Art Gallery Wall Decor Tips

Art Gallery Wall Decor Tips

how to create an art gallery wall

We bet you’ve come across some good, bad, and just ugly gallery walls as it’s easy to get carried away and overdo a space with incorrect placements and a little too much symmetry. To help you warm up a space with personality and tie it all together, we reached out to Décor Aid interior designers for tips on decorating walls in the art gallery and best practices to create stunning harmony throughout your home to accomplish.

Do not use props / experiments

What to do when you hang art

When reviewing wall decorating tips for art galleries, our interior designers agreed that they should put aside their frustration with clients asking for props to decorate their walls and complement their artwork.

To avoid your home from having a TGI Friday mirror, skip the rusty trumpet and tricycle that you’ve saved since childhood and experiment with more sophisticated elements, such as an oversized sculpture or a handmade porcelain object. And while the above picture shows an adequate sense of harmony, notice how childish the hanging accessories make you think right away – why?

Don’t be rigid with placement / make an inventive statement

creative home art gallery wall ideas

Just because it’s framed doesn’t mean it has to spend its entire life on a wall with you. Instead, consider different approaches when placing your cherished artwork from scratch.

As the space above shows, one of our favorite art gallery wall decorating tips approaches placement with an unexpected twist. While we can imagine that the placement at the top doesn’t look that great from the outside, you’ll notice how each piece opens up the space with a great but casual gesture. While the view may be amazing, without it the room would evoke much milder energy. On a wall, we strongly recommend following the art gallery’s directions by placing everything at eye level. However, you can also place your works almost anywhere it feels right, from the floor to above a door.

Don’t force symmetry / play with scaling

Clever wall decorating tips for art galleries

One of the most common mistakes we saw while looking for wall decor tips in the art gallery was the practice of too much symmetry. In other circumstances, symmetry in interior design can be calming and balancing, but when it comes to artwork placement, it can seem redundant and boring.

Note that while the space above is visually busy, the artwork selection does not overwhelm or compete with other elements in the room. We suggest a similar approach when trying to create a group of works of art, as having a diverse group of different sized but complementary works will help bring a space to life rather than simply blend in.

Don’t use heavy hand / curate gently

Tips for creating a gallery art wall

Here is a perfect example that simplicity is key. While the living room upstairs has dozens of great, meaningful wall hangings, it has to be admitted that it’s just too much statement overall. Where to look How much can you love and remember There is just too much going on.

While we admire their maximum collection, the space would feel more impressive if not every piece of art was so unique. To maximize their collection, it’s best to mix up more minimal pieces while swapping the more specific works from time to time for a quick freshening up of space.

Don’t go for themes / create a mix

Art Gallery Wall Do's and Don'ts

When incorporating our art gallery wall decorating tips into areas around your home to make a visual statement, we encourage you to stay away from topics of any kind if you get tired and miss the mark of a nifty mix. And while we must applaud the symmetry and tight colors of the house above, the effect to avoid is cheap and low-key.

Instead, take your time and decorate slowly as creating a stimulating art gallery wall is sure to never happen overnight and you will be able to curate pieces that will sing to you over time. To create the perfect blend of elements with a sense of harmony, stick to around five complementary tones as you have more options without everything being a bit too random.

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