Bathroom Cabinets And Storage

Bathroom Cabinets And Storage

Many people suffer from the difficulty of running out of space in their bathroom cabinets and storage. No matter how large or small your bathroom may be, it is likely that you will encounter this problem at least once during your life, if not every year. The following bathroom cabinets and storage slots help you make the most of the space you have with minimal or no expense.

Storage Shelves

Although this comes off as a brainer, you don't think where you need to build these shelves. The answer is between studs. On average, the space between studs is about 16 inches. You can easily make a small cupboard there and enjoy your free bonus space.

Wall Baskets

A strong follow-up trend today is to use your walls. Hanging baskets on your walls are a great way to start. From extra tissue rolls to various types of toiletries, you can easily and conveniently place them in these wall baskets to get the best from your bathroom cabinets and storage.

Bucket Tower

By using simple ropes and several buckets you can get a good idea for storage space. You need a hook on the top and the rest is just a descending tower of buckets. You can choose the size of the bucket you want depending on the items you want to keep in them.

Medical cabinet organizers

The inside of your medical cabinet can be a great place to hold medical cabinet organizers. These can store your makeup, detergents, shower products and even toothbrushes. The trick is creative and lets the imagination flow.