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Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Ideas for vaulted ceilings

If you are looking for some truly inspiring drama and a sense of unforgettable magic in your home, vaulted ceilings are certainly not the common place when it comes to ceiling design ideas. To help you better understand them for your home, we thought we’d walk you through exactly what a vaulted ceiling is, what style options you have for your home, and how to design or decorate your ceiling to make the most of your space to use and give your home a different look with an endlessly elegant feeling.

That said, they can be an expensive and time-consuming project. So how can you get the right look? First, discover the pros and cons of vaulted ceilings as well as vaulted ceiling inspiration so you can jealously call your local contractor before you finish reading.

What is a vaulted ceiling?

modern ideas for vaulted ceilings

A vaulted ceiling is generally a vaulted ceiling, the type of ceiling you can see in a structure like a cathedral or church. This is why they are sometimes called cathedral ceilings (as you can see why).

Particularly high or raised ceilings are also known as vaulted ceilings. They are significantly higher than the average ceiling of a traditional home – this usually means the ceiling is 8 feet or more. And they are characterized by sinuous, dramatic, sculptural curves and swoops that instantly add a sense of elegant drama to any room.

What are the types of vaulted ceilings to know?

stylish ideas for vaulted ceilings

Fortunately, ideas for vaulted ceilings come in all different shapes and sizes as the vaulted ceiling has evolved over time. The look and feel are changing as tastes have become more modern and building technology has advanced significantly.

Before you begin exploring a vaulted ceiling for your home, be sure to understand the following types and where they work best in a home so that you can make the most of your time and investment.

Arched vaults

Ideas for arched vaulted ceilings

Arched vaults are often referred to as beehive vaults because of their design and appearance when completed. They don’t necessarily work for an incredibly high ceiling, but they are a nice and less expensive alternative when it comes to vaulted ceiling ideas for small spaces.

That said, they are great for smaller rooms in your home where you want to make an elegant statement, e.g. B. a guest toilet, a guest room or an entrance area.

Barrel vault

Ideas for barrel vaulted ceilings

A barrel vault gets its name because it looks like a barrel cut in half. It is a simple design that will have a huge impact on your space and look infinitely inspiring and impressive.

They also resemble the sensual arch of a subway tunnel and work well for creating some incredible design features with ease. Even better if you opt for brick or glossy tile to really bring out the natural drama.

Rib vault

Ribbed vaulted ceiling ideas

Ribbed vaults are perhaps among the more architecturally impressive ideas for modern vaulted ceilings. Rib vaults look incredibly complex in terms of design, but they are essentially arched vaults paired with stunning detail to create a sculptural rib effect.

They’re incredibly meaningful as the ribs appear to contradict each other technically and complement the complex appearance of a rib vault ceiling. That said, they are not suitable for small spaces because it does not effectively highlight the details and work in a room. So think of bigger, expansive spaces to highlight her drama beautifully.

Inguinal vault

Inguinal vaulted ceiling ideas

Unluckily named, a groin vault ceiling is created when two barrel vaults cross. They have a surprisingly cozy feel for a vaulted ceiling with high ceilings and are not as aggressive or tall as some of the more open designs.

You can opt for a graphic, symmetrical finish with an Art Deco character to create a distinctive feel that is undoubtedly overdone. Or you can keep it Neo-Classic with exposed dark wood beams that beautifully highlight the complexity of the construction. However, our bets are more on a timeless route with undeniably cool appeal, aiming for a smooth and soothing concrete finish to highlight a dramatic, ultra-modern cathedral feel that will never be out of date.

Why was a vaulted ceiling built?

best ideas for vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings add dramatic vertical space to your home, giving you the feel and illusion of more floor space, even when it may not. They add a certain size to your room and are not afraid of any impact, creating a real, unforgettable wow factor.

Adding a skylight or pane of glass also allows your vaulted ceiling to let plenty of natural light into your space, making your vaulted ceiling lighting a feature in its own right. The increased height of your room gives you extra wall space where you can install stunning windows, make a custom Tiffany glass mural, or install gorgeous oversized artwork.

It probably goes without saying that vaulted ceilings are also incredibly aesthetic. And if you opt for a more natural feeling, exposed ceiling beams make wonderful additions to your home, open up a variety of design options and give a room-defining character. Ceiling beams also make your home feel more regal, making you and your guests feel like you have been brought to a large property from an earlier time with a more traditional feel. Trusses also offer incredible design features and make your home feel unique. Here, too, they open up countless design options and certainly underline the enviable essence of the ideas for vaulted ceilings that have come to life.

Can you have a vaulted ceiling in your home?

