Tuesday , 10 January 2023
Wood Crafts for Home Decor

Wood Crafts for Home Decor

Which wooden surfaces are there?
This is just a small sampling of what is available at the craft store. Of course, you don’t have to buy your wood from the craft store.

You can chop wood at Home Depot, and I find Goodwill to be a great place to get unique wood finishes that need a makeover. There is also Dollar Tree!

bird houses
tinker dowels
craft sticks
Boxes & Crates
cutting boards
Letters & Numbers
Picture Frame
Plaques – round, square, oval
Rectangular wooden tray with handles
Small and large forms
squares, cubes and blocks
turnings – coils etc.
Canvases made of wood
wooden discs

What can I decorate the surfaces with?
You have many options including spray paint, chalk paint, acrylic paint, mod podge and more. I recommend just starting out if you’re new to woodcrafting. Applying acrylic paint is a great way to start decorating wooden surfaces.

Which woodcraft sells the best?
Frames, birdhouses, and any type of lumber storage are likely to be a hit. But if you’re looking to sell your crafts, check your local fairs and do some research online to see if people are buying them.

Are you ready to dive into the wood craft ideas? Check out the list below!

Do you like to do handicrafts with wood? I have tons of craft projects and DIY ideas on wood surfaces – check out the list below!