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Under Bed Storage Ideas

Under Bed Storage Ideas

intelligent ideas for storage under the bed

Thanks to fast fashion, people’s closets are more crowded than ever. So what do you do with all the things that you hardly ever wear? And how in the world do you create extra storage space out of nowhere? Most of the time, when it comes to introducing clever hacks into your home, it just takes a little creativity and dedication to get the job done right. And luckily, we got the interior designers at D├ęcor Aid for their under-bed storage ideas, as this space is usually wasted for no good reason. What else would you put there?

And believe us, like you, we know that creating extra smart storage space in any room can be stressful enough, and storage ideas in your bedroom can be even more stressful. But just like floating shelves help you use the space on dead walls to your advantage, the space under your bed should also be used to your advantage as any interior designer will instantly refer to it as a dead space. If your drawers and closet are overflowing and you’ve exceeded their storage capacity, it may be the right time to consider the space under your bed as an alternative storage area.

Or do you have a student in your family who needs it? Under-bed storage ideas for a dormitory? Or are you looking for under-bed storage ideas that will help you make the most of that space under your bed? Whatever your goals and needs, these are Ideas for storage under the bed We will surely help you stay organized and tidy every day. Before we dive into these, however, let’s examine why you need under-bed storage ideas now more than ever.

Why should you consider under bed storage ideas

Solutions for storage ideas under the bed

If you have a large house with more than enough space for storage solutions, you might not need to go under your bed when adding additional storage. However, it is safe to assume that you need to keep something special under your bed – say, a cherished heirloom like a wedding dress that needs its own safe place. Either way, under-bed storage ideas are great for keeping things out of sight and safety.

Under-bed storage ideas are especially important in smaller homes, too, if you’re looking for extra storage space without cluttering a room or taking up extra floor and wall space. Under-bed storage ideas are also a great way to keep less frequently used items within easy reach and be sure you don’t have to go to a remote storage unit.

Take a considered approach

modern ideas for storage under the bed

The best way to approach smart under-bed storage ideas is to look at them like any other home renovation project. That way, you have a more methodical way to make the most of your creativity to keep your bedroom well organized and tidy on a daily basis. Think of the under-bed storage ideas as another home update process that allows you to work in style at your convenience. However, avoid using simple under-bed boxes, even if they fit properly under your bed.

Choose attractive containers, baskets and boxes that illustrate your decorating style and reflect some aspect of the overall design of your bedroom. When you need quick access to your items, add wheels under your storage boxes. You should consider using boxes or containers with rigid lids to prevent dust buildup. When you’re ready to get started, let’s take a look at some of the best under bed storage ideas 2019 for your home.

Stylish boxed storage units

Boxed under bed storage ideas

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for that extra space under your bed, affordable storage boxes might be the direction for you. By updating replacement boxes with printed contact paper, you can free up space to store your belongings in style under your bed.

Just make sure you measure the dimensions so these boxes will fit perfectly under your bed. You should also flag them for simple organizational hacks. You can also paint them to blend in perfectly with the rest of your bedroom.

Wood storage container

Basket bedroom storage ideas

Wooden storage containers ensure a classic and minimal Storage solution under the bed that can be used for a simple DIY project. Spring wood storage boxes that fit quickly under the bed with wood, glue and wheels.

You can either paint them to match your bedroom’s color scheme or cover them again with contact paper for a singing look. Either way, wooden storage boxes are a great option for students and homeowners and are perfect for storing fur, leather, and knitwear.

Vintage suitcase

stacked suitcase bedroom storage ideas

Just like under the bed, luggage is often empty if it is not used for no good reason. Instead of leaving them idle and wasting space in the process, tuck your luggage and vintage suitcases neatly under your bed and fill them with items that you are not currently using. This is a good place Store clothes, sheets and blankets.

However, if you travel frequently and need quick access to your bags and luggage, you can keep them under your bed with travel essentials that you don’t use often. And you can make it easier to find what you need by adding wheels to your vintage suitcases so you can get what you need on the go.

Use bed straps to your advantage

stunning bedroom wall art ideas

Is your bed too low to hold even a briefcase? Not a problem as bed straps are great for creating more space underneath. So use them to your advantage. They are one of the best storage ideas for a bedroom because the straps allow you to lift your bed a few inches above the floor to use the newly found space below for storage solutions.

However, you should have it raised according to the size of your luggage or anything else you’d like to store under the bed so there is enough extra space between your bed and your belongings. Aside from that, risers also give you a better view out of your windows. If you have a TV in your bedroom, the better it will be to see it.

Get a shoe organizer

Storage ideas for shoes under the bed

If your closet is big enough to hold your clothes and you just need another space to store your shoes so you can easily access them, there’s a great area under the bed to keep them out of sight yet within reach . And if you bring suitable storage containers for your shoes, you don’t have to toss your shoes under the bed at random and expect them to fit properly.

Instead, get yourself a suitable shoe organizer or horizontal shoe rack to properly store your shoe collection. This will keep them from creating a mess in your bedroom and will keep you from looking for a missing shoe. You can also organize your shoes in multiple divided boxes and stow them neatly under your bed. Regardless of how you want to arrange it, it offers a smart storage solution under the bed.

Bed drawers

under bed storage ideas drawers

Before buying a bed, consider one with multiple storage compartments, such as a bed. B. one with built-in bed drawers underneath. These types of beds may be a little more expensive than other types, but they are worth it as they will help you avoid cluttering your closet with all of your belongings.

If you are considering a bedroom update in the near future, consider swapping out your bed for a multi-drawer bed. Note, however, that under-bed drawers cannot be removed or separated from the bed. Either way, under-bed drawers are ideal when you need them Storage ideas under the bed for dorms or children’s rooms.

Slip and Slide Storage

Ideas for storage under the bed

If you are looking for cheap storage ideas under the bedSliding storage bins could be the right direction for your bedroom. Sturdy cotton bins with wheels under a bed are a great option for storing extra bedding and seasonal clothing. They’re also breathable, keeping your clothes fresh and clean all year round.

Most slip and slide storage units have a clear vinyl cover that lets you see what’s inside and a convenient handle that makes it easy to slide under your bed.

Fireproof steel safe

safe under the bed storage ideas

This is a unique option for students and homeowners with valuable valuables that need to be kept safe to ensure safe access. You can keep valuable items like jewelry, accessories and money in it.

Or almost anything you’d like to hide from guests while you need easy access to them. That is, a Fireproof safe is not necessarily affordable. But you get what you pay for – high quality storage that fits right under the bed.

Archive clothing boxes

Wardrobe under bed storage ideas

If you have valuable clothes or items of clothing that you don’t wear often, you can keep them in an archive box and tuck them neatly under the bed. This ensures the clothes don’t deteriorate and you can always find them clean and safe when you need them in the future.

A place to save your photos and keep memories alive

raised platform under bed storage ideas

Yes, keepsake storage is another way to make the most of your under-bed space. Old photos are not accessed often, especially given the presence of social media platforms and the seemingly endless selfie trend. Where can you keep your childhood photos if not under the bed? If you keep them in the garage or basement, they may deteriorate over time. Instead, put them in acid-free containers and keep them under the bed. This is the best place for them as they can be securely and easily accessed for several years. It also does for one of the best storage ideas Most people never think of that for their bedroom.

Finding the perfect place in your bedroom to store your valuables is no easy task when your closet is filled to the brim. However, if you look under your bed now, you will find useful space there, and these ideas will help you get the most of it.

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