his keen eye for making shop-goers want more, no matter how small they are.


Best New York City Vintage Antique Stores Wyeth

533 Canal St, New York City 10013

With a die-hard love of all mid-century modern things and a museum selection, it’s no wonder Wyeth is considered one of the top collectors’ furniture destinations that is sure to increase in value in a short time.

Décor Aid interior designer Mandy M. is such a fan that she admits she visits the space at least three times a month for her clients and herself, and considers Wyeth to be, if not, one of New York’s best vintage furniture stores important design moments as the best resource in the country.

City foundry

New York City's best antique shops city foundry

365 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn 11217

Located on the Heavy Light and Furniture Retail Street on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill since 2000, the City Foundry has a brimming selection of carefully curated finds divided into four categories: industrial antiques and curios; mid-century modern furniture, smaller goods, outdoor items, and vintage metal.

Expect a wide range of options, from signed heirloom furniture to unnamed industrial machinery, which make this bustling shop a must-see in New York’s vintage furniture stores in any travel guide.


Best Chelsea Vintage Stores NYC

112 West 17th St, New York 10011

Pippin is a great source for affordable vintage jewelry, heirloom artifacts, art, small furniture, and decorative extras. It’s in a quirky, winding Chelsea store that exudes the main vibe of the small town of Main St.

Décor Aid interior designer Nina R. added this suggestion to our list of New York’s best vintage furniture stores, as similar retailers in the area tend to charge too much money while delivering goods that are far less unique and are charming.

Manhattan Art and Antiques Center

best vintage furniture stores manhattan

1050 2nd Ave, New York City 10022

Although it is more like a machined antique mall with goods sourced from various antique and vintage dealers, there are beautiful decorative items and furniture in every corner of this huge space. From collectable cloisonne scores to centuries-old tapestries, the variety is just as impressive as the goods.

Be prepared to pick up a wide variety of vintage and antique pieces, and be sure to make sure this is one of those New York vintage furniture stores that can be a bit overwhelming.

Old good things

best vintage furniture stores nyc 2019

Packed with sensational vintage finds, architectural salvage and rare antiques, Olde Good Things is the perfect destination for anyone looking for vintage items that are truly extraordinary, meaningful, and out of this world.

From whimsical carousel creatures to ancient architectural fittings and tools, the sky’s the limit in this weird trading hub. In fact, everything is so out of this world that you instantly feel like a kid in a candy store.

Vintage thrift store

Top NYC Vintage Furniture Stores NYC 2019

As one of the best sources of desirable mid-century modern furniture and accessories in excellent condition at unbeatable prices, there is always an affordable gem to be discovered at this small Jewish charity shop. Just be sure to get there before closing time – every day at dusk.

High style decoration

best New York vintage furniture stores 2019

27 W 20th St.

Upscale and immaculate, the carefully crafted array of prized antiques and curiosities from High Style Deco is one of the best in town, if not the entire East Coast. From perfect Art Deco to Hollywood Regency to mid-century modern furniture and decorations, High Style Deco is the city’s premier destination for investment-worthy future heirlooms.

White garbage

Best East Village Vintage Store

6 Astor Place, New York City 10003

White Trash is in a small shop in the East Village and doesn’t open until 2pm as the owner spends most of his morning reading property sales so you don’t have to. The store offers a strong rotation of desirable modern pieces from the middle of the century and is peppered with bizarre and often humorous finds that boast historical origins and give every house a bizarre feel.

Décor Aid interior designer, Jena C., considers it one of their favorite vintage furniture stores in New York City because the goods are expertly curated, inexpensive, negotiable, and have search services that can help you find a specific piece that they currently have may not have.

City Opera

best vintage furniture store nyc

222 East 23rd St, New York City 10010

With all the proceeds going to the New York Opera House and the prices of rare second-hand goods being unbeatable, there’s no reason not to explore the 23rd St. locale.

Just be prepared to dig because while everything is tidy, if not overorganized, the handling is entirely up to you as curation isn’t what makes this furniture store one of our favorite New York vintage furniture stores. What makes it a go-to place, however, is the great deals and variety of great, meaningful furniture and rare books.

Set up green

best vintage furniture stores Brooklyn 2019

1261 Broadway # 309 in Brooklyn

Furnish Green has long been considered one of the best online furniture stores for its modern, shabby chic, retro furniture, decor, and sneaky architectural bits and pieces at a reasonable price. A few years ago, Furnish Green quietly built a well-stocked retail store in Brooklyn.

This was great news when our interior designers were looking for unique furniture with a sustainable approach as there was only so many times a day that Furnish Green updated their web shop to highlight their wide range of goods. Expect to come across the traditional, the unexpected, and the downright questionable as the sky is the limit for the processing of Furnish Green.

20th century artifacts

best ostdorf furniture stores 2019 nyc

This East Village destination is one of New York’s premier furniture stores for remarkable finds in excellent condition. It offers modernity and mid-century art at its best, but without just being taken hostage by designers or manufacturers to source furniture.

This is a smart approach when it comes to bringing you high quality, well-crafted, beautifully crafted finds with historical origins that won’t break the bank or question your purchases.

Karl Kemp Antiques

affordable 2019 vintage furniture stores New York City

36 E 10th St.

No matter what gossip you might have read on page 6, Karl Kemp Antiques is one of the best furniture stores for fine collectibles and decorative arts with a strong focus on 19th century continental antiques, as well as Art Deco and neoclassical furniture and accessories that you will have cannot be found outside of a mega auction house.

However, do some research before investing as this is a point of sale where making the right purchase in terms of resale value can produce great results later on.

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