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Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends summer 2018

Since summer seems to be starting later and later every year, let’s take a moment to highlight the summer interior design trends of 2018 so you can bring the sun into your home this season.

Contrasting colors

Summer interior design trends 2018

If your home is a pale, neutral hue year round, then consider how to add energetic and expressive color shots to add value to any room while creating visually appealing spots for the eye to focus on.


tropical decor trends 2018

While we don’t fall for fleeting summer interior design trends since this season is short, adding tropical prints and elements to even the smallest of amounts is fun as you can’t go wrong with a bold botanical print.

Bold colors

vivid color summer interior design trends 2018

Since it wouldn’t be summer without a selection of bold shades, you should bring in summer rays with vibrant works of art and extras such as tablecloths, bed linen and decorative accessories.

Solid gold

Gold summer interior design trend 2018

Bring shine with brushed and brass-colored metallics that reflect light while adding a touch of adult glamor with ease and sophistication.


Ombre summer 2018 trends

Year after year, ombre remains one of the most common, yet visually alluring trends in summer interior design that we just can’t get enough of. For starters, a cool, degraded manufacture is something cool and seductive, but best of all, we love the slightly unusual sensibility that ombre can add to any room. One of our interior designers even recently found an ombre lamp and lampshades. So, take a cue and look for the deterioration of unexpected everyday items to gracefully capture this perennial trend.

Shades of blue

blue room interior design trends summer 2018

You might think of pastel colors when you think of summer interior design trends, but what about the unexpected? After all, a calming Tiffany blue or turquoise gives a room the same energy and spirit as a powdery pink. Plus, it’ll look great all year round, not just for one season.

Botanicals, of course

Summer 2018 interior design trends

It should come as no surprise that among the most affordable, easiest to use, and of course, easy to source trends in summer interior design, plants do double duty in purifying the air in any room.

Geometric pattern

Geometric summer 2018 interior design trend

Sure, geometric prints and patterns aren’t just reserved for summer interior design trends, but when we were looking for inspiration recently we came across a number of beautiful geometric patterns in delicious pastel shades that made us rethink the often dark, somber tones that they are often realized in.

Popsicle tones

Pastel summer house interior design trends 2018

We’re not talking about pastel colors here. Instead, opt for blushing and calming makeup tones if you want to bring summery furnishing trends into your home, as these never go out of style, make a room appear larger and brighter and go with almost anything.

Embellished extras

embellished pillow trend summer 2018

From seashell-encrusted decorative pillows to sequin runners embellished decorative add-ons, add that extra touch of glamorous trends in summer interior design even in the smallest of doses.

What to Avoid:

Edge wall art

Summer 2018 interior decor trends to try

From high-end to low, one of the most prolific trends in summer interior design is fringed and macrame wall art – which is admittedly a great look. However, when you see something this often you know it’s almost time you end up scoring one at Homegoods for under $ 5, so don’t indulge yourself in this short-lived trend.

Nautical themes

bad interior design trends 2018

We’ve said it before and we will say it in the end, but no more nautical summer interior design trends as it is way too themed, childish and worst of all. That said, if you want to go nautical, we recommend small cans like a marine pennant here and an anchor motif there.

Tie dye decor

bad decor trends 2018

Although it’s synonymous with summer and the sofa has great pop upstairs, the tie dye decor is a bit too common when looking at the trends in summer interior design as you get tired of the look easily.

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