Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer interior design guide

Summer is just around the corner and with all the fun that comes with summer, how about some fun decorating the interior? Summer is a time for a fresh mood, new ideas and more energy. So why not incorporate this into your home and summer interior? Here are our top 10 sizzling summer interior design trends for you to follow.

Natural fibers

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The use of natural fibers in interiors never gets old. You’re back and one of our top summer interior design ideas. We use natural fibers in more interesting ways than ever before and there are so many pieces that will bring that natural look to your home. They are great for adding texture to your design and are a great topic of conversation. Be on the lookout for beautiful handcrafted pillows and rugs. Raffia is arriving and it’s new to the world of interior design trends! It is used to make material for pillows, curtains and upholstery, as well as to provide lighting and even furniture.

Grandma pattern

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Summer used to mean the old and the new, but not this season. The new fashion is old-fashioned when it comes to summer interior design. But what does the term “grandma pattern” mean? Think floral prints, busy fabrics, and plenty of order. Keep this look up to date and fresh by choosing more modern fabrics, but the pattern is key here. You want your interior design ideas to be busy and colorful. Focus on patterned couches, pillows, curtains, and wallpaper to bring nana chic into your home.

Nautical themes

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Blues, grays, and whites are big on the interior design scene this summer and we can’t get enough of them. Add reflective elements to your space with a nautical mirror – think portholes, rivets, and ropes. The natural textures that come with a nautical theme are a great way to break up the color palette. Gray, white, and blue can be bold colors, and the introduction of natural materials like wood will make a huge difference to your design. Don’t be afraid to wear bold woods and dark colors on your interior design journey.

Tropical trends

tropical interior design trends

Summer is all about bright colors and fresh vibes, and the tropical interior design trends of 2018 embrace this entirely. From pillowcases with pineapple prints to curtains with citrus motifs to wallpapers and cushions made from tropical palm trees. tropical is current this season. Green and yellow shades will brighten your home and help you enjoy the summer. White backgrounds ensure that colors burst and prints don’t become arrogant. If you’re shy about bold prints, start small with pillowcases and art to brighten up the place – your summery interior designs will soon be full of palm fronds.

White, white, white

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When does white not look particularly classy? White brightens up any room and makes your room look stylish. White on white is taking this season by storm, and interior design after interior design is bright, bright, and white. Some of you may be afraid of bright colors, but not afraid! If you research your materials, you will soon find many stain resistant and cleanable fabrics on the market. Accentuate white rooms with dark wood and natural tones here and there to confuse them and move the eye around the room.

The muted palette

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Muted doesn’t have to be boring and summery interior designs are anything but boring. Relaxing grays, blues, and pinks are available. Pastel colors appear, which are offset by darker colors in similar tones. Don’t be afraid of darker colors; There is often fear or it makes a room look smaller, but balancing your dark wallcoverings with light furniture makes all the difference. Muted and relaxed furnishing ideas are just as beautiful as bold and lively furnishing trends. A muted palette gives you plenty of leeway for textures that you might not use in colorful designs.

Boho chic

Boho summer living room

How many times has that look come? Well, it’s coming back and it’s one of our top summer interior design ideas. Neutral rooms with bohemian accents and Moroccan-inspired statement pieces are the way to go. This style is casual and on trend right now. Create a relaxed atmosphere in a room where you can be at home and feel comfortable in a beautiful room. Plants, woven textiles, and spray paints are must-have items for boho-chic interior design. Woven baskets look beautiful in the corner of a room, and brightly colored Moroccan-style pillows add fresh color.

Brass and bronze

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Brass is back and more beautiful than ever in summer. Copper, brass and bronze accents set new accents and give every room a noble dash of color. Brass fixtures and lights look beautiful in kitchens and bathrooms, and copper pots and pans are both beautiful and practical. Brass door handles look stunning on white cabinet doors, and bronzed photo frames make for a wall with a real wow factor. Don’t hold back when you mix different metals together in the same room, especially in the kitchen. Stainless steel accompanies the bronze tone and gives your room a homely and “lived” feeling.

Outside inside

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Bringing outside and inside is a rising trend in interior design this summer. Whether it’s furniture made from natural materials, prints with leaves, trees and flowers, or an abundance of plants; Bringing in the outside is all the rage for interior design trends 2018. Let more and more plants enter your home by bringing your summer outdoor decor indoors by pegging it to every available surface. Larger plants can stand in the corners of rooms, while smaller plants can be placed on window sills and coffee tables. If you don’t have the time or the inclination towards aquatic plants, invest in some plastic versions (you can get some very realistic ones these days).

Splash of color

how to add color to interior design

Splashes of color are always popular interior design trends, but they are getting smaller and smaller. Think of wallpaper with a small but bright pattern, and the same goes for home textiles like curtains and pillows. Painting chair legs in a different and contrasting color is a great way to sneak into a bold statement (as well as a great summer design trend). You can do this yourself if you are into DIY enthusiasts and create your own home furnishings. Combine textures and patterns with this look, but be careful not to overwhelm the space.

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