Wine Barrel Furniture

Wine Barrel Furniture

People are happy to recycle their old wine barrels and use them as furniture. Although it is a wise idea, the disadvantage is that you do not get more options and functions compared to the real wine tube furniture. These furniture are designed with many consideration for the homeowner's preferences in mind, making them suitable for your interior or exterior decor, depending on the use you use them in.

Wine barrel furniture used in outdoor spaces usually requires little care and maintenance to make them durable and keep their attractive appearance. It doesn't have to be much of a task that takes care of your outdoor furniture as long as you continue with that routine maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips to reduce wear through different seasons.

Use of oil painting

The wine barrel furniture can undergo the fierce summer sun's burning effects with oil painting. The oil painting absorbs lightly in the wood to make the wood grain stronger and more compact. Using rosewood oil as a target is most recommended because it is not greasy and leaves the surface without a glossy appearance. Oil painting can be applied with spray, brush or pieces of mat at regular intervals, but be sure to dry out the buildup.

Use of varnish

The use of lacquers for maintenance is very cheap, as it is not necessary for the rest of the year when it is applied once. However, it depends on the type of paint you choose. The best paint to go for is a heavy sea color, which gives your wine barrel furniture durability and overall appearance.

Placement of your furniture

Finally, the location of your furniture should be under a covered patio away from the sun. Sun usually does more damage than moisture especially for oak furniture. However, it is important to keep both elements in mind, because if it does not have enough time to dry from moisture it can start to rot.