White vaulted ceiling ideas

Vaulted ceilings can be expensive and difficult to build, as drainage can be a serious problem if the structure is not designed and built effectively. It’s a lot easier to build a house with a vaulted ceiling than trying to add a vaulted ceiling at a later date (in fact, it’s incredibly difficult to do and you will have a hard time finding a contractor to do it for you). not to mention that it would be very expensive to do.

If you are on a tight budget, it might be too difficult to create a vaulted ceiling. However, if you have your heart set on the look, you may need to consider installation hacks like fake rafters and fake wood beams.

These installation shortcuts can give you the look and feel of a vaulted ceiling without the impracticality or headache of construction practices. However, if you do choose to have a vaulted ceiling in your home, we can guarantee that you will be proud of it for years and that by the time it is resold, your home will become all the more unique and valuable.

Ideas and inspiration

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided on a vaulted ceiling in your home. But what type of vaulted ceiling will best suit your tastes and style as well as your space? And how do you make sure you choose an option that will stand the test of time stylistically?

Below are some of Décor Aid’s most popular vaulted ceiling ideas to get you started.

Exposed wooden beams

Exposed vaulted ceiling ideas

In more traditional homes, vaulted ceilings are known for their exposed dark wood beams, paired with contrasting white color for added depth and emphasis. This contrast adds a sense of grace to the already dramatic cathedral-like effect that a vaulted ceiling has in any home. It draws your attention up and highlights the epic drama of the room above you.

It’s a classic and sophisticated look and you can make your space below it more in line with your personal style. From traditional to minimal, exposed rays will never look out of place as long as the scale is timeless and not exaggerated. To keep the look contemporary, choose suspended vaulted ceiling lighting to draw the eye up while also highlighting the height you need to work at for a grand gesture.

Natural wood paneling

Ideas for vaulted ceilings made of natural wood

If you want a natural look for your home, a wood-paneled ceiling in natural tones is just the thing. The extra height of your vaulted ceiling ensures that your room doesn’t feel locked or claustrophobic, so that your room feels comfortable and cozy – almost like in an alpine chalet.

And since it’s a classic route that lets you get a feel for the rustic in a home with any design style, you can’t go wrong. Even better if you go in a more minimal direction, like the wonderful vaulted ceiling above. The ceilings feel clean and the calming lines make it look modern no matter what the current trends call for.

Wooden beams or paneled features

Vaulted ceiling ideas for the home

Always on trend, there’s no denying that exposed wood beam ceilings and elegant wood paneling look great. The point here is to celebrate the natural strength and beauty of wood as architectural elements.

In addition to being a timeless option for vaulted ceilings, light or dark wood beams add visual interest to an expansive vaulted ceiling that lighting options alone simply cannot provide. When it comes to paneled vaulted ceilings, choose a medium-shaded natural wood finish to add depth without making the room feel too closed with a shade that is too dark. That said, if you’re on a budget and want something different with a graphic twist, shiplap, with its horizontal seams, is an affordable solution.

Everything white

all ideas for white vaulted ceilings

If you want to make the most of the vaulted ceiling in your dining room (or wherever), it is popped with a pure white color scheme and all eyes are turned up. A crisp, pure white color scheme will make your space feel as spacious as possible and your ceiling look as high as possible. Give the room an airy quality that you cannot achieve with any other color, especially a deep one.

And since a bright optical white is ideal for capturing light, an all-white vaulted ceiling filters in as much natural light as possible to make your space feel better. Even better is the fact that an all white ceiling will help you avoid repainting the room if you are looking to resell your home as it will remain impressive and luxurious for years to come.

Natural light

Ideas for vaulted ceilings with natural light

Allowing as much natural light as possible into your room will highlight the wonderful properties of your vaulted ceiling. Skylights and tall windows placed higher are the best way to add the natural light you want, and you can use them as design elements in their own light.

Architectural domed skylights make for a breathtaking feature, as do domed windows that follow the curves of your vaulted ceiling. The best part about placing accent windows higher is that the incoming light is much brighter than the floor. And you still get the same feeling of privacy as a normal closed wall.

Soft neutrals

classic ideas for vaulted ceilings

A high ceiling gives you the opportunity to choose a more comfortable and cooler color scheme without losing the visual sense of added height and space in every room in your home. Classic bright white might be too clinical, and a softer and more muted color scheme with neutrals like taupe, eggshell, creamy white, and khaki make great alternatives – there are plenty of great neutral color alternatives out there to make it work.

This will make your space feel warmer and more intimate, as high ceilings can tend to make a room feel extra spacious and grand and a little overwhelming. Plus, you can’t go wrong with cozier neutrals as they combine well with any other color and are timeless.

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