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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Modern bathroom renovation ideas

It’s probably no surprise that a big budget goes into a bathroom renovation. According to our interior designers, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom can range from $ 17,000 to $ 25,000. As a main investment, we recommend studying effective bathroom remodeling ideas instead of making mistakes and taking the risk of being dissatisfied with your investment.

As with any upgrade, the basis for an affordable bathroom remodeling lies in the planning. To inspire you, we have put together well-versed tips from our designers for a successful bathroom renovation, with which you can meet your budget for the renovation.

This is where the designers at D├ęcor Aid share their expert tips for successfully renovating a bathroom while staying within your budget.

Keep an eye on the new trends in bathroom remodeling

Eco bathroom renovation ideas

In the information age, it is much easier to keep up to date with the latest bathroom renovation ideas and trends. Water efficiency, energy efficiency, water treatment, and LED design are smart, cost-effective trends to consider when renovating a bathroom. Aside from helping to protect the environment, they make the green even sweeter. Who doesn’t want an environmentally friendly bathroom, because these bathroom renovation ideas are sure to cut your electricity bills.

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Keep it simple

Simple bathroom renovation ideas

One of the best, and most affordable, bathroom remodeling ideas is to keep everything simple. No multiple handles are required to control water flow and temperature in your shower or bathtub. These faucets don’t have to be an absolute priority when remodeling your bathroom, as they add to the total cost of remodeling the bathroom. To save money on your bathroom renovation, focus on the priorities that matter to you and eliminate unnecessary problems.

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Reuse materials

Affordable bathroom renovation ideas

With any bathroom remodel, there are different ways you can recycle the materials you currently have in your bathroom remodel. For example, you don’t need to buy a new granite countertop if you just need a small piece for your vanity. If you currently have granite tiles that are in good to good condition, we recommend sticking to them instead. Another tip to reduce the cost of remodeling your bathroom is to use appropriate materials that you may already have in your garage and storage areas that can and should be recycled whenever possible.

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Look for inexpensive substitutes

Vintage bathroom remodel ideas

If recycling items you already have for your bathroom renovation isn’t possible or just isn’t on your agenda, there are sure to be a multitude of options at your local flea market. Finding items to include in your renovation may take longer. However, a treasure hunt is a fun tip if you’re remodeling a bathroom on a budget while developing a sense of personality. If you are patient enough, you might find accessories to use for your bathroom upgrade. A few key vintage pieces are sure to make your bathroom stand out while also lowering the cost of your bathroom remodeling. Our designers recommend taking measurements before visiting the flea market, antique stores, and thrift stores. That way, you’ll know for sure that you’re buying something of the right dimensions and scales, avoiding costly mistakes, and stocking up on things that you don’t need for your bathroom renovation.

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Buy better quality products

Bathroom renovation ideas

Investing in high quality products can mean your renovation budget is tight. However, renovating your bathroom can save you money in the long run. Avoid buying building materials for your bathroom renovation. While they are cheap, their poor quality can alter the life of your bathroom. These materials tend to be easily damaged, which means you continue to spend money and time replacing them. As a rule of thumb for frequently used, high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, you should opt for high-quality fittings when renovating your bathroom. They may be more expensive than expected, but should be viewed as a priority and worthy lifelong investment.

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Invest in tiles

Bathroom renovation ideas

Of course, tiles are key in bathroom renovations as they play an important role in the overall look of your bathroom. Even if you’re trying to save money on the cost of remodeling your bathroom, you shouldn’t skimp on tiles. Strive for high quality, attractive and durable tiles for floors and walls in your bathroom. Porcelain tile is a great choice when renovating a bathroom. They are denser, less porous, and infinitely durable. For more information on bathroom tiles, see our guide to how to choose the perfect bathroom tile.

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Storage is king

Bathroom storage renovation ideas

A well-organized and uncluttered bathroom is always a great feeling, especially when it comes to small bathroom remodeling ideas where storage should be a priority, even if you’re trying to save money on the cost of your remodeling Save bathroom. This is true for those who tend to keep a lot of toiletries in their bathroom. Make sure your storage options are practical to you or they will fail for purpose. Built-in shelves work well for small bathroom renovations as the shelves help maximize space.

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Modern bathroom renovation ideas fittings

Remember that while faucets can be small items, they shouldn’t be overlooked when renovating your bathroom, even if you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. For every budget, there are DIY bathroom remodeling ideas that you can use to complement your bathroom fittings. If you are new to DIY practices and don’t know which fixtures to choose when renovating a bathroom, matte black and chrome-plated finishes are often fail-safe options. If you want a modern look for your bathroom with an elegant demeanor, brass and copper are excellent choices.

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Modern bathroom renovation ideas lighting

An important aspect of remodeling your bathroom is lighting. Maybe your bathroom has dim light or those glaring exposed makeup mirror bulbs. As with any room, a smart bathroom renovation tip is to bring as much natural light into your bathroom space as possible. However, if your budget or structure cannot do this, a combination of built-in ceiling lights and stylish pendant lights are both practical and chic ideas for bathroom remodeling. With alternating lighting fixtures, you can also create different moods in your bathroom.

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Feature walls

Bathroom renovation ideas

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, the first step should always be to start with the walls. Breathe new life into those dingy tiled walls is critical to any bathroom renovation. However, if you are trying to save the cost of remodeling your bathroom, your best bet is to work with what you have. One of the easiest and most effective bathroom remodeling ideas is to re-grouting your existing tiles to give them a fresh, new look. This is a quick and easy way to save money on your bathroom renovation.

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